Outdoor Halloween Party Ideas


It’s Halloween, Let’s Take the Party Outside!

Halloween is the perfect time for an outdoor party!  The weather has cooled off, the leaves on the trees are turning, the moon is out, and an outdoor yard party for Halloween is such a fun idea.  This would be a good time to have your kids invite their friends, invite some parents and adult friends, and have an end of October cookout and trick or treat party.

You could have outdoor decor such as carved jack-o-lanterns throughout the yard and on the patio and at the doors.  If you have a fire pit this would be a perfect area to set aside in the yard for storytelling and roasting marshmallows.  You could also have such outside games for Halloween as bobbing for apples, a pie eating contest, or maybe even a pinata!  Put the speakers from your sound system outside or use a portable CD player to have Halloween classics like “The Monster Mash” play for background music!  Try your local music store for Halloween CDs and sound effects.  Get one of the dads to be the DJ for the night, while another one is in charge of the grill.

This year Halloween is on a Thursday, a school night for the trick or treat crowd, so an outdoor party would have an automatic time limit.  You could start the festivities for the kids around 6 p.m., including dinner around the grill with hot dogs, hamburgers, and s’mores cooked over the coals for dessert.  Local stores are selling decorated Halloween cakes and cookies to add to the menu.  You could serve soda or a spooky punch, made with ginger ale and lime sherbet.  Or you could make your meal a pot luck and have everyone who attends bring part of the feast.  Use pumpkins and other fall gourds for table decor.

By the time dinner is done and everyone has helped to clean up, it should be dark enough to take the kids treat or treating as a group.  Have two or three adults around to help herd the kids from house to house in your neighborhood.  It’s always more fun to do things together and a crowd of 10 or 15 children with 2 or 3 adults to chaperone would work well.  Make sure everyone is wearing a safe costume with reflective tape to show up after dark and have the adults to keep track of all the kids, then go out and have fun walking the streets of the neighborhood in costume together!

After the trick or treating is over, have everyone come back to the house to tell a few spooky stories around the fire pit, pile up the kids’ candy and having a trading spree, and then have one more piece of pumpkin cake and a soda before everyone heads back home.  Everyone will remember this special Halloween party and it may even become a family tradition in your home, or in your neighborhood.

Decorating Indoors for Halloween Parties


Decorating indoors for Halloween can be as fun and as challenging as outdoor Halloween decorations especially if you plan to host a spooky Halloween party for your friends and relatives. If you have a theme or motif for your Halloween party, make sure it is consistent with your Halloween decorations and use the theme as a guide for making stunning decorative pieces.

Here are some valuable tips for designing indoors for Halloween parties:

Have a Halloween centerpiece

Set up a centerpiece composition for your Halloween event that will serve as a gathering place for your invited guests. If your theme is like “A Gathering of Witches and Warlocks” then you can make a gigantic smoking witches’ brew under a leafless tree with perched black owl figures. Or else, you can do away with a graveyard centerpiece. Just pry open your imagination on this one.

Spice up the dining table

The food table should be horribly impressive as well, including the kind of food that you serve. A plain white tablecloth is a must with a good pumpkin candleholder centerpiece.  White and orange candle pillars are a great mix and you can also use skull décors as candelabra.

Set up mobiles

Yes, you can never go wrong with bats and witches-on-a-broom cutouts but you can take it to another level with hangman decors on a corner or a creepy severed head hanging upside down. You can also set up hanging spirit mobiles made of delicate cloth or whatever fits your fancy or motif. Hanging artificially lighted candles at various height levels is a also a very good idea.

Spooky Halloween Portraits

You can replace your portraits hanging around your house with creepier versions. All you have to do is reprint them in old photo format and have the eyes replaced with red led lights. Add a touch of artificial spider webs all around the frames to achieve the desired effect.

Pumpkins and more pumpkins

The Jack-o-lantern is not just a staple for the Halloween celebrations but is an enduring Halloween icon. We can find them in diverse Halloween decors and decorating indoors for Halloween is not complete without them. So go ahead, line up your stairs with glowing pumpkin heads.

Recycle common household items

Recycling household items or discarded items can make decorating indoors a lot easier and more practical. You can also save money that could otherwise be spent for your food and drinks and giveaways for your Halloween party. You can paint empty metal buckets in orange that can be filled with trick or treat goodies.  Sheets of white cloth are perfect for floating ghost figures and make creative color filters for your lampshade to make it cast an eerie glow.

