Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Groups

Halloween is creeping up, and it’s time to ask yourself… is this going to be another year of the unoriginal costume-in-a-bag? You were a witch last year, and the tutu in your closet has already been worn more than enough this year. With a world of costume options, including wild animals and pop culture icons, it’s hard to know where to start! You could spend months online searching before you ever find one that you really like.

Group costumes are a fantastic way to arrange a simple costume that still makes a big impression. Costume ideas that just wouldn’t make sense as a solo become part of a bigger story with a group costume. Additionally, you probably have a less-procrastinating friend that will be sure you have everything you need by the time Halloween rolls around. If you want some of the easiest, most original and overall best costume ideas, here’s your spot to start.


Tetris Blocks: Tetris may summon memories of long hours spent on your living room floor with a Nintendo controller in hand. The jolly music became increasingly stressful as the tiles piled up, and just like that… GAME OVER! A retro reference never goes unappreciated on Halloween and there’s nothing cheaper than a cardboard box. Create the unmistakable Tetris blocks with cardboard, drawing out your shapes, painting them, and segmenting them into 4 cubes. Before the game is over — the night, that is — you’ll have the high score for Halloween costumes.


Three Blind Mice: A simple animal costume gets way better when you’re part of a group of other Halloween-ers wearing the same! You can probably recall the Three Blind Mice, running around and endeavoring to avoid the farmer’s wife. Your mice will need some gray sweats, a patch of fur for their bellies, some dark sunglasses, mouse ears and tails. If you’ve got another friend that wants to join in, have her dress up as the farmer’s wife who will spend all night “hot on your tails”!

The Four Seasons: You may not even have to go shopping for this one! Group up with a few friends and have everyone scour their closets for their most seasonal gear. Winter should wrap up in a jacket, boots and a warm wooly scarf, while summer will don a pair of flip flops and a pool float to represent the warmer months. Spring can throw on a floral dress and a flower crown to represent a season in blossom and fall should wear a whole lot of neutral colors and roll around in the leaves to resemble the changing of the weather.

Shark Week: Shark Week is the best costume we’ve spotted in the past few years. Each person will rock a bloodied t-shirt that recalls one day of the week. For the shark part of your costume, you can either get creative with face paint or buy a shark head hat online to top you off. Splatter blood on your face and clothes and get ready to spend the night helping people guess what you’re wearing. It’s a hilarious play on words and a pop culture reference that just about anyone can get, so you can’t go wrong!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: You can be everyone’s favorite heroes in half shell this Halloween with a group of 4. You’ll need a can of green spray paint so you can transform aluminum baking dishes into the perfect turtle shell for your TMNT costume! Gather up a green t-shirt and leggings, and then pick a color for your headband/armband. Grab your friends for a throwback night of crime-fighting as everyone’s favorite turtles: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo.

Clue: Remember how delightful Colonel Mustard used to seem before he was convicted of committing unspeakable crimes in the study with the candlestick? With a co-ed group of 6, you can bring along your “weapons” and get into character as Mrs. White, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum, Reverend Green & Colonel Mustard. It’s time to bring back the fun of Clue for a mysterious night anew this year.


Scooby Doo & the Mystery Gang: Join up with your most adventurous friends for a night as the super-sleuthing mystery gang. Your group will need to search for the finest 70’s gear you can get your hands on. From Freddy’s preppy look to Daphne’s dream girl attire to Thelma’s nerdy chic to Shaggy’s slouchy style, there’s a costume for every personality. If you’re celebrating the occasion at a friend’s house, you may even want to bring your dog along for the night! What good is the crew of Scooby Doo with no Scooby?

Mario Kart: This video game classic is oft recalled around Halloween. While people have been dressing as Mario and Luigi for years, a more creative take on the original is to dress up as the crew of Mario Kart. From Princess Peach to Toad to Bowser, you’ve got lots of options for this costume. When you’ve finished gathering the wardrobe, the real highlight is the matching helium balloons that you’ll tie onto your back and release throughout the night. As an added bonus, hop on a bicycle to ride around from place to place on your “kart”. This nostalgic reference to a 90’s childhood favorite will not go unnoticed.


