Fun Indoor Halloween Decoration Ideas


Decorating for the Halloween is fun for your family. You can help each other during the decorating process. This is the time where you can use your wildest imagination to create unusual decorations for a holiday. Here are some fun indoor Halloween decoration ideas.

Ghost in the house

Halloween decorations are fun when they seem to come alive. Dress up an old mannequin’s body with draped cheesecloth. Use a jack-o-lantern as a head. Position it just in front of the door to give your guests a startling Halloween greeting. You can also use your old soda bottles into use. The tattered cheesecloth will become the floating clothing while the empty soda bottles become the ghosts’ body. You can hang it in the living room or near windows

Bloody Handprint

Spook your neighbors and guests with a bloody handprint on your windows. It is an easy decoration that kids would have fun making. You can use your handprint or draw a pattern. Use a red washable paint to go onto your windows. Lightly dip your palms in the paint and transfer the print on the windows. Have fun with your kids as you put bloody hand prints all over your house. You can also leave some bloody handprints on the porch, and the door lock handles.

Scary Silhouettes

Scare more trick-or-treaters with scary silhouettes on your windows. You don’t need to spend money to buy things from the stores. Look out for old cardboard and hard paper is lying around the house. Cut out spooky figures from the cardboard. You can draw and cut out figures like cats, jack-o-lanterns, and witches. Paint them black, and they would be ready to be hanged on your windows. Use a scotch tape to attach your scary silhouettes on the window.

Flying Black Bats

You will just need construction paper in a black color to get started with flying black bats. Outline a bat using a white marker on one side of the construction paper. Cut it out with scissors, and you will have a bat shaped black paper. Stick them everywhere with double sided tapes. It looks good on the windows, walls, and ceilings. Make sure to make a lot of black bats in different sizes to make a chandelier out of it. Punch holes on top of the bats. Use a string of different lengths to tie several bats then hang them up.

Wreath for Halloween

Use a grapevine wreath as a base of this decoration. Attach scary creatures on them like bats, mummies and spiders. You can put as many scary things on it as you want. Finish it off by tying a large black ribbon on your wreath. Once your wreath is ready, you can hang it on the door, on top of the hearth or any spot that you want to look scary.

You can choose from the above fun indoor Halloween decoration ideas on what to put up on your home. You can use any of the ideas to make your Halloween fun and spooky.

Unique Halloween Decorations for Windows

Trick or no treat, check out the list of unique Halloween Decorations for Windows.

The Thing from The Addams Family Fame

For those familiar with the show the weird family who lives in an area called Cemetery Lane, has a friend called Thing, a dismembered hand that does errands for the creepy brood.

Imagine displaying something like it right smack in the middle of the window. To create that mind boggling effect that the hand is just clinging to the glass on its own, make sure to glue some of its fingertips on the glass.


Webbed Window

Those who suffer from arachnophobia which is the fear of spiders will not be glad to see it displayed on a window. Cobwebs galore made of cotton to create that appearance that it has been there for hundreds of years capped off with toy spiders of different sizes could really be spine-chilling.

Casket case

An old wooden casket which is half open could scare the wits out of anyone. Lighting up the interior of the casket could give the depth that is needed to make the façade look more real.

Horror Movie Exhibit

If there are several windows that need to be decorated, showcasing different posters of different scary movies could attract a lot of attention especially movie buffs who like the genre.

Battered Windows

For that abandoned house effect try placing realistic looking wooden boards backlight. No hammering needed, just some double sided tape since the decoration is actually made of thin hard plastic. To make it more mysterious, add a yellow strip in front of the house like the ones used by the police during crime scenes. The display could be voted one of the best Halloween Decorations for Windows among the neighbors.

The Bullet Hole /Cracked Glass Effect

There are stickers that look like bullet holes that penetrated glass giving it a cracked look. It could be purchased in novelty shops or malls. By sticking several of it on the windows, it will appear as if someone has riddled the house with bullets.

Bloody Handprints

Was someone trying to get out of the house through the window but it was too late? That is exactly what the bloody handprints will imply once it is positioned on the window.

What’s Brewing?

Using an old huge pot, place some fake reptiles, rodents and eyeballs together with some hay underneath to make sure the toys could be seen from the top. Place some red cellophane underneath the pot to give that burning effect. A glowing light could add drama to the flame.

