Scary Halloween Decorating Ideas for Home Exteriors


Tired of the old smiling pumpkin and skeleton piñata outdoor decors this coming Halloween? Then try something that will scare the wits out of your friends and relatives when they step inside your front lawn this time around. Cute and cuddly Halloween decoration ideas are sure to stay but scare tactics are good every once in a while. After all, this is Halloween!

Here are some scary Halloween decorating ideas for home exteriors:

Horror movie theme

Horror movies provide a wealth of ideas far beyond our wildest imagination.  You can dress up your front yard just like a Hollywood horror movie set depicting unforgettable scenes and characters from your favorite horror flick. There’s a lot to choose from this category ranging from movie classics to current box-office hits.

Graveyard shift

You can never go wrong with the spooky graveyard setup. Turn your manicured front lawn into a haunted graveyard complete with tombstone and statue props, dug-up corpses, and of course, zombie hands sticking out from the shallow earth.

Aliens and UFO’s

Why not replace glowing orange pumpkin heads with pale grey alien heads? Alien-themed scary Halloween decorating ideas provide a unique way to scare your guests. You can also spook the hell out of your guests by turning your front lawn into a Roswell UFO crash site with alien remains scattered all around.

Horrifying Entrances

Dress up your front door like a portal into the otherworld with The Grim Reaper standing nearby daring anyone to enter. A banner with the words “Enter at your own risk” could be an option but not necessary as your guests will get the message across nonetheless.

Haunted House

The façade of your house is a perfect canvas for you to spook your friends and neighbors. A shadowy apparition peering through your windows against a glowing backlight and creepy heads with glowing eyes from the dark sides of your house could very well set the creepy feeling that someone or something is watching them, so guests beware.

Blood and gore

Actual guts and gore depictions are good but quite straightforward One way to tackle this is to set up a torture museum complete with torture machine replicas with dummies. You can hire a costumed tour guide to graphically explain how these implements are used so you can leave all the horror to your guests’ imaginations.

Monsters and Scary Animals

Trees and bushes in your front yard could be a perfect setting for mythical creatures such as bigfoot, chupacabras and The Jersey Devil. Make realistic figures of these cryptids as best as you possibly can and have them lurk behind tree trunks and bushes. Also, a murder of crows or vampire bats hanging out in your front gate will definitely creep out your guests and passers-by.

Lighting and Sound effects

Set up well-placed motion-sensor lighting and sound effects that offers unnerving surprises to your unsuspecting guests. An eerie music playing in the background could set the tone and enhance the experience. This can also blend well with the other scary Halloween ideas listed here.

Halloween Decorating Ideas for Outside


Decorating the inside of your house for Halloween is important. Decorating your front yard is even more so because it will be the first thing that people in your neighborhood will see. It’s also important to remember that decorating your front yard to look scary or haunted is not the only option you have. You can also choose to decorate it to look friendly and even funny. Here are a couple of Halloween decorating ideas for outside you can incorporate in decorating your own house.


You can break out the holiday lights this early by using them to light up your front door, the stairs, and even your garden. Choosing a particular color for the lights will give your house a different theme. Using orange holiday lights will give that classic Halloween feel, but red holiday lights will make your house look eerie and maybe even sinister. You can also put holiday lights inside milk jugs with ghost faces drawn on them to create ghost lanterns.

Front doors

There are many ways to decorate your door. The most common décor used is a wreath and you can decorate your wreath in many ways, too. If you spray on black or orange paint on a wreath, it will make it look more Halloween-appropriate. Adding a few toy spiders and bits of cheesecloth cobwebs curling around the wreath will make it look creepy and ominous.

Hang broomsticks on either side of your front door upside down or even on your front door itself if you’re going for a witchy theme.

Porch steps

Placing jack-o-lanterns on the porch steps is popular, but you can always replace them with ghost lanterns and skulls to be different. You can even scrawl creepy messages on each step using a non-permanent marker to make it even scarier.  If you have a chair on your porch, you can place a skeleton bride there with a dead rose in her hand to make it look like she died waiting for her husband-to-be. Cut-out cats or bats are also becoming increasingly popular as many people seem to be placing them across the walls outside3 or even on the steps themselves.

You can be flexible when decorating the porch for Halloween as there are a lot of elements you can place together. But make sure not to overdo it as one element could completely distract from the other.