KISS: There’s hardly a band more recognizable than KISS. Grab some black spandex, silver accessories, and a whole lot of white and black face paint. It shouldn’t take more than an elementary level of art skills to apply the iconic stars and whiskers that characterize Starchild, The Demon, Spaceman and Catman. Better yet, pick up some kids instrumental sets before heading out for the night and put on impromptu concerts for anyone who asks.

As you can see, group costumes are a fun and easy way to celebrate the holiday. Once the compliments on your group’s creativity start rolling in, you’ll never want to go back to a dusty pair of cat ears again! Can you promise us you won’t waste another Halloween with a totally forgettable costume?

Hottest Halloween Costumes 2014

As the month of October draws near, many people are scrambling to find the perfect Halloween costume. While there are some who are willing to shell out some hard earned money to buy a costume that is ready to wear, there are those who would rather go the Do It Yourself route and create their own fabulous costumes.

Making your own Halloween costume may seem like a daunting task, especially for those who aren’t fond of doing arts and crafts. The common misconception is that it takes a lot of skill to create a one-of-a-kind costume to wear for Halloween, but the truth is, all it takes is a good idea and a little resourcefulness to create a costume that everyone would appreciate.

The best way to find inspiration for some of the hottest Halloween costumes 2014 is to look back at the past year’s movie and TV hits and create a costume based on the iconic characters that people would easily recognize. Here are some examples:


This animated movie was a hit, not just for children but for adults as well. Sisters or best gal pals would get a kick out of dressing up as Elsa and Anna for the All Hallows’ Eve festivities while singing “Let It Go” or “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”. There are many ways to go about creating costumes based on these newly crowned Disney Princesses. People who are good at sewing can just buy some fabric (icy-blue and silvery-white for Elsa and black, pink, and a darker shade of blue for Anna) and sew up a (snow) storm. Those who don’t know how to or don’t have time to sew, repurposing old prom dresses, bridesmaid (or flower girl for children) dresses, or other long gowns that have been banished to the never-to-be-worn-again spot in the closet can also work. All that is needed to convert these dresses is a little bit of dye and a lot of imagination (and glitter, too).


Speaking of Disney, their villains are just as popular as the protagonists when it comes to costumes, and one of the hottest Halloween costumes 2014 would be that of the fairy that cursed Sleeping Beauty to fall into a deep slumber for a hundred years – Maleficent. The clothes are actually quite easy to put together. An all-black ensemble with matching black cape (don’t forget the cape’s collar!) would do. The tricky part is creating the iconic headpiece that appears in both the 1959 animated movie Sleeping Beauty and this year’s live action blockbuster Maleficent. Luckily, the movie has become so popular that costume stores all over the country sell their own version of the headpiece. Die hard DIY fanatics, however, have their work cut out for them. Some make a wire frame stuffed with newspaper and wrapped in black ribbons or fabric. Others make the headpiece entirely of fabric similar to the one in the animated movie.

Orange is the New Black

The silver screen isn’t the only place to get inspiration for the a hot costume for this year. TV land is also filled with iconic characters that people love to dress up in. One of the newer favorites is the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Dressing up as one of the characters in the show is actually quite easy if you know where to look for the clothes. Costume stores often stock their shelves prison outfits, so this is a good place to look. To dress up as Piper, wear a white shirt underneath orange prison clothes (orange t-shirts and pants will do if there are no jumpsuits available) and some loafers. For Alex, on the other hand, switch up the prison orange for prison tan, and don’t forget the black plastic-rimmed glasses. The simplest costume to put together is that of Red. All that is needed is a chef’s uniform, a spiky red wig, and glasses to be hung around one’s neck. Guys can jump into the OITNB bandwagon by donning a blue police officer’s uniform, a fake mustache, and flat-top hair to dress up as George Mendez, aka Pornstache.

Breaking Bad

This breakthrough series may have already ended, but this Halloween isn’t going to be without a Walter White/Heisenberg or Jessie Pinkman dress-alike. In fact, 2014 is the perfect year to wear Breaking Bad costumes because no one expects people to come out as these iconic TV characters anymore. Guys can have a good laugh dressing up as the overqualified chemistry teacher-turned-meth dealer Walter White by wearing a green apron over nothing but a pair of boxers. Adding a fake mustache will complete this look. Heisenberg, on the other hand, is a little bit more complicated. Guys don’t need to shave their heads bald (unless they want to) because bald caps can be bought at any costume store. Add a porkpie hat, dark glasses, a fake (or real) goatee and mustache, a dress shirt, khakis, and a black windbreaker. Becoming Jessie Pinkman is quite easy. All that is needed are some baggy pants, an oversized hoodie, and the iconic beanie.

