Decorating Doors For Halloween Tips


Making some Halloween decorations is better than buying expensive ones from the store. You can decorate your door with various do it yourself crafts.   Here are some decorating doors for Halloween tips.

Lighted Witch Hats

You can make your door inviting to young kids by making lighted witch hats. Cut out witch hat outlines from black papers. Assemble them to make witch hats. Put some lights on the hats then hang those using strings on your porch. You can also hang them on trees or potted plants in your backyard. Lighting them up at night would make your door stand out from the rest of the houses.


You can stack jack-o-lanterns at your doorway. You can carve many jack-o-lanterns at your heart’s content. You can even carve different faces on the pumpkins. You can dress them up or just let them be. Put a candle inside the jack-o-lanterns, and you will have that eerie glow. Put them on your staircase or front porch. Your window grills can look alive with jack-o-lanterns.   You can leave them at the bottom of the trees to spook kids on their trick-or-treating.

Lighted Ghost Jugs

You can light up your walkway using your old milk jugs. Collect all of your old milk jugs and clean them up. Dry the jugs and make a small hole at the bottom. Draw and cut out ghost faces on a black construction paper. Glue the ghost faces on each jug. Use an artificial candle or Christmas lights for your lighting. Arrange them in a straight line on your walkway towards your door. Insert the lights inside each jug. You will then have lighted ghost jugs at night on your walkway.

Flying Ghosts

You can make flying ghosts hang on your door. You would just need strings, Styrofoam balls, marker, and cheesecloth. The Styrofoam balls would be the head so use the marker to draw a scary face on it. You can draw as many Styrofoam balls that have different sizes. Shred the end of the cheesecloth to give it a tattered look. Shroud it on the Styrofoam balls to create its floating body. Use the string to hang it on your doors, trees and porch.

No-carve Pumpkins

Are you aware that you can glam up your pumpkins? You can glue some glitters on the pumpkins and use them as centerpieces. You can pick different sizes and glue them together and use glitters of different colors for the design. You can use black paint to make the pumpkins have a Halloween statement. Not carving and cutting pumpkins would make them last longer until Thanksgiving. You can have a designed pumpkin that wouldn’t rot easily and would last for weeks.

Decorating doors for Halloween will awaken the artist in you. You can have a no carve pumpkin which is another way of using pumpkins aside from jack-o-lanterns. Lighted ghost jugs, flying ghosts, and lighted witch hats can make your door a good destination for kids this Halloween.

Five Tips Decorating Halloween Cookies


Halloween cookies should be on your list of top things to do for the holidays. Needless to say, you don’t make ordinary cookies. You can try out different ways to decorate your cookies. Kids and guests should love your cookies, here are five tips decorating Halloween cookies.

Think of Spooky Designs

Make designs that are spooky to everyone. Spider webs, eyeballs, bats, and pumpkins are top choices to decorate your Halloween cookies. The spookier the designs, the more that people will try your Halloween cookies. People tend to get curious on how the cookies taste if they have unusual and scary designs. You can do your research first on how to make the cookies. You need to know how to properly put color on them and practice making them too.

Keep it fun

Decorating Halloween cookies should be fun. Don’t scare yourself in the process. You can keep it fun as you bake in the kitchen. You can notice that it will help relieving some of your stress. You can also involve your kids in making the cookies. Kids always want to pretend to be like adults. They would love working with you on the cookies. Since they are still kids, expect your kitchen to become a little messy, though.

Make It Taste Good

Halloween cookies are meant to be eaten. Decorating your cookies should also have the taste in mind. You can make icings as decorations with different shapes and designs. Eating sweet cookies out of scary decorations would be your kid’s delight. You can make your cookies taste good by trying your finish products after baking them. You can judge yourself if they are indeed tasty.

Kids are easily bored and prefer variations. Guests would like to see a variety of your cookie decorations too. Make the cookie jar look good with a variety of scary looking cookies. You can also cook different cookies per day. If you happen to have different guests every day, you don’t want to keep serving the same thing. Let them see new decorations on your Halloween cookies. You can also vary the flavor on your cookies.

Scare When Serving

Serving your Halloween cookies should not be plainly laid on the table. Make a scary set up on the table by prepping with Halloween decorations. Your cookie jars can be covered with Halloween decorations too. Upon serving your cookies, the people should have a little scare. That is what you are aiming for in making scary decorations on your cookies. Your guests would appreciate that you went an extra mile decorating the table where you have served your cookies for everyone to try.