Horror Con

Comic Con is famous for gathering well-known super heroes who dominate the comics industry. Why not organize a display of bad guys from different horror flicks. Jason, Chucky, Michael and even the guy in the Scream mask could be all set up together in a window that could make the hair of anyone’s skin rise. They could be sitting at a table eating who knows what or maybe whom.

Floating Ghost

A white blanket may pull it off. With the use of wires just hang the white blanket by the window and add a fan below the pane in order to garner that floating scenario.

A creative mind could do wonders when deciding what the best Halloween Decorations for Windows are.

Sit down, bring out that drawing board and start sketching what that window should look like come Halloween.


Best Halloween Decoration Ideas from Pinterest

Launched in 2010, Pinterest has grown to be one of the leading social network sites all over the globe. Available in countries like Norway, France, Poland, Turkey, Spain and many more, Pinterest has been voted as one of the best sites three years ago.

The image heavy site uses pins to manage data by the user and could actually grab another picture from another member and pin it on their own personal boards just like when using an ordinary corkboard.


Special occasions even raise the popularity of the site just like during Halloween. So here are some of the Best Halloween Decoration Ideas from Pinterest.

Cardboard boxes made into silhouette monsters and displayed in the window attract kids who keep thinking where they have seen those creatures before.

Heard of skeletons in the closet? How about skeletons in a wheelbarrow? The props used were some pieces of bones including a skull; hopefully they do not belong to a real person. A wheelbarrow is filled with soil and the remains were evenly scattered on top then was positioned outside the house with a shovel placed beside it.

It’s time for a funeral but there is a slight problem. The pallbearers seem to have been dead long before the one inside the coffin. A picture of four skeletons that are made of PVC pipes and some florists wire, are seen carrying a casket.

A chewed-off “Beware of…” sign will make passersby think what they should be careful of since the missing part is actually what the warning is all about.

Another image that catches attention comes from another marker that says “Dead and Breakfast”. People who intend to enter and have their morning meal may never come out.

Want food that makes the dead come back to life? The Graveyard Taco Dip is a perfect Halloween decor on the dining table until it has been gobbled up. Tacos designed as graveyards and the sauce as the cemetery will make guests think twice if they should double dip.

For dessert those creepy cupcakes do not taste so good after all since it has been topped with either sliced fingers or intestines; it would make a good conversational piece though.

After that hearty meal, how about some drinks? Have a taste of the Gummy Worm Shooters. Those colorful critters mixed in red colored liquid seem thirst quenching enough, if the one taking a sip happens to be a vampire.

Pinned also is a picture of an arm sticking out of a wall and has blood all over it. To make matters worse a pair of scissors is embedded on the back of the hand.

One of the Best Halloween Decoration Ideas from Pinterest is a gory figure of a girl with long hair and blood red eyes peeking out its head from a toilet bowl reminds horror fanatics of that movie about a lovely young lady with long dark beautiful hair and was pushed by her father into the well. She sought revenge by coming out of television and computer screens to pursue its victims.

Images of different types of Jack O Lanterns are a plenty and it is still considered to be one of the Best Halloween Decoration Ideas from Pinterest.

After all it is truly the symbol of the last day of October.

12 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Clearing out drawers of tangled faux cobwebs seemed like a fine idea in May, but with Halloween season upon us, you find yourself wishing for your discarded plastic pumpkins. If last year’s holiday decorations didn’t survive spring cleaning, it’s time to rethink your Halloween decor. Rather than spending a frightening fortune on Halloween decorations that only get used for one October 31st, let’s make 2014 a year of creative decor!

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or simply getting in the spirit, decorations are one of the most fun parts of the holiday! This year, use your grandmother’s cake stands and rarely used candles to create a terrific display. Buy inexpensive materials like buttons, card stock, or balloons and use your creativity to make something impressive. Decorate your house with creepy or cutesy displays that show guests your imagination.

DIY doesn’t have to be scary! All these projects will take you less than an hour and can be crafted with items found around the house or purchased for less than $10 at a local craft store. Follow these short instructions to create 12 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations to get your home ready for Halloween:

Bleeding Candles: Convert boring white candles to spooky decor with the easiest craft yet. All you’ll need is a red and white candle. Light the red one, and when the wax starts to melt, dribble it down the sides of the white one for a bloody affect.


Specimen Terrarium: Head on a platter, anyone? Lay down a bed of straw on a glass cake stand and place a plastic skull on the plate along with any artifacts like old keys or trinkets you have lying around. Top it with the glass case for a truly eerie specimen look.