Top Halloween Costumes of 2013


What are the hottest and most popular Halloween costumes of this season? You may be surprised at what the hottest sellers are. Though some of these you can certainly create yourself with items in your closet. These costumes are whats trending right now on Google, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Miley Cyrus

She’s been all over the news, TV, Internet, magazines and social media these last few months, so its no surprise that plenty of people are requesting Miley Cyrus costumes this year. There are costumes available, however, you can just go the homemade route and get some slutty clothes out of your closet, wear a short wig, stick your tongue out a lot and do some twerking and you’re set.

Duck Dynasty

One of the most popular cable TV shows, for some odd reason, is Duck Dynasty. Presumably about a bunch of hillbillies who shoot ducks and are rich. Some people want to look like them this Halloween. Luckily, its easy, just put on a fake beard, a camo hat and vest with some jeans and you’re good. Also essential for this outfit is a duck call.


Thanks to a popular Youtube series called “What does the fox say?”, many people want to dress up as a fox this year. No, not a good looking woman fox, but the animal, the fox. Many costume stores are sold out of fox costumes already thanks to the popular Youtube videos.

Walter White (aka Breaking Bad Costumes)

Another strange one that is inspired by a hit cable TV series, people are requesting Walter White costumes like crazy. Yes, people want to dress up just like the famous meth dealer. You just need a fake goatee, glasses and a hazmat suit, preferrably the yellow kind and you’re good to go.


From the massively popular Despicable Me movies, comes the minions. Little creatures from this movie are the top requested costume of the year. Costume stores are stocked with official costumes, but you can just buy some long sleeve yellow shirts, blue overalls, black gloves, goggles and yellow headwear and you have the entire costume ready to go. For extra effect, add the logo to the front of the overalls and you’re ready to go trick or treating.

Homemade Halloween Make-up Recipes

If money is tight, don’t head to the craft store to pick up fancy Halloween make-up. Why bother when you can make your own at home, for free! Check out the recipes below:


Halloween Make-Up Recipe

1 tablespoons shortening (like Crisco, should be nice and soft)
2 tablespoons of cornstarch
Food coloring (whatever color you need)

Place ingredients in a bowl and mix together well with a spoon until well incorporated. Should be smooth yet thick enough to stick to skin. Then add your desired food coloring for color. For white make-up, leave as is. Wash your face and thoroughly dry well before applying with fingertips. Don’t get it in your eyes though!

You can also take a cotton ball and dull the effect by applying some additional cornstarch over the top.


Fake Blood Make-Up Recipe

16 oz. corn syrup (the clear kind)1 oz. red food coloring
1 drop blue food coloring

Apply to face or wherever you want to look bloody! Clean up with soap and hot water.


Fake Wound Make-Up Recipe

2 tablespoons boiling water
1 oz gelatin

Microwave the water in a Pyrex measuring cup for a little less than a minute to boiling. Then add gelatin and stir well. Pour onto wax paper or a silpat. Let sit for a few minutes until partially firm. Then mold into the shape of the wounds or other shapes. Apply to your face or body with plain corn syrup.And there you have it! Awesome Halloween make-up recipes made from ingredients that just about everybody has in their own kitchen or pantry these days!

5 Ideas for Cheap but Cool Halloween Costumes

Looking for cheap but cool halloween costume ideas that you can make without spending a fortune? Even from things you already have in your own home or kitchen? Look no further!

Zombie – What’s hotter right now than zombies? Good thing too, that its insanely easy to dress up as a zombie. All you need is old, ripped clothes. Did you paint your home this summer and got paint all over your clothes? Maybe you thought you needed to throw those clothes away? Well, no, just use them to dress up as a zombie! Grab all your oldest clothes and rip them up and dirty them up even more. Then grab some face make-up and make your face super pale. You can even make your own make-up using a mixture of shortening, corn starch and food coloring.

Hippie – This is one of the easiest costumes to make. You probably have some retro style clothes in your closet, who doesn’t? Have some bell bottom jeans? Perfect. An older flowery shirt works great as a top. Now, finish the effect with rose colored round glasses and a bandana wrapped around your head. Top it off with a flower in your hair that is parted in the middle!