Think of spooky designs when decorating Halloween cookies. Keep it fun by involving your kids and family making your cookies. Make it taste good because the scarier your cookies look; it should taste better. Make variations on your Halloween cookies and don’t repeat the same decoration in a row. Scare when serving your Halloween cookies on the table.

Seven Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas


Halloween cupcakes are made to be adorable and spooky. You can think of anything in decorating your cupcakes. Start with simple ones and once you get the hang of it, make complicated ones. Prepare your baking materials. Here are seven Halloween cupcake decorating ideas that you can use.

Witch Hat

Chocolate Cupcakes can look spooky by adding some ice cream cones. Use your leftover ice cream cones from summer. They can be used as the witch hat when you place them on your chocolate cupcakes with the pointed tip on top. Just add some details on the base of the ice cream cone on top of your cupcake.

Pipe Some Brains

Frankenstein’s brains are good decorations on your cupcake. Just use artificial food coloring to create a pink icing. You can use any flavored cupcake as it will be covered by the pink brain icings. Just make some curly brain icings on top of the cupcake.

Spider Webs

The key to making a spider web on your cupcake is piping small lines for the web. Use a number 3 tip and draw the base lines with a white icing. Draw two lines first that would resemble a cross then add two more lines in between. Then on the outer lines, pipe a half circle from end to end. Keep making half circles towards the center until you see the web forming.


Use black chocolate cupcake. Use the number 47 tip to pipelines all around the cupcake. Put some eyeballs on top. Be careful not to put icings on the eyeballs. It is very easy to make since you will just keep on piping straight lines in any direction that you like.

Bloody Eyeballs

Get a white cupcake to start. Pipe first a center by piping a dot of colored icing. It could be purple or red then pat down the center to flatten it a bit. Pipe some black icing at the center for the pupils. Pipe red veins all around starting from the center of the eye.

Devil’s Cupcakes

Making devil’s cupcakes are making cute cupcakes look like little devils. They can look dangerous by their appearance but are sweet on the inside. Use a red velvet cupcake or any red colored cupcake. Use red icing on top. You can make a curly pointed tip icing. Place two chocolate chips on each side to be the horns.


Make adorable ghost cupcakes with a white icing on top. You can draw a ghost silhouette using a white icing on top of a black chocolate cupcake. You can use black or red colored icings to draw their eyes.

You can try out all the Halloween cupcake decorating ideas or just try some of them. Ghosts on the cupcakes are the easiest that you can make. Devil’s Cupcakes would just need red icing and two chocolate chips. Bloody eyeballs, mummies, and spider web use simple lines. The witch hat and brains would just need some curly designs on them.

Top 9 Halloween Background Music Ideas

The girl screams as loud as she could but no one could hear her in the dark night. The white figure chasing her has revenge on her mind as she floats around trying to scare the wits out of her next victim. But the scene does not give you goose bumps. Then you realize something is missing – that powerful climactic music.

Imagine watching a horror movie without the nerve-wracking suspenseful music. The thrill and definitely the shrills would not be that scary.

According to a famous musical scorer, in order to create that spine tingling scene in a movie, the tune should come in when people less expect it.

Like horror flicks, in order to create that creepy fun atmosphere during Halloween, a list of songs should be incorporated in the concept.


Here are some unforgettable Halloween Background Music Ideas which could help liven up any party on what was originally known as All Hallows’ Evening.

Thriller by Michael Jackson

The mere monologue and laugh of horror movie actor Vincent Price at the end of this mega hit song of the King of Pop definitely takes the cake. “It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark” which is the first line of the song clearly shows that Jackson takes Halloween seriously.

Fright Night by the J. Geils Band

The original movie has one of the hippest theme songs that could be used for October 31. It is all about who would be the next victim, keeping the doors locked and all the windows shut plus driving a stake at the vampire’s heart.

Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Junior

“I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” is what the chorus of the famous song screams from the movie with the same title. An invisible man, witnessing strange things in the neighborhood and a wild imagination should make everyone shout “Who ya gonna call?”, which of course is another famous line in the song.

