Best Creative Handmade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Dressing up for Halloween may seem like an exhausting task for most people. Sure it may be extremely fun and entertaining to see little goblins and ghouls asking for candies in your house, but thinking of the concept for costumes and acquiring the costume itself may seem much of a hassle. However, if one is to really be innovative and creative, even scrap or unused clothes can be turned into a creative, scary costume for anyone.

One of the suggested creative handmade Halloween costume for kids include costumes resembling ghosts. If may sound easy in the start, where you just have to toss a small blanket with holes for the eyes on your toddler. But to make it more realistic, you can opt to face paint or body paint your toddler and then put on some dilapidated clothes on him to make him look like a ghost or a zombie.

Maybe the most famous creative handmade Halloween costume for kids is dressing them up in ‘bandages’ to resemble a mummy. It is by far the easiest kind of costume for your kid although wrapping their entire body with bandages can be a little bit iffy for them especially when it is hot. You need not artistic fervor in doing this kind of costume, you just need some bandage, (medical bandages are preferred) some medical clips to keep them together and voila, you have your own little mummy. In doing this costume, be sure to add some kind of ‘brown blood’ on your little mummy’s body. The mixture can be made up of water with red and brown food coloring.

You can turn almost everything to a creative handmade Halloween costume for kids. Little dresses can be worn by girls, in which they can opt to be a wicked princesses or zombie brides while the boys can wear their loved suits to resemble a zombie groom. Just remember to at least put some make up on them, or have their faces painted with mild face paint to achieve that awesome Halloween costume.


Awesome Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is indeed a fun holiday to celebrate. Aside from having to dress up in famous characters or monsters, you get to collect sweets and notes from people, plus you get to attend the best Halloween themed parties in town. Since it has been a growing trend for people to dress up, more and more people are extending their fashion and creative skills to their dogs.

Since your cute little fur ball is part of the family, do not hesitate to dress them up for your big spooky party. Some dog Halloween costume ideas include little clothes of famous characters like King Arthur, Superman, Batman and many more. You can easily sew them by yourself or you can opt to order some doggy costumes online. Do not forget to at least measure the size of your pet dog before you even purchase a costume for it.

Other dog Halloween costume ideas may include headpieces that are more comfortable for your pet. Some dogs tend to wiggle out of their costumes after some time so if your dog is like one of those kinds, settle for Halloween inspired headpieces. You can have demon’s horns or an angel’s halo, basically everything for your pet dog’s head.

Some dog Halloween costume ideas also include creative and stylish leashes and collar for your dog. Depending on your preference, you can find such kind of costumes online, suitable for every kind of breed. Try to settle with costumes that have distinct headpieces so that your guests shall be able to determine what kind of character your dog is.

Be sure to take extra care of your dog during Halloween parties as dogs tend to get intimidated by feisty little trick or treaters. While in costume, your pet dog might not be seen clearly by people hence maybe trampled on by your very own guests.

Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2011

What are the top Halloween costumes for this year? What costume will you see the most of? Look no further than our list below.

Most Popular Halloween Costume of 2011

Charlie Sheen – Yes, Charlie Sheen, the actor who spent much of the year acting crazy and coming up with catchphrases. What do you need to dress up like Charlie Sheen, or create your own Charlie Sheen costume? A pair of Rayban Wayfarer style sunglasses and maybe a fake machete or you can buy a mask for just under $20, which includes that famous grin of his.

More Top Halloween Costumes of 2011

Jersey Shore Costumes – Pauly D and The Situation were popular last year, but it looks like Snooki is more popular this year. What do you need to dress up like Snooki? A short skirt and, of course, a fake tan. Don’t forget to put your hair up.

Lady Gaga – Popular again this year is dressing up like Lady Gaga. From the outrageous meat dress to her other weird outfits, people are enjoying dressing up like the pop diva. What do you need to dress like Lady Gaga? Forget about the meat, there are costumes available featuring her blonde wig, big glasses and make-up instructins.

Zombies – Thanks to popular shows like The Walking Dead and Zombie Apocalypse, zombies are hot this year. Unlike Angry Birds, which would require a costume, all you need to look like a zombie is some make-up and dirty clothing. Don’t forget the fake blood!

Little Red Riding Hood – Another costume made more popular by recent movies, Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most popular costumes for adults this year.

Pirates – With another hit Pirates of the Caribbean movie released this year, pirates are once again in. You’ll be seeing many Jack Sparrow’s on the streets and at parties this year.

Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Kids

Angry Birds – The kids are going crazy this year for Angry Birds costumes. Whether red or yellow, it looks like lots of Angry Birds will be at your door this Halloween. Surely, they will also be incorporating the evil bird laugh as well!