Use haunting music and sound effects

You can further enhance an already visually stunning indoor Halloween atmosphere with spooky classical music, pipe organ music and macabre sound effects. You can also play horror-themed contemporary songs and soundtracks and even heavy metal, if it suits the mood and theme of your Halloween party.

Spooky Decorating Ideas for Halloween


Scaring kids trick-or-treating is fun during Halloween. But you can’t scare kids with just a creepy costume. The setting—your house—should be realistically spooky as well. There are many ways to do this. You can choose to create your own decorations, which will save you money but can rob you of your time, or you can visit dollar stores and even craft stores for premade Halloween decorations, which would make decorating easier but might empty your wallet in the long run if you plan to decorate your house in a detailed manner.

The trick to an ominous-looking house is to add elements that count as scary, creepy, or even downright evil. The best inspiration is horror movies. But if you’re not a fan of that genre, here are some of the creepiest, spooky Halloween decorating ideas.


One raven is not a threat. A flock of ravens, however, is a different story. Most haunted houses in movies are infested with ravens. Put fake ones in various positions on your gate, your porch, and even your front door. Make sure to use cable wire and black duct tape to keep the ravens upright. People will think twice before entering your property.


Building your own realistic graveyard on your garden is easy if you use flattened shipping boxes or even pieces of wood. Paint them gray and write “R.I.P.” on your headstones and place them on your garden. To give it a scarier effect, get different parts of a skeleton and position them creatively near your headstones. You can even make an arm stand by embedding it into the ground to make it look as if the dead were coming back to life.


Skeletons are scary even when they aren’t trying to be. Position them anywhere or everywhere in the house and your guests’ hair will definitely stand on end.




The mannequins you see in the mall can be used as a great scare tactic. Dress up the mannequin in any way you want. You can dress it up as a scary female ghost in white, a wicked witch in black, or you can take a cue from Asian horror movies and put a long, black wig on a mannequin with one eye peeking through.


These may be the most commonly used Halloween decoration, but it is still one of the most effective. The faces of these lanterns are important. You can carve any emotion into them. But if you want to scare the neighborhood kids, carve faces that look like they are suffering or frightened. They would appear like a warning to all who dare go inside your house.


There are a lot of downloadable templates you can use for Halloween on the internet. Download the spooky ones and use these as silhouettes on your windows. To make it eerier, replace your light bulbs temporarily into red. It will give your house a sinister vibe.

Mood music

A scary appearance is one thing, but playing eerie sound effects loud enough to be heard outside will complete the ambiance you are trying to achieve.

Making sure you don’t go overboard with the spooky decorations is important because you want kids to still visit your house and take your candies. So make sure your house remains neighborhood-appropriate even after its transformation.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Halloween


Decorating for Halloween anywhere in the world will never be complete without the inclusion of a glowing pumpkin with a smiley face known as The Jack O’ Lantern. That is why there are serious businesses marketing these Halloween icons from small key chains to giant pumpkin hot air balloons. The jack’ o lantern is widely popular and is commonly found in movies and television. As a result, there is never a dearth in pumpkin decoration ideas whenever the Halloween celebrations come along.

Here are do-it-yourself pumpkin decorating ideas for Halloween you’ll surely enjoy doing together with your family.

Pumpkin carving ideas

The smiley face is one of the enduring pumpkin decorating ideas but you can carve out a myriad of other beautiful designs out of this humble vegetable crop. You can carve out an individual word out of each pumpkin and group them or stack them together to form a message or phrase. One great idea for this is to put a message across the stairway using carved pumpkins. You could also print out intricate design patterns such as leaf or silhouette patterns and use them to carve out beautiful pumpkin lantern designs that family members and guests will truly admire.

Pumpkin centerpiece

Pumpkins are ideal table centerpieces for Halloween as they can serve a variety of purposes. You can make a nice flower vase out of a pumpkin by simply carving out a hole inside and fill it up with your favorite flowers. You can also saw off the top portion of several pumpkins of various sizes, arrange them and put silver platters on top to make interesting Halloween buffet platters. Small pumpkins can be cut in half and then scoop out the fleshy insides to make an ideal Halloween candle holder.

Pumpkin tree lanterns

A lot of glowing pumpkins hanging on your front yard tree is always a spectacle to behold. Give each pumpkin a distinct character by carving out various facial expressions. Hang then at various height levels, making sure they are securely in place and light them up to heighten the Halloween atmosphere.