Superstition by Stevie Wonder

The former number one song talks about falling ladders, writings on the wall and breaking glasses that brings seven years of bad luck. If the danceable tune does not bring wonders to the spirit of Halloween, nothing else will.

Running From This Nightmare by Tuesday Knight

A song taken from one of the most successful horror movie franchises ever, Nightmare on Elm Street 4 deals with running away from antagonist Freddy Kreuger inside a girl’s dream. Feeling like having a heart attack and fearing death is just around the corner are some of the experiences that could be heard in the song. It even contains the slashing sound effect of the sharp claw like hand of Mr. Krueger, ouch! Anyone who hears the song will definitely cringe in fear. Sleeping soundly will never been the same again.

Track Down This Murderer from the Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack

The goal to find the elusive phantom has taken a toll on the people who are involved in the production of a play most especially its lead character Christine. “Track down this murderer he must be found! Track down this murderer he must be found! Hunt out this animal, who runs to ground!” Just playing the chorus again and again could bring chills up anyone’s spine.

The Opening Theme of Phantom Opera

The loud organ music at the beginning of the eerie melody could surprise even the strongest of heart. Hearing it could bring dark thoughts to a person’s mind.

The theme from Jaws

Celebrating Halloween at the beach? Pump up the volume with the suspenseful sound of Steven Spielberg’s notorious shark film. Just when they think it is safe to go back in the sea, the crowd will have second thoughts dipping even their toes on the water once they hear the heart pounding tune. It could be considered as one of the best Halloween Background Music Ideas.

Eaten Alive by Diana Ross

Even the soul diva has her contribution to the Halloween fever. With vocals backed by her good friend Michael Jackson, the song that went into the top ten charts of different countries has lyrics that could make someone lose his appetite. “I don’t wanna get eaten alive, ‘cause you’re so dangerous!” and “Capture me my blood is red, another victim of your ritual” are just some of the words that our belted out by the former Supreme member. The song would be best used for zombie themed Halloween events.

Halloween Background Music Ideas could differ in beat, tempo and rhythm depending on the theme of the affair. Just make sure every song they hear is to die for.

How to Host a Spook-tacular Halloween Dinner Party

Are you ready to host the most horrible dinner party of your life? Of course we mean horrible in the most literal way: “causing or likely to cause horror”. It is a Halloween party, after all!


It’s nearly October which means it’s time to get set up for Halloween. You’ve already filled your haunted home with creepy decor using the instructions from 12 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations post. Your costume is sewn, the pieces assembled, and once your face paint is on, your costume is as good as the real thing. All you have left to do now is show it off!

If you’re tired of boring company Christmas parties and would rather take a vacation than spend another Thanksgiving with your in-laws, Halloween is a wonderful opportunity for your big holiday party. Want to throw a Halloween party that is spooky down to the last detail? Here are the Halloween party essentials that you’ve got to have this year:

Mummified Invitations: All great parties start with a fantastic invitation, and when Halloween time is here, fantastic takes a creepy turn. For a simple but fun way to lure your guests into a night full of terror, pick up some off-white tissue paper, card stock, some instant coffee and and a pair of googly eyes. Fold your card in half, and stick the eyes in the center of the page. Tear up the tissue paper into two inch strips and paint the edges lightly with your instant coffee for an old-bandage affect. Glue them down horizontally across the card stock, leaving a strip just wide enough that the eyes will be peeking out at your invitees. This is one invitation that shows your guests that they should really come to your party… or else.

Black Halloween Punch with Severed Hand: The punch bowl is the gathering place of any good party, and yours should be no exception. Fill a punch bowl with a spooky black concoction made with 1 packet grape Kool-Aid, 1 packet of orange Kool-Aid, 2 cups of sugar, 3 quarts water, and 1 liter of ginger ale. Meanwhile, fill a rubber glove with water, tie off the top, and toss it in the freezer. By the time your guests arrive, it should have frozen enough that you can cut off the glove to reveal a freaky ice hand that you can drop in your punch for your friends to scoop around as they fill their cups.

Eyeball Martinis: For a more sophisticated set, the eyeball martini is the perfect Halloween party trick. You can follow a classic dirty martini recipe, mixing up 2.5 oz of vodka, .5 oz of dry vermouth, and .5 oz of olive juice; you then pour into a stylish martini glass. The garnish is where things will really get weird! Cut a radish in half and scoop out a spot just big enough for a halved green olive with its bright orange pimento center. Spear the “eyeball” with a cocktail sword and throw in some dry ice if you can find it. Get prepared for a martini like you’ve never seen before!