BOO or EEK Sign: You’ll need to start with some wooden letters, black paint and a roll of tulle ribbon. Paint the letters B – O – O (or E – E – K, if you’d rather) in black and let them dry. Next, you’ll tie them together vertically with orange ribbon for a cute and clever Halloween door sign.

Glow-in-the-Dark Ghosts: Slip a green glow stick inside a plain white balloon, and breathe them to life. With a permanent marker, draw on some creepy or cartoony ghost faces and hang them from the ceiling to give them flight!

Buttoned Up Pumpkin: You’ve been carving pumpkins since you were a kid, but perhaps this year, you ought to take a different approach. Grab a sharpie, some hot glue and some assorted buttons. Pick a scary phrase to scrawl across your pumpkin in marker. When your design is ready, outline the words in hot glue, and stick miscellaneous buttons onto your pumpkin for a cute take on an old classic.


Paper Bats: Want an easy craft that makes a big impression? A colony of savage bats should do the trick. You’ll need some black card stock and various sized patterns of bats (you can easily find these online!). Trace your bats and get to cutting. Once you’ve made enough, you can tape them in swarming formation across the wall or hang them by a string at various heights to create the illusion of flight.

Magnetic Spiders: Pick-up a handful of spiders for this decoration… plastic ones, that is! Spider rings are a cheap and easy find around this time of year. Cut off the plastic ring from the back and hot glue the leggy creature to a standard magnet. Once they’ve had the chance to dry, you can stick these crawlers to metal doors and windows anywhere around the house.

Candy-Filled Vase: If trick-or-treating tops your list of favorite Halloween past times, this craft is the unique way to decorate your home in a simple way. Buy iconic Halloween candy — anything from candy corn to wax vampire teeth will work— and fill up your vase around some tattered branches for a clever candy display. The hardest part is not eating all your candy while you craft!


Masked Portraits: Halloween is the perfect time to give your existing housewares a spine-tingling twist. Put masks, fangs and stickers on framed family portraits or elegant paintings to transform your house down to the last detail. You may never be able to look at your great aunt the same way, but it will be worth it!

Potted Hand: Turn your home into a zombie graveyard! Pick-up a fake hand from your nearest Halloween supply store or use an arm off of an old baby doll. Fill terra cotta pots to the brim with dirt and plant the hand, sticking out of the earth from the wrist up. Scatter the pots around the house and catch your guest’s worried glances as they see the living dead crawl out of your hydrangeas.

Halloween Wreath: Almost any holiday is made better with a wreath, and you can either decorate yours for Halloween or for fall. Pick up a grapevine wreath and anything else that catches your eye from sparkly ribbon to plastic spiders and autumn leaves to faux cobwebs. You’ve already got the basic wreath structure, so all you have to do is get creative!


Snazzy Table Legs: Even your kitchen table can be converted into a decorative item. Buy some tall socks covered in skulls, pumpkins, or witch hats and slide them up the legs of your table. Finish it off with any pair of shoes you’d like and hope your table doesn’t just walk off on its own.

Backyard Graveyard: Flatten out some old shipping boxes and spray paint them gray. Once they’ve dried, break out the sharpie to etch “RIP” and ghoulish names across them. Glue it to a wooden yard stake and stick on some hay or moss to recreate the abandoned feeling of a cemetery in your own back yard.


If you’re ready to get your house spooked up for Halloween, making your own decorations is a great place to start. You’ll end up with a finished product that is not only unique but that was fun and inexpensive to make. Are there any DIY decorations that you think we should have included? Tell us about it in the comments below and we may just add it to our list!

Fun Halloween Crafting Ideas

Halloween parties are actually the most celebrated parties in North America, beating all of the other special holidays that they celebrate throughout the year. What makes Halloween parties a special one is that all of the family members can actually enjoy it, even the entire neighborhood. This is the time when children go out for trick and treat and families invite nearby households to come over for a spooky Halloween dinner get together.


Because you will be expecting and entertaining some visitors to your home, it is best that you come up with Fun Halloween Crafting Ideas to decorate your home. This is to make a good Halloween impression and to shift the home ambiance into a more spooky yet fun arrangement. Here are some of the Fun Halloween Crafting Ideas that you can use for your home makeover:

Turning your home into an ultimate Halloween house

You can out bat cutouts outside your door as welcoming creatures leading to your home. You can also place pumpkins on the side of your doorstep, maybe carved or not. If you have garden gnomes, you can also place them nearer to your doorway.