Stack ‘em Up

If you have lots of pumpkins lying around, have them carved up and carefully stack them inside a decorated fence while lighting each pumpkin as they are being put in place to form a mound or a pyramid. You can then put a lighted candle pillar on top for a greater effect. This is one of the pumpkin decorating ideas the whole family can enjoy doing.

No-carve pumpkin décor

You can always skip the carving part when trying to find ways to make a good pumpkin decoration.  You can make great display items out of small pumpkins by spray painting them in gold, silver or bronze metallic finishes. Hand painted pumpkins ideas, however, can unleash your innate artistry that can produce stunning results. Another no-carve pumpkin décor idea utilizes arts and craft back foam stickers. This is particularly ideal for kids as they can create a wide variety of cute pumpkin faces using easy to apply foam stick-ons.

Halloween Cake Decorating Ideas and Tips


The easiest thing about decorating cakes for Halloween is that you can get ideas from everything people love about this holiday. Ghosts, skeletons, witches, zombies, spiders, pumpkins, graveyards, you name it. And you can make the cake to look as creepy or as cute as you want it to. Here are some unique, Halloween cake decorating ideas you can take inspiration from.

Chocolate Cockroach Cake

Before you balk at the idea, be assured that there won’t be any real cockroaches in the cake. This cake is so easy to do that it only takes a total of 2 hours to make! And if you already know how to make the basic chocolate cake, you’ll breeze right through the process.

All you need are ingredients for the chocolate cake itself, the ganache, and some rubber cockroaches. The ganache is supposed to be placed in the middle of the cake so your guests will be surprised at the sudden difference in texture. With the rubber cockroaches surrounding the cake and the plate, they might start to wonder if the rubber cockroaches were actually real cockroaches.

Pumpkin Spice Graveyard Cake

Make a pumpkin spice cake and pour warm chocolate glaze over it, let the glaze drip over the sides of the cake for effect. The headstones are just cookies that were cut, with a paring knife, into the desired shape. After the cookies are set, all you have to do is pipe the desired design on the cookies and then place them on top of your cake.

Black and White Snake Cake

With this cake, all you need to have is a printout of a snake template and cake mix. The best part is that you can choose any flavor. Bake two layers and stack one on the other after they cool. And then, frost the entire cake evenly.

Place your printout of a snake template under a sheet of parchment and trace the snake design. Cut the parchment to create a stencil and put the snake on the center of the cake. Smooth the parchment out gently as to not disturb the frosting. Once the stencil is in place, sprinkle it with black nonpareils and press them with the back of a spoon. Once it chills in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes, you can remove the stencil and clean up any stray nonpareils.  Now you have a beautiful black and white snake cake for Halloween.

Cobweb Cake

The cobweb cake may look intimidating to make, but is actually very easy. All you have to do is bake a two-tiered cake. When it cools, frost the entire cake.

Then, turn 8 ounces of marshmallows gooey but lumpy by microwaving it in a bowl for 30 seconds. When it cools enough for you to be able to touch it, take a bit of the marshmallow and stretch it until you have a long thin strand. Drape it onto the cake. Make several of these until the whole cake is covered with web.

Of course, you can’t have a cobweb cake without spiders. They are made with black fondant and shaped into two different sized balls (one bigger than the other). When you put the two balls together, they make the head and the body of the spider. Flatten and roll pieces of black fondant into long tubes that will be used to make the legs of the spider. Create as many spiders as you want.

Halloween cake decorating ideas definitely inspires you to get creative with your cakes. These creepy confections will make you popular among kids and people in general with a sweet tooth.

Fun Halloween Decoration Ideas

Aside from the candies, the costumes and the creepy feeling in the atmosphere, the scary decorations are what make Halloween night something to look forward to. Anyone frolicking on that night simply cannot help but take a look at the grinning faces of goblins, the cackling mouths of witches, and the hollow eyes of jack-o-lanterns.

Transforming your lovely house to a spooky sight for Halloween is easy enough with some tools, enough materials, and your creative juices freely flowing. If you still have no idea how or where to start decorating, read on and remember some of Halloweens de-facto figures.

