Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Groups

Halloween is creeping up, and it’s time to ask yourself… is this going to be another year of the unoriginal costume-in-a-bag? You were a witch last year, and the tutu in your closet has already been worn more than enough this year. With a world of costume options, including wild animals and pop culture icons, it’s hard to know where to start! You could spend months online searching before you ever find one that you really like.

Group costumes are a fantastic way to arrange a simple costume that still makes a big impression. Costume ideas that just wouldn’t make sense as a solo become part of a bigger story with a group costume. Additionally, you probably have a less-procrastinating friend that will be sure you have everything you need by the time Halloween rolls around. If you want some of the easiest, most original and overall best costume ideas, here’s your spot to start.


Tetris Blocks: Tetris may summon memories of long hours spent on your living room floor with a Nintendo controller in hand. The jolly music became increasingly stressful as the tiles piled up, and just like that… GAME OVER! A retro reference never goes unappreciated on Halloween and there’s nothing cheaper than a cardboard box. Create the unmistakable Tetris blocks with cardboard, drawing out your shapes, painting them, and segmenting them into 4 cubes. Before the game is over — the night, that is — you’ll have the high score for Halloween costumes.


Three Blind Mice: A simple animal costume gets way better when you’re part of a group of other Halloween-ers wearing the same! You can probably recall the Three Blind Mice, running around and endeavoring to avoid the farmer’s wife. Your mice will need some gray sweats, a patch of fur for their bellies, some dark sunglasses, mouse ears and tails. If you’ve got another friend that wants to join in, have her dress up as the farmer’s wife who will spend all night “hot on your tails”!

The Four Seasons: You may not even have to go shopping for this one! Group up with a few friends and have everyone scour their closets for their most seasonal gear. Winter should wrap up in a jacket, boots and a warm wooly scarf, while summer will don a pair of flip flops and a pool float to represent the warmer months. Spring can throw on a floral dress and a flower crown to represent a season in blossom and fall should wear a whole lot of neutral colors and roll around in the leaves to resemble the changing of the weather.

Shark Week: Shark Week is the best costume we’ve spotted in the past few years. Each person will rock a bloodied t-shirt that recalls one day of the week. For the shark part of your costume, you can either get creative with face paint or buy a shark head hat online to top you off. Splatter blood on your face and clothes and get ready to spend the night helping people guess what you’re wearing. It’s a hilarious play on words and a pop culture reference that just about anyone can get, so you can’t go wrong!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: You can be everyone’s favorite heroes in half shell this Halloween with a group of 4. You’ll need a can of green spray paint so you can transform aluminum baking dishes into the perfect turtle shell for your TMNT costume! Gather up a green t-shirt and leggings, and then pick a color for your headband/armband. Grab your friends for a throwback night of crime-fighting as everyone’s favorite turtles: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo.

Clue: Remember how delightful Colonel Mustard used to seem before he was convicted of committing unspeakable crimes in the study with the candlestick? With a co-ed group of 6, you can bring along your “weapons” and get into character as Mrs. White, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum, Reverend Green & Colonel Mustard. It’s time to bring back the fun of Clue for a mysterious night anew this year.


Scooby Doo & the Mystery Gang: Join up with your most adventurous friends for a night as the super-sleuthing mystery gang. Your group will need to search for the finest 70’s gear you can get your hands on. From Freddy’s preppy look to Daphne’s dream girl attire to Thelma’s nerdy chic to Shaggy’s slouchy style, there’s a costume for every personality. If you’re celebrating the occasion at a friend’s house, you may even want to bring your dog along for the night! What good is the crew of Scooby Doo with no Scooby?

Mario Kart: This video game classic is oft recalled around Halloween. While people have been dressing as Mario and Luigi for years, a more creative take on the original is to dress up as the crew of Mario Kart. From Princess Peach to Toad to Bowser, you’ve got lots of options for this costume. When you’ve finished gathering the wardrobe, the real highlight is the matching helium balloons that you’ll tie onto your back and release throughout the night. As an added bonus, hop on a bicycle to ride around from place to place on your “kart”. This nostalgic reference to a 90’s childhood favorite will not go unnoticed.


KISS: There’s hardly a band more recognizable than KISS. Grab some black spandex, silver accessories, and a whole lot of white and black face paint. It shouldn’t take more than an elementary level of art skills to apply the iconic stars and whiskers that characterize Starchild, The Demon, Spaceman and Catman. Better yet, pick up some kids instrumental sets before heading out for the night and put on impromptu concerts for anyone who asks.

As you can see, group costumes are a fun and easy way to celebrate the holiday. Once the compliments on your group’s creativity start rolling in, you’ll never want to go back to a dusty pair of cat ears again! Can you promise us you won’t waste another Halloween with a totally forgettable costume?

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