Skinless” Meat Platter: These parties snacks will be by far the strangest way you’ve ever eaten cold cuts. Wash off a plastic skull and cover it with thin strips of sliced meat, leaving just the teeth exposed. Then, toss in some cocktail onions filled with black olives for wide-open eyes and surround with crackers for one of the most unforgettable meat platters you’ll ever see.

Buffalo Bat Wings: You may have trouble finding bats at your local grocery store, so this idea actually just uses something a little less scary… chicken wings! Cover your wings in a dark marinade like teriyaki and toss them on a platter. Put up a little sign reading “bat wings” or decorate the plate with some felt bats to make the display a bit more unusual.

Shrunken Apple Heads: A carved apple makes a surprisingly convincing shrunken head! Peel the skin off an apple a week before your party, and carve out a face. As the apply dries up and shrinks down, you’ll have the perfect shrunken head table decoration to creep out your guests as they fill their dinner plates. Better yet, when the night is over, compost your apple for a low-waste decoration that is fun to make.


Cheese Pumpkin: Cheese logs are a thing of the past, and on Halloween, it’s time to reshape your cheese log into a cheese pumpkin. This snack will require some sculpting skills, but you should be able to pick up a pumpkin mold at any craft store around this time of year. Be sure to use cream cheese for the consistency and cheddar for the color to create an appetizing cheese snack.

Death by Dessert: Remember dirt and worms? For those struggling to remember, it’s chocolate pudding, crumbled Oreos, green sprinkles and creepy crawly gummy worms to make it really look like your backyard. It could hardly be easier or more delicious! October 31st is the perfect time to revive this childhood snack. You can either place your guest’s dessert in individual cups or fill a cake pan to create your own dessert graveyard. Make some tiny tombstones on toothpicks or use some old doll parts for an even more realistic graveyard for your guest to dessert from.

Trick or Treat Takeaway: The ideal way to wrap up a Halloween party is with some good old fashioned Halloween candy. Who doesn’t love the chance to dig through a bowl full of sugary treats on their way out? Better yet, tie them up in tiny takeaway bags for the trick-or-treating experience that all adults miss. Who knows? Your friends might head back before you know it, knocking on your door and asking for more.

What are your Halloween party essentials? Got any deliciously eerie recipes we forgot to mention? Tell us about it in the comments!


12 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Clearing out drawers of tangled faux cobwebs seemed like a fine idea in May, but with Halloween season upon us, you find yourself wishing for your discarded plastic pumpkins. If last year’s holiday decorations didn’t survive spring cleaning, it’s time to rethink your Halloween decor. Rather than spending a frightening fortune on Halloween decorations that only get used for one October 31st, let’s make 2014 a year of creative decor!

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or simply getting in the spirit, decorations are one of the most fun parts of the holiday! This year, use your grandmother’s cake stands and rarely used candles to create a terrific display. Buy inexpensive materials like buttons, card stock, or balloons and use your creativity to make something impressive. Decorate your house with creepy or cutesy displays that show guests your imagination.

DIY doesn’t have to be scary! All these projects will take you less than an hour and can be crafted with items found around the house or purchased for less than $10 at a local craft store. Follow these short instructions to create 12 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations to get your home ready for Halloween:

Bleeding Candles: Convert boring white candles to spooky decor with the easiest craft yet. All you’ll need is a red and white candle. Light the red one, and when the wax starts to melt, dribble it down the sides of the white one for a bloody affect.


Specimen Terrarium: Head on a platter, anyone? Lay down a bed of straw on a glass cake stand and place a plastic skull on the plate along with any artifacts like old keys or trinkets you have lying around. Top it with the glass case for a truly eerie specimen look.

BOO or EEK Sign: You’ll need to start with some wooden letters, black paint and a roll of tulle ribbon. Paint the letters B – O – O (or E – E – K, if you’d rather) in black and let them dry. Next, you’ll tie them together vertically with orange ribbon for a cute and clever Halloween door sign.

Glow-in-the-Dark Ghosts: Slip a green glow stick inside a plain white balloon, and breathe them to life. With a permanent marker, draw on some creepy or cartoony ghost faces and hang them from the ceiling to give them flight!