Jack-O-Lanterns. Halloween night will be dark indeed without jack-o-lanterns sinister smile. These lanterns are best used outside or in your porch to light the way for trick-or-treaters. Even in the day, a line of jacks easily grabs attention and they actually tend to stand out among a plethora of decorations because of the bright orange color. For those who are not patient and skilled enough to make real jack-o-lanterns, there are plastic lanterns which you can easily buy in any novelty store.

Ghosts. It is said that ghosts are free to roam the earth on Halloween night, so you might as well put a fake one for their entertainment. Ghosts are easy enough to make, but for a really scary effect, create just one human-size ghostly figure and put it in near your door. A prop doll often does the trick here. Dress it up in torn, bloody clothes, or in an attire long gone from memory and you have a realistic ghost. You can also play with lights and put one behind it to create some silhouette and eerie glow.

Cobwebs. Cobwebs are perfect when creating the perfect setting for Halloween. Fake cobwebs can be easily bought in any store general merchandise and they are also cheap enough. Stretch them thinly and stick them to your other decorations. Adding some spiders will also not hurt.

Zombies. It is true that monsters are rising in popularity these days, but they still cannot pull zombies out of the list of staple Halloween decors. Just like with the ghosts, a props doll will be great in creating a zombie. To make them seem scarier, put them in unlikely places, like behind the door, or set them up sitting on the front steps.

Almost everyone gets the creeps come Halloween night, and it is not always because of the spine-tingling myths and legends that come with the occasion. Most of the time, it is because of the fake ghosts and monsters that people mistake for the real thing.

Halloween Table Decorations Ideas

Halloween has always been a much celebrated holiday by families, especially the kids. It is the time of the year where the wildest and most creative costumes are worn by kids and adults, all for the love of tradition. Throwing the best jam-packed Halloween party is easy if you have ample resources.

First off, you have to have the sleekest Halloween designs to decorate your house with. This shall contribute to the spooky yet fun ambience of your party. Of course, a party is never complete without the sumptuous food. You can try to prepare treats in shapes of Halloween characters like ghosts, spiders, witches and many more.

To top off your delightful food ensemble, do not forget also to employ Halloween table decorations. Try to focus on dark colors to really exude a scary and spooky feeling. Buy plastic insects and do not forget to put them on your decorations. Halloween table decorations can also be inspired by famous horror tales such as the infamous Count Dracula’s legend. The familiarity on the guests’ part shall definitely give them the ‘creeps’ in your Halloween party.

Experiment with the things you can find inside your house. Use cotton to project spider webs in every part of your house, most especially the dining table. This shall give an illusion of being haunted. Get those creative juices out and start carving scary faces in pumpkins to adorn your table.

Do not forget to decorate the dinnerware utensils, as these form a huge part of your Halloween table decorations. Stick to dark colors but if you wish to add some color, use orange as it is commonly used in such season. Stick with the conventional designs for Halloween such as plastic insects, cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns, specimen jars and creepy candles. Do not overdue the designs for your party, you want your party to exude a Halloween ambience that the guests would surely enjoy and not a house that would scare your guests out of their wits.

Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Halloween is usually about kids running around in costumes asking for sugary treats. These treats don’t always have to be store-bought goodies because you can give out homemade cupcakes. You don’t even have to wait for trick-or-treaters to ring your doorbell because you can throw your own Halloween party featuring ghoulish treats to feed your guests. Cupcakes are great party foods because they are easy to serve and they satisfy both adults and children. To really get everyone in the mood, here are some Halloween cupcake decorating ideas.

Pumpkins are one of the most common symbols of Halloween and they make good decors. Simply cover the top of your cupcake flat with orange icing. With a smaller tip and black icing, draw on different expressions on the cupcakes. You can ask family members, both adults and kids, to join you and create different faces for the pumpkins. To finish it off, use green icing to draw the leafy tops of the pumpkin.

Using the same technique, you can create vampire and zombie cupcakes as well. Start with a green icing base for both of them. Draw on Dracula’s hairline and facial features with black icing. For the zombies, you can use red for bloody details. With white icing, you can also create skeleton cupcakes.

You can create ghoulish creatures with frosting swirls on top of your cupcakes as well. With white frosting and a plain round tip, pipe it on top of your cupcake without moving the tip around. You should get a clean white mound that serves as a good base for a ghost. Add facial features with black icing. With this technique, you get three-dimensional ghosts sitting on top of your cupcakes.

You don’t even have to limit yourself to white frosting and ghosts. Use different colored frosting and create different shapes to serve as bases for unique monsters. Add on creative features, like a huge eyeball or a purple mouth, to create your one of a kind monster.