Don’t leave the trees in your garden looking bare. Hang ghosts on the branches. Making ghosts is easy, all you have to do is cover a ball with a white sheet and tie it where the eyes are supposed to be. Make sure to draw on a spooky face.

Creating an elaborate graveyard in your garden for Halloween has become exceedingly popular as of late. Make gravestones yourself easily with flattened shipping boxes and paint them gray. If you want your graveyard to look even scarier, put skulls or full skeletons by your gravestones and invest in dry ice. It will give your graveyard a layer of spooky fog.

Spooky Decorating Ideas for Halloween


Scaring kids trick-or-treating is fun during Halloween. But you can’t scare kids with just a creepy costume. The setting—your house—should be realistically spooky as well. There are many ways to do this. You can choose to create your own decorations, which will save you money but can rob you of your time, or you can visit dollar stores and even craft stores for premade Halloween decorations, which would make decorating easier but might empty your wallet in the long run if you plan to decorate your house in a detailed manner.

The trick to an ominous-looking house is to add elements that count as scary, creepy, or even downright evil. The best inspiration is horror movies. But if you’re not a fan of that genre, here are some of the creepiest, spooky Halloween decorating ideas.


One raven is not a threat. A flock of ravens, however, is a different story. Most haunted houses in movies are infested with ravens. Put fake ones in various positions on your gate, your porch, and even your front door. Make sure to use cable wire and black duct tape to keep the ravens upright. People will think twice before entering your property.


Building your own realistic graveyard on your garden is easy if you use flattened shipping boxes or even pieces of wood. Paint them gray and write “R.I.P.” on your headstones and place them on your garden. To give it a scarier effect, get different parts of a skeleton and position them creatively near your headstones. You can even make an arm stand by embedding it into the ground to make it look as if the dead were coming back to life.


Skeletons are scary even when they aren’t trying to be. Position them anywhere or everywhere in the house and your guests’ hair will definitely stand on end.




The mannequins you see in the mall can be used as a great scare tactic. Dress up the mannequin in any way you want. You can dress it up as a scary female ghost in white, a wicked witch in black, or you can take a cue from Asian horror movies and put a long, black wig on a mannequin with one eye peeking through.


These may be the most commonly used Halloween decoration, but it is still one of the most effective. The faces of these lanterns are important. You can carve any emotion into them. But if you want to scare the neighborhood kids, carve faces that look like they are suffering or frightened. They would appear like a warning to all who dare go inside your house.


There are a lot of downloadable templates you can use for Halloween on the internet. Download the spooky ones and use these as silhouettes on your windows. To make it eerier, replace your light bulbs temporarily into red. It will give your house a sinister vibe.

Mood music

A scary appearance is one thing, but playing eerie sound effects loud enough to be heard outside will complete the ambiance you are trying to achieve.

Making sure you don’t go overboard with the spooky decorations is important because you want kids to still visit your house and take your candies. So make sure your house remains neighborhood-appropriate even after its transformation.

Cheap Halloween Decorations Ideas


Halloween can be one of the most expensive holidays of the year, as most parents would know. There’s the costumes to think about, the amount of candies to buy, and most of all, the Halloween decorations. The decorations can be the most expensive aspect of all, most especially if you’re planning to decorate the whole house, including your front yard! But there are a couple of tips you can follow to ensure you don’t completely empty your wallet during this festive holiday as you hunt for Halloween decorations on the cheap.


A lot of craft stores and dollar stores sell pre-made decorations at a low cost. But you can save even more money if you make the decorations yourself. It’s true that not all of us are crafty, but that’s perfectly fine. It’s alright if you don’t know how because the internet has a lot of arts and crafts tutorials to offer, even the ones specifically for Halloween decorations.


Chances are your house is filled with empty bottles, empty gallon milk jugs, empty jars, empty egg cartons, and maybe even shipping boxes. Instead of throwing them out as soon as they’re empty, save them for Halloween. If you paint your empty bottles white and then draw ghost faces on them with a black marker, you’ll instantly have ghost bottles. All you have to do to create ghost lanterns with your empty milk jugs is clean them, draw spooky faces on the front, and then fill them up with holiday lights. You can create hanging bats by cutting egg cartons and painting them black. For a less scary effect, you can even add googly eyes on them. Even dead flowers and your children’s old toys make great Halloween décor.