Sherlock Holmes – This is one of the coolest costumes to create, yet its also one of the easiest. You need a white shirt with sleeves and dark pants. Add dress shoes, preferably brown. The key piece here is an overcoat which you will button up. The coat should be in some kind of plaid design. Lastly, but most importantly, you need a pipe, magnifying glass and a hat with earflaps. That’s for a classic Sherlock look. You can also go with the modern look from the Sherlock TV shows or the movie series. There’s no hat or magnifying glass. You’ll want to focus on an old style suit and overcoat and make your hair look like the character.

Hobo – A hobo costume is super easy to put together as well. Make your face look dirty or unshaven. Make your hair messy as well. Now, grab a branch and tie a bandana to the end stuffed with some cloth. Your clothes should be ripped and dirty as well. However, the most important item in these should be the branch with the bandana. That’s what make you look like a hobo.

Animals – This is one of the most fun costume ideas. You can look like any furry animal you want. You just need a little fake fur and some make-up. You can buy fake fur from your local craft store. Or use a jacket you already have that has fake fur in the hood. That will work great! Use the fake fur to create a collar for your neck or face. Then wear clothing that is colored the same as the animal you are trying to mimic. Lastly, and most importantly, use make-up to make your face look like the animal. Its easy to add whiskers and noses for cats or dogs.  Or make yourself look like a panda!

Cowboy – Here’s another super easy costume idea. Grab your western style garb out of your closet. Or use a flannel or plaid shirt plus jeans. Don’t forget to add cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. For added authenticity, add a silver or gold belt and carry around a toy gun.

Jailbird – Another insanely easy costume to put together quickly. For this, all you need is black and white striped clothing or an orange jumpsuit style getup. For the classic look, you can tie a black ball to your foot.

Ghost – This one is the easiest costume to make by far! Yet, its also the most classic Halloween costume idea and is perfect for kids or adults of all ages. Just use a plain white sheet and cut out holes for your eyes to see through!

Awesome Halloween Face Painting Designs for Adults

Halloween may seem like the best event to exercise our creative skills when it comes to different kinds of costume. However, more and more people are thinking of more innovative and unique ways to dress up for this celebration. You can have your costume readymade, bought from any department store. If you have enough money to spare, you can actually design your own costume and have it made by a tailor or seamstress. The point is, there is just a vast range of options for you to choose from for your Halloween costume.

If you think certain costumes are unoriginal, you can always try to put on face paint to really pull off that scary look. Some of the famous Halloween face painting designs for adults include the zombie bride or the design in which women paint their faces extremely white projecting decomposing flesh with bloodied lips. The more popular Halloween face painting designs for adults include face paint ala Frankenstein and zombie faces.

Many people also love to design large slashes on their faces, which seem eerily real and other kinds of wounds on their faces as part of their costume. In general, these face painting designs are usually done by a professional or sometimes by people themselves. Face paint is available in most department stores so you need not worry on where to purchase them. Face pain is highly water soluble, making it very easy to rinse off.

Remember that when you do these Halloween face painting designs for adults, make sure that you paint your body as well or your body parts that are not covered with your clothed costume. This is to create a consistent creepy look and to pull off a very effective Halloween costume. If possible, get someone really experienced or good in the arts to paint on your face. This is to save on your money on face paint and to have the best face painting design for your Halloween costume.

Top Halloween Costumes 2012

What are the hottest selling Halloween costumes for Halloween 2012? We have the top sellers below, including many of the usual suspects, but some surprises as well, check it out below —

The Dark Knight Rises and Batman Costumes

With the popularity of the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight, it’s no surprise that Batman costumes are selling well this year. Popular costumes include Batman and the Joker. Especially popular are the “muscle chest” versions of Batman costumes for toddlers, kids and adults.

Captain America Costumes

Also making a splash this year was the Avengers movie and Captain America. Expect to see lots of kids and adults roaming the streets in their Captain America costumes and with the Captain America shield. The shield prop is one of the top selling accessories this year.

ChaCha Boots

Massively popular with women for Halloween, the top selling footwear are ChaCha boots, which are long, sexy, shiny boots with a very high heel. The most popular color for these boots is white, but red and black are also popular.