In your living room, you can make cutouts of spiders and place them on your walls. You can also select orange and black color combination for your pillowcase, carpets, and other upholstery stuff. If you want, you can also buy a spider web mat from your local stores.

Lanterns and luminarias are also good accents to make. You can place them on top of your cabinets or in the corners to create a dramatic look on the evening. Pumpkin carving will also do and you can place it on the center table of your living room. Choose orange candles to match it with your pumpkin. You can setup fake cobwebs on the corners of your ceiling and place spider web cutouts all over the walls.

Preparing your dinner table for special treat

After you have prepared all your Halloween themed dinner recipes, the next thing that you can do is to adorn them accordingly. Place the candelabra on the center and put tall, white candles on it. To add more Halloween drama, wrap the candles in lace. Make sure that you prepared the lace first by brushing nonflammable and nontoxic tempera paint. Black color will do best for these white candles.

If you have a chandelier on top of your dining table, you can add a more spooky effect by placing fake cobwebs and creeping or hanging spiders. Replace your last supper portrait for a while and substitute maybe a painting or a picture of a spooky vampire dinner. Choose uniform food platters that are ornate and place a paper with the name of the dish. Be creative in making your dish names like “mummies for hotdogs or pizzas wrapped in cheese, cured epidermis for bacon strips, etc.” Lastly, choose an all-black costume and maybe wear a witch hat for a perfect Halloween dinner party.

Decorate Halloween Doors and Windows


Door Decor and Window Trimmings

It’s almost Halloween!  Let’s make our homes a cheerful, fun and welcoming place for little trick or treaters!

The first place the kids are going to see are your windows and doors, and there are lots of creative ways to decorate your home to dazzle the neighborhood.

Many people who decorate their homes and yards seem to be going macro this year – as in really BIG decorations.  One idea I saw on Pinterest was blowing up a pair of big beach balls, painting them white, and then painting on black or red pupils.  When they are dry, you then place the big eyeballs high in the branches of a tree in your yard – instant big googly eyes!  This bit of creativity turns your shady tree into a giant creature that won’t “leaf” you alone!

Along the same lines, you can buy plastic sheets printed with huge cats’ eyes, or big green monster eyes that you stick on the inside of your windows, and when the lights from indoors shine through the plastic, it looks like you have a HUGE creature inside your house just busting to come out and play!  A couple of years ago I bought one of these with huge cat eyes and believe me, when that was lit up from the inside, those big green eyes glowed and the effect was just amazing.

For more spooky “eyes” from nowhere, another Pinterest idea outlined cutting eye holes in the cardboard roll from toilet paper, and then putting a glow stick inside, and positioning these mysterious eyeballs in your outdoor greenery; for instance, I would use these in my hedges.  After dark your home seems to be surrounded by glowing eyes!  Another amazing effect with just the investment of a little time and creativity.

For my doors, for years I’ve used carved jack-o-lanterns to illuminate the walkway leading up to the front door and every year I see more elaborate and imaginative ways to carve a pumpkin!  A few minutes spent on Google or on Pinterest will give you hundreds of creative ways to use a gourd.

I like using natural items for fall decor also, so I’ve also filled one of my children’s old red wooden wagons with small pumpkins of different colors, multi-colored dried corn, and different kinds of autumn squash (and best of all, after the time for decor is over, most of these items are still good to eat!) to create a colorful entranceway to my home.  This time of year these items are available in grocery stores and farmer’s markets all over the country and are not at all expensive.  And they’re beautiful!

I also like to create an autumn wreath every year to deck my front door with.  I’ve used dried flowers, colorful fall leaves, Halloween candy, tiny purple and orange lights, and baby pumpkins to create an interesting and seasonal door decor.

Just let your imagination flow the next time you visit your local farmer’s market or grocery store and there are many beautiful, inexpensive seasonal ways to decorate your  home for fall and Halloween, inside and out!

DIY Do It Yourself Halloween Decorations


Halloween Decor DIY!!!

It’s October and it’s time to get our homes ready for little ghosts and goblins to come knocking on All Hallow’s Eve!  Whether you’re throwing a costume party or greeting guests at the door with bowls of candy, everyone loves a decorated, friendly house!

The colors of Autumn are incredibly beautiful, and you can use fall produce  to decorate your home this season.

The first thing to do is to get together your pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns or to leave your gourds as they are for a more natural look.  There are different colors of pumpkins on the market, which lend themselves to different sorts of decor.  For example, you can stick with a more traditional look, pick a large orange pumpkin, or have a group of them, emptied out and carved with faces, complete flickering candles inside.  Try having groups of three or five pumpkins together at your front door to greet your guests!