Buttoned Up Pumpkin: You’ve been carving pumpkins since you were a kid, but perhaps this year, you ought to take a different approach. Grab a sharpie, some hot glue and some assorted buttons. Pick a scary phrase to scrawl across your pumpkin in marker. When your design is ready, outline the words in hot glue, and stick miscellaneous buttons onto your pumpkin for a cute take on an old classic.


Paper Bats: Want an easy craft that makes a big impression? A colony of savage bats should do the trick. You’ll need some black card stock and various sized patterns of bats (you can easily find these online!). Trace your bats and get to cutting. Once you’ve made enough, you can tape them in swarming formation across the wall or hang them by a string at various heights to create the illusion of flight.

Magnetic Spiders: Pick-up a handful of spiders for this decoration… plastic ones, that is! Spider rings are a cheap and easy find around this time of year. Cut off the plastic ring from the back and hot glue the leggy creature to a standard magnet. Once they’ve had the chance to dry, you can stick these crawlers to metal doors and windows anywhere around the house.

Candy-Filled Vase: If trick-or-treating tops your list of favorite Halloween past times, this craft is the unique way to decorate your home in a simple way. Buy iconic Halloween candy — anything from candy corn to wax vampire teeth will work— and fill up your vase around some tattered branches for a clever candy display. The hardest part is not eating all your candy while you craft!


Masked Portraits: Halloween is the perfect time to give your existing housewares a spine-tingling twist. Put masks, fangs and stickers on framed family portraits or elegant paintings to transform your house down to the last detail. You may never be able to look at your great aunt the same way, but it will be worth it!

Potted Hand: Turn your home into a zombie graveyard! Pick-up a fake hand from your nearest Halloween supply store or use an arm off of an old baby doll. Fill terra cotta pots to the brim with dirt and plant the hand, sticking out of the earth from the wrist up. Scatter the pots around the house and catch your guest’s worried glances as they see the living dead crawl out of your hydrangeas.

Halloween Wreath: Almost any holiday is made better with a wreath, and you can either decorate yours for Halloween or for fall. Pick up a grapevine wreath and anything else that catches your eye from sparkly ribbon to plastic spiders and autumn leaves to faux cobwebs. You’ve already got the basic wreath structure, so all you have to do is get creative!


Snazzy Table Legs: Even your kitchen table can be converted into a decorative item. Buy some tall socks covered in skulls, pumpkins, or witch hats and slide them up the legs of your table. Finish it off with any pair of shoes you’d like and hope your table doesn’t just walk off on its own.

Backyard Graveyard: Flatten out some old shipping boxes and spray paint them gray. Once they’ve dried, break out the sharpie to etch “RIP” and ghoulish names across them. Glue it to a wooden yard stake and stick on some hay or moss to recreate the abandoned feeling of a cemetery in your own back yard.


If you’re ready to get your house spooked up for Halloween, making your own decorations is a great place to start. You’ll end up with a finished product that is not only unique but that was fun and inexpensive to make. Are there any DIY decorations that you think we should have included? Tell us about it in the comments below and we may just add it to our list!

Fun Halloween Crafting Ideas

Halloween parties are actually the most celebrated parties in North America, beating all of the other special holidays that they celebrate throughout the year. What makes Halloween parties a special one is that all of the family members can actually enjoy it, even the entire neighborhood. This is the time when children go out for trick and treat and families invite nearby households to come over for a spooky Halloween dinner get together.


Because you will be expecting and entertaining some visitors to your home, it is best that you come up with Fun Halloween Crafting Ideas to decorate your home. This is to make a good Halloween impression and to shift the home ambiance into a more spooky yet fun arrangement. Here are some of the Fun Halloween Crafting Ideas that you can use for your home makeover:

Turning your home into an ultimate Halloween house

You can out bat cutouts outside your door as welcoming creatures leading to your home. You can also place pumpkins on the side of your doorstep, maybe carved or not. If you have garden gnomes, you can also place them nearer to your doorway.

In your living room, you can make cutouts of spiders and place them on your walls. You can also select orange and black color combination for your pillowcase, carpets, and other upholstery stuff. If you want, you can also buy a spider web mat from your local stores.