Batman – Batman never seems to go out of style, especially for the boys. Popular costumes include The Joker from The Dark Knight and the classic Batman costume for children and toddlers.

Captain America – Thanks to the movie from earlier this year, Captain America has made a comeback among kids and teens. Look for muscle bound toddlers and kids on the streets this Halloween.

Harry Potter – Still enjoying massive popularity, the Harry Potter robe style costume is a top seller for kids. It is also easily accessorized with glasses and a wand.

Spider-Man – Spider-Man is always popular and this year is no exception. Spider-Man comics, cartoons and even the Broadway show are keeping the superhero at the forefront.

Darth Vader – With more attention on Star Wars thanks to the new DVD versions and the popular Super Bowl commercial, Darth Vader is making a big comeback this year. Lots of children are seeing Star Wars for the first time, so look for lots of new, young fans to dawn Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker costumes this year.

Strawberry Shortcake – Strawberry Shortcake is enjoying a comeback with kids this year, so look for lots of little Strawberry Shortcake’s this Halloween.

Classics Costumes Always Popular

Despite the popularity of the latest trends, like Charlie Sheen or Jersey Shore, the classic costumes are always the most popular, by far. With the economy still in the doldrums, look for the classics to be even bigger this year, with many people opting to make a simple costume at home, on the cheap. Classic costumes include ghosts, vampires, witches and monsters.

Ideas for Children’s Halloween Parties

Halloween parties seem to become more popular every year, it’s a great excuse for the kids to dress up and have some fun, and so why not have a party this Halloween. There are plenty of kids party outfits available for Halloween, hundreds of decorating options, and the stores will be full of pumpkins ready for you to carve. In this article we look at some great ideas for you when you plan a children’s Halloween party.


You can go as mad as you like when it comes to decorating Halloween parties, start with pumpkins, get yourself a template and carve it up, you’ll be amazed how simple it is, and lots of fun for the kids too. Make sure you have enough room inside for a candle that will last all evening. Other simple ideas for kids parties are cobwebs, mummy statues, scary looking plastic toys that light up, and even fog machines are available to really make the party entertaining. Get a few plastic critters like spiders and rats, and place them around the room to add to the fun of your Halloween party.

Halloween Party Food & Drinks

Kids love the whole scary theme in their food and drinks too, so get creative with everything and give them all Halloween style names, all children’s party must have a good selection of food and sweets so have a good think of what you can do. A few ideas are : Tombstone Cookies – bake some headstones shaped cookies, and add RIP on them. Worms in Blood – buy some candy sweets worms, and set them in red jelly. Mud Pies – crush up some chocolate biscuits, add some raisins and chocolate chunks pour on milk and add whipped cream, serve it a cup or bowl.

Hire Children’s Entertainers

All kids parties need entertainment, and their is nothing more fun then a professional children’s entertainer to keep them occupied for a couple of hours. Halloween parties really get the kids excited with all the dressing up, the decorations and the food, but you’ll need something extra to keep them fully entertained for more then an hour, so if the adults want to relax and have a great time too, then why not hire children’s entertainers to ensure the party goes really well. Professional entertainers for kid’s parties can adapt their acts easily for Halloween parties, with magic acts, balloon modelling and juggling all with a scary twist to them.

Dressing Up

It’s essential that all the adults get involved too, the party and the entertainment may be aimed at the children, but the grown ups must play a part too. Halloween parties are all about fun, so think up some great ideas for dressing up. Mummies costumes, Dracula, witches outfits are all easy to create and the kids will love the fact that parents are up for the fun too.

So when you’re planning your kids parties this Halloween, have a good think of all the little things you can do to make the entertainment fun for everyone.

Scary Halloween Masks for Kids

Most moms would take the easy route and get their kids those rubber masks that they can get from the toy or party supplies store. Here are some suggested scary Halloween masks for kids for the quirky little kids that just want to look spooky!

Jason from the Halloween movies – It’s so simple! A hockey mask, black face paint, and some red paint dribbled on the mask makes this easy costume. Pair it with a tattered jacket and pants (dark colored), add a menacing knife with the same red paint dribbled on them, and off your kids can go to scare!

Darth Maul from Star Wars– Red and black face paint is all this needs, in addition to a steady hand and an artistic disposition. You only need to trace the red and black patterns off Darth Maul’s face. When in doubt, free-style it! Just make sure everything’s symmetrical.

Vampires – Vampires are literally commonplace nowadays. If you have a theatrically-inclined pre-teen, we’re very sure that part of his Halloween prospects is a vampire look. They can do classic Dracula, with a black cape and combed-down hair, or the contemporary vampire in street clothes and windblown hair. All they need are the requisite vampire fangs, some pale make-up, maybe a dribble of blood near the mouth.