There are other colors of pumpkins and gourds to try, like a pale green pumpkin, yellow pumpkins, even variegated colors of pumpkins and many different kinds and shapes of gourds.  These beauties are for sale in all the farmer’s markets and grocery stores this time of year and lend themselves well to decorating creativity.  You can decorate your home with all the gorgeous colors of fall for only a few dollars, just by cruising through the produce aisle and seeing what your region has to offer.

Along with the natural look, you can also try having dried corn stalks, tied into a bundle and standing behind your pumpkins.  This look is simple and only takes a few minutes to put together, but still looks inviting and very pretty for fall.

If you want to decorate your family table, perhaps try heaping some unusual gourds in a ceramic, wooden or glass bowl and using small tea candles around the bowl to accentuate the beautiful colors, or even the tea candles that run on batteries stuck in between the gourds themselves to light them up.  Add a hearty stew, some bread and a salad for an Autumn dinner, now there’s a table anyone would want to join!

Another popular way to decorate your home is creating a Halloween wreath.  Wreaths are an easy, fun way to decorate, they don’t take a lot of time to put together, and again, using natural items available in your area keep the price low.  You can create a wreath for your front door using small pumpkins, Halloween candy, fall leaves, berries, dried flowers … in fact, anything that you can wire or glue to a wreath works perfectly.  Let your imagination go and come up with something you and your guests will love.

The most important thing to remember is to keep a spirit of fun in Halloween and allow your guests to enjoy the holiday along with you!  In fact, greet your guests, both the kids in costume and your adult friends, in full costume yourself!  It’s Halloween, it’s okay to let yourself be a little kid too!

Unique Halloween Door Decorating Ideas for Your Home


The front door and the doorway are just about the only places in the house that your guests will never miss. That is why whenever Halloween is in the air signifying it’s time to do Halloween decorations, front doors are the usual focal point of this creative activity. But as time goes by, you may suffer from creative exhaustion when thinking of unique ways to spruce up your front door in time for this rather festive holiday. It seems that glowing pumpkins and scarecrows won’t cut it anymore this time around.

So, to help you in this regard, here are four creative and unique Halloween door decorating ideas for your home:

Mummy Door
This is a fun and easy way to decorate your front door this coming Halloween especially for kids. All you need are several rolls of white crepe paper, two white paper plates, a black marker and a double-sided tape. First, carefully wrap the door with the crepe paper making sure to secure the crepe paper to the door using the tape after every several rounds. Also make sure to do the wrapping at different angles to achieve the mummy effect. After the rest of the door is wholly covered up, draw two large eyes on the paper plates using the black marker and tape them at the upper portion of the door.

Dungeon Door Wrapped in Spider Web
This is what you need: a mid-size to life-size plastic skeleton decoration, two plastic handcuffs in chains, artificial spider webbing enough to cover your front door and several black plastic spiders. Here’s how to do it: First, hang the skeleton to the center of the door using the plastic handcuffs in chains. Then attach the spider webbing to the entire door using the instructions indicated in the packaging and making sure to cover the skeleton all throughout.  Add the finishing touches by randomly putting the plastic spiders all around the spider web decoration.

“Gates of Hell” Door
Here you need a dummy, or a mannequin or a scarecrow dressed up as The Grim Reaper, a guestbook stand, a large black book with a ballpoint pen for name listing, several rolls of black crepe paper, plastic bat decorations and double sided-tape. First, cover the entire door with the black crepe paper following the instructions given for the mummy Halloween door decorating idea. Then randomly secure the plastic bats all over the door using the double-sided tape. Now, put the Grim Reaper figure near the door entrance together with the black book and ballpoint pen on the guestbook stand for the your guests to write on their names whenever they come over. For added effect, you can put a doorknob sign that declares “Welcome to the gates of Hell”.

Head Peering Out with Glowing Eyes
If you’re still on the lookout for scary and unique door decorating ideas, you can try putting a realistic ghost head decoration or mask with glowing eyes peeking from the side of the door. You can secure the mask by staples or tacks near the doorknobs. For the eyes, you can buy battery-powered led lights and push individual light in each of the mask’s eye.

Outdoor Halloween Party Ideas


It’s Halloween, Let’s Take the Party Outside!