Lanterns and luminarias are also good accents to make. You can place them on top of your cabinets or in the corners to create a dramatic look on the evening. Pumpkin carving will also do and you can place it on the center table of your living room. Choose orange candles to match it with your pumpkin. You can setup fake cobwebs on the corners of your ceiling and place spider web cutouts all over the walls.

Preparing your dinner table for special treat

After you have prepared all your Halloween themed dinner recipes, the next thing that you can do is to adorn them accordingly. Place the candelabra on the center and put tall, white candles on it. To add more Halloween drama, wrap the candles in lace. Make sure that you prepared the lace first by brushing nonflammable and nontoxic tempera paint. Black color will do best for these white candles.

If you have a chandelier on top of your dining table, you can add a more spooky effect by placing fake cobwebs and creeping or hanging spiders. Replace your last supper portrait for a while and substitute maybe a painting or a picture of a spooky vampire dinner. Choose uniform food platters that are ornate and place a paper with the name of the dish. Be creative in making your dish names like “mummies for hotdogs or pizzas wrapped in cheese, cured epidermis for bacon strips, etc.” Lastly, choose an all-black costume and maybe wear a witch hat for a perfect Halloween dinner party.

Fun Halloween Recipe Ideas

The best part of all parties is when you finally indulge with food. Because it is a Halloween party, it is important that you make an effort to make your foodstuff complementary with the theme. All you need here is a pinch of your creativity to make your delicious recipes turn into spooky ones. Here are some Fun Halloween Recipe Ideas that you can try at home since they are just easy to prepare:

Snacks for your Halloween parties

  • Apple Bites

The problem with apples is that they turn brown after they have been exposed to air. You may dip the quartered apple slices into orange juice to prevent browning. Cut a wedge on quartered apples and insert slivered almonds to create mouth projection.


  • Halloween Caramel Apples

In a bowl with melted caramel sauce, roll the apples to make the caramel coating even. Place the caramel apples on the baking sheet with their sticks pointing upwards. Refrigerate all the caramel apples to harden the coating. After fifteen minutes, hold up your caramel and decorate it with candies to make a monster face. Get them back to the fridge until the caramel coating and candy toppings are all set.

  • Pretzel Spiders

Make a round cracker sandwich by putting peanut butter as your filling and insert the pretzel sticks (four on each side). This serves as the body of the spider. Spread another peanut butter layer on top and stick two raisins for the spider eyes. Make several pretzel spiders and serve in a wide platter.

Fun Halloween Recipe Ideas for dinner:

  • Hotdog Mummies

Make thinner strips of breadsticks and wrap them around the hotdogs to make a mummified effect. Do the wrapping part one strip at a time. Leave the end of the hotdog unwrapped. This serves as the mummy’s head. Bake the hotdog mummies for 15 minutes and after baking, arrange them in a platter. On the unwrapped end, make mustard eyes. Cool it for a while and serve to your guests.

  • Pizza Mummies

For pizza mummies, spread pizza sauce to English muffin. Place slices of olives to make the eyes and bits of green pepper for its pupils. Spread strips of cheese beneath the eyes to make a mummified effect. Prepare all in the baking sheet and place it in the oven for about ten minutes or until the English muffin is toasted.

  • Cauldron Curry

For the curry paste of your cauldron curry, crush the coriander seeds, cumin, and peppercorns and add salt. Add minced garlic, grated lime zest, chopped scallions, chopped lemon grass, chopped ginger and fresh lime juice. Grind everything until you achieve your paste. To make the stew, add 5 tablespoons of curry paste to spinach and coconut milk and blend until the mixture becomes smooth.

In a heavy stockpot, pour in the remaining coconut milk. In low flame, add the curry and spinach mix and allow boiling for five minutes. Add zucchini and chicken; season with salt and pepper. When cooked, remove from flame and add basil and Serrano chiles for your garnish.

Decorate Halloween Doors and Windows


Door Decor and Window Trimmings

It’s almost Halloween!  Let’s make our homes a cheerful, fun and welcoming place for little trick or treaters!

The first place the kids are going to see are your windows and doors, and there are lots of creative ways to decorate your home to dazzle the neighborhood.

Many people who decorate their homes and yards seem to be going macro this year – as in really BIG decorations.  One idea I saw on Pinterest was blowing up a pair of big beach balls, painting them white, and then painting on black or red pupils.  When they are dry, you then place the big eyeballs high in the branches of a tree in your yard – instant big googly eyes!  This bit of creativity turns your shady tree into a giant creature that won’t “leaf” you alone!