Recycle costumes on hand – Did your kid go as a fairy last Halloween? Do an Evil Fairy look! All you need is a darker make-up palette, and a darker dress. You can spray paint the old fairy wings with some black paint. You can also do a dead Elvis, zombie cop, etc., simply re-imagined versions of their past Halloween looks.

Whatever evil, spooky Halloween look you may choose, imagination and a little creativity will make it look good. When all else fails, that’s what the costume stores are for!

Halloween is Over!

Well, Halloween is over, but the holidays are just beginning!

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Top 10 Halloween Costumes of 2010

Counting down in reverse order:

You can click on any image to see a larger version of the costume!

#10 Transformers Bumblebee Costumes

Though the last movie came out over a year ago, apparently people still love to dress up as the fan favorite Transformer, Bumblebee.

#9 Alice in Wonderland Costumes

The movie starring the ever-crushable Johnny Depp came out earlier this year and was a big hit. It’s no surprise that people want to dress up as these fun, colorful and quirky characters. Specifically, people want to dress up as the 2010 Tim Burton versions of Alice, the Mad Hatter and others.

#8 Vampire Girl Costumes

While there happens to be a Japanese manga named “Vampire Girl”, it’s more likely that the whole vampire craze that was re-ignited with Twilight is what people are searching for. And with the majority of Twilight fans being girls, then the popularity of “vampire girl costumes” is really no surprise.

#7 Mad Hatter Costumes

People have no doubt been exposed to those huge posters with the unrecognizable Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. With the crazy hair and makeup and the freaky contact lenses, people obviously are drawn to this character and want to emulate him for Halloween. No doubt the makeup will be hard to emulate, but the costume and hat are sure to be seen on the streets this Halloween.

#6 Jersey Shore Halloween Costumes

The MTV characters with their over-sized muscles, over-sized hair and overly tanned bodies are apparently popular. It’s not hard to imagine plenty of Snooki’s and Situations on the streets this Halloween, they will be especially popular for office parties.

#5 Princess Fiona Costumes

Princess Fiona is a character from the ever-popular Shrek films, the one voiced by Cameron Diaz. This will no doubt be a popular costume for children this year.

#4 Witch Costumes

Aaah, the classic! You can’t go wrong with dressing up as a witch at Halloween, and with so many possibilities and variations, you can customize it to your personality. Will you be a good white witch or the classic evil witch? The cartoon witch with the broomstick and big nose or a sexy witch in the style of Elvira. Whatever type of witch you choose, you can’t go wrong with this one.

#3 Hello Kitty Costumes

Hello Kitty, who doesn’t love the classic cuteness (or Kawaii) of Hello Kitty? While there are kids who enjoy Hello Kitty, it’s more likely that people in their 20’s and 30’s who have grown up with the Sanrio character will be dawning the Hello Kitty costumes this October.

#2 Mummy Costumes

Well, like the witch costumes, the mummy costume is another classic choice that you can’t go wrong with. Whether you buy a fancy costume that makes it easy to dress up as a mummy, or if you go the DIY route, by wrapping yourself up in cloth or fabric, a mummy costume is always a classic surefire hit at Halloween.

So what’s the #1 Halloween costume this Halloween?

The answer may surprise you…

or not.

#1 Lady Gaga Costumes

Yes, the sexually ambiguous pop star with the penchant for dressing up in meat is #1.

The Best Way to Decorate Kids Faces for Halloween

Learn how to decorate kids faces for Halloween. The best way to do it is through the use of face paints. It is safe since it can be washed away using water. A lot of colors are available which enables people to create different designs. Parents can apply the face paints to their children easily. It is fun since it allows people to express their creativity.

Different face paints are available to help people create different designs. There are several sets of face paints which can be used to mimic facial features of animals, monsters and famous characters. Werewolf face paints are the most famous version. The face paint can create the illusion of fur and dark hair in the face of the person. This is done by adding elongated particles that appear as hair strands. Another face paint set allows people to look like ghosts. It can be used to make the face very pale with darkened eyes. This creates a very scary and authentic result similar to faces found in ghost movies.

Another good way to design one’s face for Halloween is the use of fake blood. There are a lot of options found in the market which can be used as fake blood. For people wanting to save money, they can make fake blood through the recipes found in the internet. The fake blood can be scattered all over the face. It appears very real which allows the person to look scarier.

There are glow in the dark face paints which can be used to decorate kids faces for Halloween. This is ideal for parties which are held in dark places. This is very amusing since the person would appear unique.

Consumers should decorate their faces during Halloween since it is the first thing seen by people. It would make the overall costume appear better and more realistic.