Halloween is the perfect time for an outdoor party!  The weather has cooled off, the leaves on the trees are turning, the moon is out, and an outdoor yard party for Halloween is such a fun idea.  This would be a good time to have your kids invite their friends, invite some parents and adult friends, and have an end of October cookout and trick or treat party.

You could have outdoor decor such as carved jack-o-lanterns throughout the yard and on the patio and at the doors.  If you have a fire pit this would be a perfect area to set aside in the yard for storytelling and roasting marshmallows.  You could also have such outside games for Halloween as bobbing for apples, a pie eating contest, or maybe even a pinata!  Put the speakers from your sound system outside or use a portable CD player to have Halloween classics like “The Monster Mash” play for background music!  Try your local music store for Halloween CDs and sound effects.  Get one of the dads to be the DJ for the night, while another one is in charge of the grill.

This year Halloween is on a Thursday, a school night for the trick or treat crowd, so an outdoor party would have an automatic time limit.  You could start the festivities for the kids around 6 p.m., including dinner around the grill with hot dogs, hamburgers, and s’mores cooked over the coals for dessert.  Local stores are selling decorated Halloween cakes and cookies to add to the menu.  You could serve soda or a spooky punch, made with ginger ale and lime sherbet.  Or you could make your meal a pot luck and have everyone who attends bring part of the feast.  Use pumpkins and other fall gourds for table decor.

By the time dinner is done and everyone has helped to clean up, it should be dark enough to take the kids treat or treating as a group.  Have two or three adults around to help herd the kids from house to house in your neighborhood.  It’s always more fun to do things together and a crowd of 10 or 15 children with 2 or 3 adults to chaperone would work well.  Make sure everyone is wearing a safe costume with reflective tape to show up after dark and have the adults to keep track of all the kids, then go out and have fun walking the streets of the neighborhood in costume together!

After the trick or treating is over, have everyone come back to the house to tell a few spooky stories around the fire pit, pile up the kids’ candy and having a trading spree, and then have one more piece of pumpkin cake and a soda before everyone heads back home.  Everyone will remember this special Halloween party and it may even become a family tradition in your home, or in your neighborhood.

Halloween Decorations for Doorways


Door Decor for the Fall Festivities

Every year I come up with some idea to make my front door stand out from the crowd.  At Christmas I have a stuffed Santa sitting in the rocking chair on my front porch with the door decorated like a big package ready to open.  Thanksgiving finds a blow-up turkey the size of a parade float greeting guests at the door.  Easter has the Bunny and St. Patty’s has the leprechan, Fourth of July has the flag bunting and Valentine’s Day has candy hearts.  Predictable, right?  But Halloween?  There’s just more creative ideas for Halloween than I could use in a decade!

And this year?  This year I’m going with an all-out spider theme for my Halloween door!

Here’s what I have in mind:  My doorway consists of the main door to the house, with a front patio to the left and a hedge of boxwoods on the right.  Overhead the roof juts out over the front door.  My pet gargoyle Momus guards the doorstep just to the right of the front door.  I thought I would use either the spray-on or the spread-around fake spider webbing on the boxwoods.  A few after-Halloween sales ago I bought a black stretchy-cord spider’s web that has purple lights on it.  I thought that would go perfectly between the columns that hold up the roof over the patio.  And on top of the roof that stands right over the front door?  Last year right after Halloween I found a huge 6-foot spider at a local garden store to put just over the top of the roof that hangs over the door, so she can be poised there looking like she’s just about ready to jump on someone’s head from above, and I’ll have an old spotlight saved from Christmas past to focus on her looming form, maybe with a red filter to match her eyes!  Ah, now *that’s* Halloween!  Even Momus will have some spider’s lace spread over his stony head!  It will be perfect.

Halloweens past I’ve used pumpkins to create my holiday theme, complete with scarecrows and bales of hay and bunches of dried corn standing on the corner of the patio.  I’ve had family friendly witches and ghosts and goblins galore, none of them scary.  This year I’m opting for scary, and spiders win my vote as the scariest things on the planet.  Zombies don’t faze me, mummies are mild, vampires are lame, but nothing can beat a six-foot spider for blood curdling.  Put that bad girl on the roof of my house and that will do it for me, and hopefully for the Neighborhood Home Decor Committee.

As for me, I’m dressing as The Black Widow.  A black dress, some black lace tights, black heels, a black velveteen mask, and a long purple wig I have from heaven knows when will complete my look.  That’ll keep the kids out of my yard this year.

I’ll have fun putting it all together, and hopefully the kids will enjoy the look as they come by trick or treating!