If you discover how many things you can recycle for decorations, you’ll realize you were sitting on a gold mine all along!

Reuse old Halloween décor

Don’t forget to reuse your old décor because it’s the easiest way to save on Halloween.

Use ordinary house items

Ordinary house items are perfect to use as decorations. You just need to get inspired and be creative. Old white sheets can be used to cover the furniture in your living room, or it can even be decorated as a ghost. All you need to do is put a ball under the sheet and tie it around where the eyes are supposed to be. Candelabras are good for the dining area coupled with black candles to give that eerie effect.

Less is more

You don’t really have to decorate your whole house. And even if you do, all you need are a few eye-catching, key pieces of décor to make Halloween memorable for you and your family. If you fill your house with too much décor the space might become cluttered and other decorations will go unnoticed.

Have fun

Halloween is supposed to be a fun and festive holiday. Not just for the kids, but for the parents, too. Part of having fun in Halloween is putting up the decorations. And if your kids are old enough, they will surely have fun helping you.

Easy Halloween Yard Décor

Decorating for the holidays is a tradition for many people, Halloween included. When you finish picking out costumes, spend some time dressing up your lawn with these ideas for easy Halloween yard décor.

Graveyard Robber’s Wheelbarrow: If you’re looking for something to give the kiddies goose bumps, take an old wheelbarrow and fill it with soil. Next, take a plastic skeleton decoration and break it apart. Stick the plastic bones into the soil to make it look like just dug the bones out of your yard.

Upcycled Ghouls: Another quick and easy decoration idea not only spices up your front lawn but also makes use of some of your recycling. Try painting some milk jugs or glass jars. You could make them into faux jack-o-lanterns by painting them orange and using black paint to make their faces. Or create scary scenes using black felt cut out into cat, bat, or witch shapes. Glue the felt to the outside of the containers. After you’ve finished decorating them, place tea lights in the glass jars or string Christmas lights in the plastic jugs. Use them on your walkway to lead trick-or-treaters up your steps.

Spooky Lantern: You can make a classy Halloween lantern using four picture frames and translucent vellum paper. You may either draw or print a scary scene onto the vellum paper and attach the pictures to the inside of four identical picture frames. Next, glue the frames together to form a four-sided lantern shape. Next, place a tea light in your new lantern and watch your scary pictures come to life!

Pumpkin Guards: It might not be snowing on October 31, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some snowman-inspired pumpkin men to guard your yard decorations. You’ll need a large pumpkin, a medium-sized pumpkin and a small pumpkin. Stack them on top of each other and dress them up as you would a snowman using hats and scarves. For an intimidating pumpkin-man, arm them with axes or swords.

Ghosts: To make simple ghosts, take old white sheets and drape them over inflated balloons. Use fishing line to tie the ghosts onto your porch or trees and let a light breeze make your property look like the most haunted place on the block.

If all else fails, there is nothing that orange and black paper streamers can’t dress up. Wrap them in spirals around porch railings or hang them from low-lying branches.

Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Many times you can create a festive atmosphere with things you’ve got in your closet, recycling bin or tool shed. Also, it should be fun! Let your kids draw the pictures for the Spooky Lantern and help drape streamers around your house.

Decorating Your Door for Halloween

If you like to participate in Halloween festivities but don’t like to spend a lot of time or money decorating for the holiday, decorating your door may be the perfect solution. Your door is the only barrier between trick-or-treating children and their candy prize so why not make it welcoming and festive?

The absolute easiest way to decorate your front door would be to cover it with orange craft paper. Now, you can make it a giant jack-o-lantern with black paper shapes or create a scary scene complete with witches, black cats or bats. Another variation would be to wrap your door with white paper streamers, attach two large eyes and you have a mummy to welcome the children!

Maybe you’d like to have some Halloween decorating fun but a big mummy on your front porch isn’t your cup of tea. There are some subtle options that still honor the holiday without a lot of tacky decorations. For example, take a large, cheap frame and paint it black. Create some cobwebs using yarn or cheesecloth and simply place some plastic spiders throughout the webbing. Hang it on your front door and voila, instant door decoration!

