5 Ideas for Cheap but Cool Halloween Costumes

Looking for cheap but cool halloween costume ideas that you can make without spending a fortune? Even from things you already have in your own home or kitchen? Look no further!

Zombie – What’s hotter right now than zombies? Good thing too, that its insanely easy to dress up as a zombie. All you need is old, ripped clothes. Did you paint your home this summer and got paint all over your clothes? Maybe you thought you needed to throw those clothes away? Well, no, just use them to dress up as a zombie! Grab all your oldest clothes and rip them up and dirty them up even more. Then grab some face make-up and make your face super pale. You can even make your own make-up using a mixture of shortening, corn starch and food coloring.

Hippie – This is one of the easiest costumes to make. You probably have some retro style clothes in your closet, who doesn’t? Have some bell bottom jeans? Perfect. An older flowery shirt works great as a top. Now, finish the effect with rose colored round glasses and a bandana wrapped around your head. Top it off with a flower in your hair that is parted in the middle!

Sherlock Holmes – This is one of the coolest costumes to create, yet its also one of the easiest. You need a white shirt with sleeves and dark pants. Add dress shoes, preferably brown. The key piece here is an overcoat which you will button up. The coat should be in some kind of plaid design. Lastly, but most importantly, you need a pipe, magnifying glass and a hat with earflaps. That’s for a classic Sherlock look. You can also go with the modern look from the Sherlock TV shows or the movie series. There’s no hat or magnifying glass. You’ll want to focus on an old style suit and overcoat and make your hair look like the character.

Hobo – A hobo costume is super easy to put together as well. Make your face look dirty or unshaven. Make your hair messy as well. Now, grab a branch and tie a bandana to the end stuffed with some cloth. Your clothes should be ripped and dirty as well. However, the most important item in these should be the branch with the bandana. That’s what make you look like a hobo.

Animals – This is one of the most fun costume ideas. You can look like any furry animal you want. You just need a little fake fur and some make-up. You can buy fake fur from your local craft store. Or use a jacket you already have that has fake fur in the hood. That will work great! Use the fake fur to create a collar for your neck or face. Then wear clothing that is colored the same as the animal you are trying to mimic. Lastly, and most importantly, use make-up to make your face look like the animal. Its easy to add whiskers and noses for cats or dogs.  Or make yourself look like a panda!

Cowboy – Here’s another super easy costume idea. Grab your western style garb out of your closet. Or use a flannel or plaid shirt plus jeans. Don’t forget to add cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. For added authenticity, add a silver or gold belt and carry around a toy gun.

Jailbird – Another insanely easy costume to put together quickly. For this, all you need is black and white striped clothing or an orange jumpsuit style getup. For the classic look, you can tie a black ball to your foot.

Ghost – This one is the easiest costume to make by far! Yet, its also the most classic Halloween costume idea and is perfect for kids or adults of all ages. Just use a plain white sheet and cut out holes for your eyes to see through!

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