Another great Halloween cupcake decorating idea is to use fondant. If you have fondant icing, you can create creepy creatures and features to top off your cupcakes with. Create spider legs that you can attach to an icing spider body for that 3-D effect. Eyeballs are always creepy no matter where you put them on. Decorate your monsters with fondant eyeballs or just place it on top of red icing for bloody eyeball cupcakes.

With these Halloween cupcake decorating ideas not only will everyone enjoy your treats, but you will also enjoy creating them. Get the family involved and bond over creating scary and tasty treats.

Ideas for Children’s Halloween Parties

Halloween parties seem to become more popular every year, it’s a great excuse for the kids to dress up and have some fun, and so why not have a party this Halloween. There are plenty of kids party outfits available for Halloween, hundreds of decorating options, and the stores will be full of pumpkins ready for you to carve. In this article we look at some great ideas for you when you plan a children’s Halloween party.


You can go as mad as you like when it comes to decorating Halloween parties, start with pumpkins, get yourself a template and carve it up, you’ll be amazed how simple it is, and lots of fun for the kids too. Make sure you have enough room inside for a candle that will last all evening. Other simple ideas for kids parties are cobwebs, mummy statues, scary looking plastic toys that light up, and even fog machines are available to really make the party entertaining. Get a few plastic critters like spiders and rats, and place them around the room to add to the fun of your Halloween party.

Halloween Party Food & Drinks

Kids love the whole scary theme in their food and drinks too, so get creative with everything and give them all Halloween style names, all children’s party must have a good selection of food and sweets so have a good think of what you can do. A few ideas are : Tombstone Cookies – bake some headstones shaped cookies, and add RIP on them. Worms in Blood – buy some candy sweets worms, and set them in red jelly. Mud Pies – crush up some chocolate biscuits, add some raisins and chocolate chunks pour on milk and add whipped cream, serve it a cup or bowl.

Hire Children’s Entertainers

All kids parties need entertainment, and their is nothing more fun then a professional children’s entertainer to keep them occupied for a couple of hours. Halloween parties really get the kids excited with all the dressing up, the decorations and the food, but you’ll need something extra to keep them fully entertained for more then an hour, so if the adults want to relax and have a great time too, then why not hire children’s entertainers to ensure the party goes really well. Professional entertainers for kid’s parties can adapt their acts easily for Halloween parties, with magic acts, balloon modelling and juggling all with a scary twist to them.

Dressing Up

It’s essential that all the adults get involved too, the party and the entertainment may be aimed at the children, but the grown ups must play a part too. Halloween parties are all about fun, so think up some great ideas for dressing up. Mummies costumes, Dracula, witches outfits are all easy to create and the kids will love the fact that parents are up for the fun too.

So when you’re planning your kids parties this Halloween, have a good think of all the little things you can do to make the entertainment fun for everyone.

Fun and Easy Halloween Décor

Things are always easier when done with the family. Here’s some fun and easy Halloween décor that can be the perfect chance to involve the kiddies in:

Visit a farmer’s market, or the vegetable aisle of your grocery store – You can find an endless array of vegetables you can use for your Halloween décor. Make potato stamps for home-made streamers (more in next paragraph). Get pumpkins and squashes of various shapes and colors for Halloween accents. Pick the best produce with your kids. You can even make it a treasure-hunt kind of activity, with the kids getting a different list of produce to get.

Make paper art – Do streamers and stamp them with different Halloween-themed designs. You can trace a simple design (a jack o’ lantern or a ghost perhaps?) on a halved potato, and let your kids carve it out with a spoon or plastic knife, or if they’re a little older, with a safety knife. You can even search the internet for some paper cut-out patterns that you can use to give your lampshades or paper lanterns that Halloween flair.

Draw your own décor – Bring out the colored markers and watercolors. There are colors by number kits you can buy in craft stores or bookstores. You can even ask kids to freestyle it with their own design ideas. This is not limited to paper. Your kids can even decorate your driveway with colored chalk. Clean-up won’t be a problem as these designs will come off with some soap and water.

Dress up your house – If you don’t have the time to make your own décor, you can buy them from the store and decorate your house together. The kids can help you set up those streamers, pumpkins, etc. and put their own creative touches in your house.

    Whichever way you choose to decorate your house, we know you’re going to have lasting memories together with your children.