Along the same lines, you can buy plastic sheets printed with huge cats’ eyes, or big green monster eyes that you stick on the inside of your windows, and when the lights from indoors shine through the plastic, it looks like you have a HUGE creature inside your house just busting to come out and play!  A couple of years ago I bought one of these with huge cat eyes and believe me, when that was lit up from the inside, those big green eyes glowed and the effect was just amazing.

For more spooky “eyes” from nowhere, another Pinterest idea outlined cutting eye holes in the cardboard roll from toilet paper, and then putting a glow stick inside, and positioning these mysterious eyeballs in your outdoor greenery; for instance, I would use these in my hedges.  After dark your home seems to be surrounded by glowing eyes!  Another amazing effect with just the investment of a little time and creativity.

For my doors, for years I’ve used carved jack-o-lanterns to illuminate the walkway leading up to the front door and every year I see more elaborate and imaginative ways to carve a pumpkin!  A few minutes spent on Google or on Pinterest will give you hundreds of creative ways to use a gourd.

I like using natural items for fall decor also, so I’ve also filled one of my children’s old red wooden wagons with small pumpkins of different colors, multi-colored dried corn, and different kinds of autumn squash (and best of all, after the time for decor is over, most of these items are still good to eat!) to create a colorful entranceway to my home.  This time of year these items are available in grocery stores and farmer’s markets all over the country and are not at all expensive.  And they’re beautiful!

I also like to create an autumn wreath every year to deck my front door with.  I’ve used dried flowers, colorful fall leaves, Halloween candy, tiny purple and orange lights, and baby pumpkins to create an interesting and seasonal door decor.

Just let your imagination flow the next time you visit your local farmer’s market or grocery store and there are many beautiful, inexpensive seasonal ways to decorate your  home for fall and Halloween, inside and out!

DIY Do It Yourself Halloween Decorations


Halloween Decor DIY!!!

It’s October and it’s time to get our homes ready for little ghosts and goblins to come knocking on All Hallow’s Eve!  Whether you’re throwing a costume party or greeting guests at the door with bowls of candy, everyone loves a decorated, friendly house!

The colors of Autumn are incredibly beautiful, and you can use fall produce  to decorate your home this season.

The first thing to do is to get together your pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns or to leave your gourds as they are for a more natural look.  There are different colors of pumpkins on the market, which lend themselves to different sorts of decor.  For example, you can stick with a more traditional look, pick a large orange pumpkin, or have a group of them, emptied out and carved with faces, complete flickering candles inside.  Try having groups of three or five pumpkins together at your front door to greet your guests!

There are other colors of pumpkins and gourds to try, like a pale green pumpkin, yellow pumpkins, even variegated colors of pumpkins and many different kinds and shapes of gourds.  These beauties are for sale in all the farmer’s markets and grocery stores this time of year and lend themselves well to decorating creativity.  You can decorate your home with all the gorgeous colors of fall for only a few dollars, just by cruising through the produce aisle and seeing what your region has to offer.

Along with the natural look, you can also try having dried corn stalks, tied into a bundle and standing behind your pumpkins.  This look is simple and only takes a few minutes to put together, but still looks inviting and very pretty for fall.

If you want to decorate your family table, perhaps try heaping some unusual gourds in a ceramic, wooden or glass bowl and using small tea candles around the bowl to accentuate the beautiful colors, or even the tea candles that run on batteries stuck in between the gourds themselves to light them up.  Add a hearty stew, some bread and a salad for an Autumn dinner, now there’s a table anyone would want to join!

Another popular way to decorate your home is creating a Halloween wreath.  Wreaths are an easy, fun way to decorate, they don’t take a lot of time to put together, and again, using natural items available in your area keep the price low.  You can create a wreath for your front door using small pumpkins, Halloween candy, fall leaves, berries, dried flowers … in fact, anything that you can wire or glue to a wreath works perfectly.  Let your imagination go and come up with something you and your guests will love.

The most important thing to remember is to keep a spirit of fun in Halloween and allow your guests to enjoy the holiday along with you!  In fact, greet your guests, both the kids in costume and your adult friends, in full costume yourself!  It’s Halloween, it’s okay to let yourself be a little kid too!