Wreaths are also a tasteful option when it comes to Halloween door decorations. There are many options because all you need is a wreath-shaped piece of foam and any kind of Halloween decorations that you’d like. For example, choose a variety of black-colored faux flowers and glue them to your foam wreath. Decorate the wreath with cobwebs or better yet, glue several pairs of eyes to your black wreath to create a wreath that will have the trick-or-treaters checking for creepy crawlies.

Another option for wreath decoration is a simple autumn theme. Glue faux (or real) fall leaves on the foam ring and leave it as is or add a personal touch with a personalized “Boo” or “Happy Halloween”. Maybe you bought too many bags of candy corn; why not use that extra candy to decorate your wreath.

You’ve worked hard on your new Halloween door decorations, so why not construct a couple of guards to watch over your front porch? Try stacking two or three large pumpkins on top of each other, giving them an intimidating face with black paint and arming them with axes. Place your two pumpkin guards on either side of the front door, and let them keep your homestead (and your new door decorations) safe.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or take a lot of time to decorate your house or yard to participate in Halloween festivities. Simply dressing up your front door shows the neighborhood that you have Halloween pride, and it might show the kids that your house has the best treats!

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

At the mere mention of Halloween, many people think of trick–or-treating children dressed up as their favorite super heroes, or women wearing risqué outfits but decorating your house may not be a top priority for the candy-filled holiday. If you’re trying to be frugal, do-it-yourself Halloween decorations will save you money and time. You’ll not only be able to dress up your yard for the holiday, you’ll have time to make candy apples or popcorn balls too.

Jack-o-Lanterns are the Halloween staple but there are ways to shake up the typical carving routine.  If you’re worried about young children around knives, try using black paint to create scary pictures on the pumpkins instead of carving out a face on a hollowed out pumpkin.

Another clever trick using pumpkins is arranging smaller white and orange pumpkins in your window boxes. Even if you’ve planted mums or other autumn-loving plants, placing the pumpkins in the boxes add an extra Halloween touch to any house’s décor.

Unless you’ve got your own pumpkin patch in your backyard, pumpkins may not be at the top of your grocery list. It’s easy to create some faux Jack-o-lanterns to decorate your yard. Take some of the glass jars that you’ve saved for food storage and paint them with orange paint. Next, use black paint to paint faces onto your jars. If you’ve saved the lids, paint them orange and poke a few holes in the lid. Place a tea light candle in your jar jack-o-lantern and screw on the lid. This should save your light from going out even if it rains.

Another clever decoration idea is to take plastic milk jugs and let the kids paint different Halloween scenes on them: witches, black cats, bats or skull and crossbones. If you cut out the bottoms of the jugs, simply insert stringed Christmas lights and line your walkway with them. These are perfect for making sure all those trick-or-treaters make it to your door!

Cheesecloth is an excellent material to make spooky ghosts. All you’ll need is some fabric stiffener, cheesecloth and some inflated balloons. Pour the fabric stiffener into a bowl and dunk the cheesecloth in until it’s saturated. Next, drape the cheesecloth over the inflated balloon and allow it to dry for about ten minutes. Lastly, pop the balloon, draw two ghostly eyes and use string to hang your new ghosts from branches or on your front porch.

If you’re looking for a spooky addition to your outdoor Halloween decorations, try shaping chicken wire into the shape of a woman’s ball gown and paint them with white paint, or better yet, use glow-in-the-dark paint. If you make several, it looks like a ghostly ball is happening on your lawn!

With these few suggestions, you’ll surely impress the entire neighborhood with your savvy outdoor Halloween decorations!


Fun Halloween Door Decorations

One of the most enjoyed holidays is Halloween. Kids and even adults dress up in creative costumes, to got trick or treating, and collect candies from different houses in the neighborhood. Since Halloween is somewhat a communal activity, as a house owner, you must be prepared for activities like this. If you are planning to host a Halloween party at your place, you can make sure you would be holding the best one by following these simple tips.

Decorate the interior of your house. This may be pretty obvious in holding any themed-party. Just make sure that you do not over decorate your house to the point of genuinely scaring your guests. Go for children friendly designs that will be highly be appreciated by kids and adults alike.

Do not forget to keep consistent with your themed party. Some people often forget to design their doors during Halloween, creating an inconsistent portrayal of all things spooky. Some of the best Halloween door decorations include the use of iconic symbols such as bats, spiders, withered flowers and jack-o-lanterns. Try to whip up a cob-web laden design, with plastic insects ‘crawling’ every to give your house that ominous, spooky yet fun look.