Cleopatra Costume

Cleopatra is popular every year and 2012 is no exception. Expect to see a Cleopatra or two at every Halloween party you attend this year.

Colonial Costumes

For boys and girls, colonial style costumes are the rage. Colonial costumes are easy to wear, and are popular with kids.

The Cat in the Hat

Lots of Cats in the Hats will be roaming around this Halloween, with The Cat In The Hat Deluxe version costume becoming a top seller for adults.

Enchanting Princess Costume

Princess costumes are always popular, and they can be accessorized easily from your own closet. You can find ready made and deluxe version of princess costumes available this year.

George Washington Costume

For kids, George Washington is the most well known of the early pioneers of America. A George Washington costume is selling particularly well this presidential election year.

Gogo Boots

Similar to ChaCha boots, Gogo boots are selling very well, as they usually do. Lots of women use them to accessorize their vixen, 70’s or sci-fi style costume.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe

Harry Potter has proved to be an enduring Halloween favorite, and I expect to see him be popular for many years to come. The most popular Harry Potter related Halloween accessory is the Gryffindor robe.

Iron Man Muscle Costume

Iron Man is still massively popular, and adults and kids like to dress up as him. This year, an adult muscle costume is available from the Iron Man 2 movie.

Mario Deluxe Adult Costume

The release of a new Mario game has helped the Mario game character costume’s resurgence in popularity for nostalgic adults.

NASA Jr. Astronaut Suit White Toddler/Child Costume

Thanks to the Mars Curiosity mission and renewed interest in space exploration, lots of toddlers and small children with astronaut aspirations will be sporting an official NASA Jr. astronaut suit this year.

Rogue Pirate Costume

While there was no new Pirates of the Caribbean movie this year, the popularity of pirates does not seem to be in decline in the least. Pirate costumes for both men and women are selling very well, in particular the more rough and ragged rogue pirate costume.

Snow White Costume

Disney has released a very intricate adult costume of Snow White for women. With so many Snow White movies being released this year, it’s no surprise.

Spider-Man Comic Muscle Figure Child Costume

A new Spider-Man was released this year, and with that movie comes a whole new set of official Spider-Man costumes available, and they are selling well of course.

Vixen Pirate Wench Costume

Lastly, women love dressing up as the female version of a pirate, known as a wench, and this costume is selling extremely well.

Cheap Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is fast-approaching, but you still do not know what your costume will be for the Halloween Ball or simply for your trick or treating night with your friends.  You do not have enough money to purchase or rent yourself a costume.  The best option you have right now is to make use of homemade Halloween costume ideas that do not require you to spend as much as buying brand new costumes.  Here are a few ideas that you might want to try.

Costumes from the Secondhand Store or Closet

The Traditional Ghost

Instead of using only the traditional white sheets, try drawing lashes or eye shadow around the eyes to make it more interesting.  You might also want to add a beard or moustache for a more masculine look.


Extra large, baggy clothes are perfect if you want to dress up as a clown.  You can even draw extra designs on it using markers or fabric paint.   Find a cheap wig, a fancy hat, and put on some exaggerated makeup.


Use an oversized flannel shirt and faded blue jeans for this one.  The jeans should have patches to make them look worn.  Stuff the shirt and jeans with paper or straw.  Add some makeup.

Using Leotards, Tights, or Sweats

Use brown, pink, or white leotards.  Use a large pompom of the same color as the tail.

Lady Bug

A pair of black sweat shirt, black sweats, and black shoes will do.  Cut out a large oval from a cardboard or poster board.  Paint the oval red and paint over some black dots.  Attach elastic pieces for the arms to go through.  Craft pipe cleaners attached to a headband can be used as antennas.  Just attach small black pom poms at the ends.


Using old sleepers, cut out the feet part.  Sew various patches in different places.   For the head, use an old stocking cap and sew different strips of fabric cut from old clothes.  Use makeup to make the cheeks red and put in a few freckles.

Using Boxes

Rubic’s Cube

Have a large cardboard box ready.  Use five different colors of construction paper or contact paper for the five sides.  Wear a black, long-sleeved shirt and black pants.


Using a large cardboard box, paint it white and cut out several black circles from construction paper and glue them on the box.  This is better worn with a friend to make it look like you are a pair of dice.