12 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Clearing out drawers of tangled faux cobwebs seemed like a fine idea in May, but with Halloween season upon us, you find yourself wishing for your discarded plastic pumpkins. If last year’s holiday decorations didn’t survive spring cleaning, it’s time to rethink your Halloween decor. Rather than spending a frightening fortune on Halloween decorations that only get used for one October 31st, let’s make 2014 a year of creative decor!

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or simply getting in the spirit, decorations are one of the most fun parts of the holiday! This year, use your grandmother’s cake stands and rarely used candles to create a terrific display. Buy inexpensive materials like buttons, card stock, or balloons and use your creativity to make something impressive. Decorate your house with creepy or cutesy displays that show guests your imagination.

DIY doesn’t have to be scary! All these projects will take you less than an hour and can be crafted with items found around the house or purchased for less than $10 at a local craft store. Follow these short instructions to create 12 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations to get your home ready for Halloween:

Bleeding Candles: Convert boring white candles to spooky decor with the easiest craft yet. All you’ll need is a red and white candle. Light the red one, and when the wax starts to melt, dribble it down the sides of the white one for a bloody affect.


Specimen Terrarium: Head on a platter, anyone? Lay down a bed of straw on a glass cake stand and place a plastic skull on the plate along with any artifacts like old keys or trinkets you have lying around. Top it with the glass case for a truly eerie specimen look.

BOO or EEK Sign: You’ll need to start with some wooden letters, black paint and a roll of tulle ribbon. Paint the letters B – O – O (or E – E – K, if you’d rather) in black and let them dry. Next, you’ll tie them together vertically with orange ribbon for a cute and clever Halloween door sign.

Glow-in-the-Dark Ghosts: Slip a green glow stick inside a plain white balloon, and breathe them to life. With a permanent marker, draw on some creepy or cartoony ghost faces and hang them from the ceiling to give them flight!

Buttoned Up Pumpkin: You’ve been carving pumpkins since you were a kid, but perhaps this year, you ought to take a different approach. Grab a sharpie, some hot glue and some assorted buttons. Pick a scary phrase to scrawl across your pumpkin in marker. When your design is ready, outline the words in hot glue, and stick miscellaneous buttons onto your pumpkin for a cute take on an old classic.


Paper Bats: Want an easy craft that makes a big impression? A colony of savage bats should do the trick. You’ll need some black card stock and various sized patterns of bats (you can easily find these online!). Trace your bats and get to cutting. Once you’ve made enough, you can tape them in swarming formation across the wall or hang them by a string at various heights to create the illusion of flight.

Magnetic Spiders: Pick-up a handful of spiders for this decoration… plastic ones, that is! Spider rings are a cheap and easy find around this time of year. Cut off the plastic ring from the back and hot glue the leggy creature to a standard magnet. Once they’ve had the chance to dry, you can stick these crawlers to metal doors and windows anywhere around the house.

Candy-Filled Vase: If trick-or-treating tops your list of favorite Halloween past times, this craft is the unique way to decorate your home in a simple way. Buy iconic Halloween candy — anything from candy corn to wax vampire teeth will work— and fill up your vase around some tattered branches for a clever candy display. The hardest part is not eating all your candy while you craft!


Masked Portraits: Halloween is the perfect time to give your existing housewares a spine-tingling twist. Put masks, fangs and stickers on framed family portraits or elegant paintings to transform your house down to the last detail. You may never be able to look at your great aunt the same way, but it will be worth it!

Potted Hand: Turn your home into a zombie graveyard! Pick-up a fake hand from your nearest Halloween supply store or use an arm off of an old baby doll. Fill terra cotta pots to the brim with dirt and plant the hand, sticking out of the earth from the wrist up. Scatter the pots around the house and catch your guest’s worried glances as they see the living dead crawl out of your hydrangeas.

Halloween Wreath: Almost any holiday is made better with a wreath, and you can either decorate yours for Halloween or for fall. Pick up a grapevine wreath and anything else that catches your eye from sparkly ribbon to plastic spiders and autumn leaves to faux cobwebs. You’ve already got the basic wreath structure, so all you have to do is get creative!


Snazzy Table Legs: Even your kitchen table can be converted into a decorative item. Buy some tall socks covered in skulls, pumpkins, or witch hats and slide them up the legs of your table. Finish it off with any pair of shoes you’d like and hope your table doesn’t just walk off on its own.

Backyard Graveyard: Flatten out some old shipping boxes and spray paint them gray. Once they’ve dried, break out the sharpie to etch “RIP” and ghoulish names across them. Glue it to a wooden yard stake and stick on some hay or moss to recreate the abandoned feeling of a cemetery in your own back yard.


If you’re ready to get your house spooked up for Halloween, making your own decorations is a great place to start. You’ll end up with a finished product that is not only unique but that was fun and inexpensive to make. Are there any DIY decorations that you think we should have included? Tell us about it in the comments below and we may just add it to our list!

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