Try to use Halloween door decorations with dead flowers. This kind of design is truly dark and mysterious but beautiful at the same time. If you do not want to entirely spook out the kids, stick to a pumpkin themed decoration, with this, you are sure to keep more kids ‘trick or treating’ on your door.

Halloween door decorations are not complete without those creepy wreaths. Try to make one with some dried twigs and flowers to give it a look of being old. You can also opt to adapt iconic scary tales like that of witches and ghosts in your decorations to really scare off your guests.

Halloween Yard Displays Ideas

In every holiday celebration, most people tend to forget to design or decorate their front yards. Sure, the interior of the house is more important, however, in order to achieve a more comprehensive and consistent look, the front yard must be given ample attention as well to fully impress your guests or neighbors.

There are a hundreds ways to decorate your front yard. For the spooky season, you can employ simple and homemade Halloween yard displays ideas to welcome and greet your guests. If you have enough money to spare, you can order some creepy items online or in a department store. Some of the well known Halloween products include toy coffins an tombstones, sprinkled with hideous plastic insects.

If you want to project a derelict, unoccupied kind of house to your guests, you can use stuffed crows on your porch, covered with intricate cobwebs to achieve such kind of appearance. If you are saving on money and you want to recycle materials, you can always make your own tombstones and coffins by using cardboards or wood with paint and other materials. Tombstones are part of the popular Halloween yard displays ideas so be sure to have one in your front yard.

Try to make some creepy signposts like that of a deserted hotel to welcome your guests or trick or treaters. You can write whatever you want on that signpost, just make sure that it is eerie such that it gives the feeling of uneasiness on your guests’ part. Since these signposts are easy to do, try to channel your energy and effort in creating one really scary sign board.

Other Halloween yard displays ideas can also be derived from famous horror tales so be sure to use those themes in designing your front yard. On your doorstep, you can place witch’s clothes or shoes and broom sticks as part of your Halloween decorations. Make sure to generously cover your front yard with dried leaves and withered flowers to achieve a ‘deserted’ kind of feeling.

Fun Halloween Decoration Ideas

Aside from the candies, the costumes and the creepy feeling in the atmosphere, the scary decorations are what make Halloween night something to look forward to. Anyone frolicking on that night simply cannot help but take a look at the grinning faces of goblins, the cackling mouths of witches, and the hollow eyes of jack-o-lanterns.

Transforming your lovely house to a spooky sight for Halloween is easy enough with some tools, enough materials, and your creative juices freely flowing. If you still have no idea how or where to start decorating, read on and remember some of Halloweens de-facto figures.

Jack-O-Lanterns. Halloween night will be dark indeed without jack-o-lanterns sinister smile. These lanterns are best used outside or in your porch to light the way for trick-or-treaters. Even in the day, a line of jacks easily grabs attention and they actually tend to stand out among a plethora of decorations because of the bright orange color. For those who are not patient and skilled enough to make real jack-o-lanterns, there are plastic lanterns which you can easily buy in any novelty store.

Ghosts. It is said that ghosts are free to roam the earth on Halloween night, so you might as well put a fake one for their entertainment. Ghosts are easy enough to make, but for a really scary effect, create just one human-size ghostly figure and put it in near your door. A prop doll often does the trick here. Dress it up in torn, bloody clothes, or in an attire long gone from memory and you have a realistic ghost. You can also play with lights and put one behind it to create some silhouette and eerie glow.

Cobwebs. Cobwebs are perfect when creating the perfect setting for Halloween. Fake cobwebs can be easily bought in any store general merchandise and they are also cheap enough. Stretch them thinly and stick them to your other decorations. Adding some spiders will also not hurt.

Zombies. It is true that monsters are rising in popularity these days, but they still cannot pull zombies out of the list of staple Halloween decors. Just like with the ghosts, a props doll will be great in creating a zombie. To make them seem scarier, put them in unlikely places, like behind the door, or set them up sitting on the front steps.

Almost everyone gets the creeps come Halloween night, and it is not always because of the spine-tingling myths and legends that come with the occasion. Most of the time, it is because of the fake ghosts and monsters that people mistake for the real thing.