Best Halloween Decoration Ideas from Pinterest

Launched in 2010, Pinterest has grown to be one of the leading social network sites all over the globe. Available in countries like Norway, France, Poland, Turkey, Spain and many more, Pinterest has been voted as one of the best sites three years ago.

The image heavy site uses pins to manage data by the user and could actually grab another picture from another member and pin it on their own personal boards just like when using an ordinary corkboard.


Special occasions even raise the popularity of the site just like during Halloween. So here are some of the Best Halloween Decoration Ideas from Pinterest.

Cardboard boxes made into silhouette monsters and displayed in the window attract kids who keep thinking where they have seen those creatures before.

Heard of skeletons in the closet? How about skeletons in a wheelbarrow? The props used were some pieces of bones including a skull; hopefully they do not belong to a real person. A wheelbarrow is filled with soil and the remains were evenly scattered on top then was positioned outside the house with a shovel placed beside it.

It’s time for a funeral but there is a slight problem. The pallbearers seem to have been dead long before the one inside the coffin. A picture of four skeletons that are made of PVC pipes and some florists wire, are seen carrying a casket.

A chewed-off “Beware of…” sign will make passersby think what they should be careful of since the missing part is actually what the warning is all about.

Another image that catches attention comes from another marker that says “Dead and Breakfast”. People who intend to enter and have their morning meal may never come out.

Want food that makes the dead come back to life? The Graveyard Taco Dip is a perfect Halloween decor on the dining table until it has been gobbled up. Tacos designed as graveyards and the sauce as the cemetery will make guests think twice if they should double dip.

For dessert those creepy cupcakes do not taste so good after all since it has been topped with either sliced fingers or intestines; it would make a good conversational piece though.

After that hearty meal, how about some drinks? Have a taste of the Gummy Worm Shooters. Those colorful critters mixed in red colored liquid seem thirst quenching enough, if the one taking a sip happens to be a vampire.

Pinned also is a picture of an arm sticking out of a wall and has blood all over it. To make matters worse a pair of scissors is embedded on the back of the hand.

One of the Best Halloween Decoration Ideas from Pinterest is a gory figure of a girl with long hair and blood red eyes peeking out its head from a toilet bowl reminds horror fanatics of that movie about a lovely young lady with long dark beautiful hair and was pushed by her father into the well. She sought revenge by coming out of television and computer screens to pursue its victims.

Images of different types of Jack O Lanterns are a plenty and it is still considered to be one of the Best Halloween Decoration Ideas from Pinterest.

After all it is truly the symbol of the last day of October.

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