Homemade Halloween Make-up Recipes

If money is tight, don’t head to the craft store to pick up fancy Halloween make-up. Why bother when you can make your own at home, for free! Check out the recipes below:


Halloween Make-Up Recipe

1 tablespoons shortening (like Crisco, should be nice and soft)
2 tablespoons of cornstarch
Food coloring (whatever color you need)

Place ingredients in a bowl and mix together well with a spoon until well incorporated. Should be smooth yet thick enough to stick to skin. Then add your desired food coloring for color. For white make-up, leave as is. Wash your face and thoroughly dry well before applying with fingertips. Don’t get it in your eyes though!

You can also take a cotton ball and dull the effect by applying some additional cornstarch over the top.


Fake Blood Make-Up Recipe

16 oz. corn syrup (the clear kind)1 oz. red food coloring
1 drop blue food coloring

Apply to face or wherever you want to look bloody! Clean up with soap and hot water.


Fake Wound Make-Up Recipe

2 tablespoons boiling water
1 oz gelatin

Microwave the water in a Pyrex measuring cup for a little less than a minute to boiling. Then add gelatin and stir well. Pour onto wax paper or a silpat. Let sit for a few minutes until partially firm. Then mold into the shape of the wounds or other shapes. Apply to your face or body with plain corn syrup.And there you have it! Awesome Halloween make-up recipes made from ingredients that just about everybody has in their own kitchen or pantry these days!

Awesome Halloween Face Painting Designs for Adults

Halloween may seem like the best event to exercise our creative skills when it comes to different kinds of costume. However, more and more people are thinking of more innovative and unique ways to dress up for this celebration. You can have your costume readymade, bought from any department store. If you have enough money to spare, you can actually design your own costume and have it made by a tailor or seamstress. The point is, there is just a vast range of options for you to choose from for your Halloween costume.

If you think certain costumes are unoriginal, you can always try to put on face paint to really pull off that scary look. Some of the famous Halloween face painting designs for adults include the zombie bride or the design in which women paint their faces extremely white projecting decomposing flesh with bloodied lips. The more popular Halloween face painting designs for adults include face paint ala Frankenstein and zombie faces.

Many people also love to design large slashes on their faces, which seem eerily real and other kinds of wounds on their faces as part of their costume. In general, these face painting designs are usually done by a professional or sometimes by people themselves. Face paint is available in most department stores so you need not worry on where to purchase them. Face pain is highly water soluble, making it very easy to rinse off.

Remember that when you do these Halloween face painting designs for adults, make sure that you paint your body as well or your body parts that are not covered with your clothed costume. This is to create a consistent creepy look and to pull off a very effective Halloween costume. If possible, get someone really experienced or good in the arts to paint on your face. This is to save on your money on face paint and to have the best face painting design for your Halloween costume.

The Origin of Halloween

With all of the costumes, candy, and partying, it’s easy to forget why Halloween became a holiday in the first place. People become so focused on the entertainment, they forget about the rich history that has led to today’s culmination of morbid imagery and horrifying fun. We all have thousands of years of culture to thank for this splendidly unique evening of celebration, and today we’re going to examine exactly how Halloween came about.

Halloween was first celebrated by the Celts living in northern France, Ireland, and the UK. Back then, the Celts referred to the day as Samhain, a festival that celebrated the start of a new year. Cattle would be brought down from the hills, allowing everyone to gather in their houses, where they would share stories and perform crafts. Some believe these stories revolved around ghosts and ancestors, to both scare and educate others about their surrounding world. These stories could be the basis for today’s scary Halloween stories.

Sometime later, in England, people began to celebrate All Souls’ Day. This event featured poor individuals approaching the rich for food. Often, the poor begged and performed treats for the food. In turn, the rich would place small cakes (often called “soul cakes”) outside, and the poor had to pray for the rich people’s deceased relatives in order to eat the cake. This ritual led to the giving of sweets to children, who were often dressed in costumes. Eventually this ritual grew, until we have today’s version of trick-or-treating.


As to why everyone dresses up on Halloween, that goes back to the Celts. Apparently, the Celts found winter to be especially harsh, since they could run out of food. Before winter came, the Celts would wear costumes and masks to pray to their gods, hoping for an easier winter. The costumes and masks often looking horrifying, as they were made from whole dead animals. When the English culture combined with the Celtic one, the trick-or-treating ritual took from the Celts’ costume tradition, combining into a single ritual.

Jack O’Lantern

Lastly, there’s the matter of carving faces onto a pumpkin. Again, we go back to the Celts (seeing a pattern?) and their habit of carving faces onto potatoes and turnips. Originally, these faces were to be lanterns that scared away the souls of the dead. Overtime, however, like all the other traditions, this reason was lost to the combining of cultures. When the tradition came to America, turnips and potatoes were replaced by pumpkins.

Today, in America, Halloween remains one of the most widely celebrated of holidays. Essentially, it has no religious ties, and so many cultures have add to its current form that it is open to all cultures looking for a good time. From Halloween costumes to candy, trick-or-treating to haunted houses, this holiday has something for everyone. Only time will tell what happens to Halloween in the future. Here’s hoping it continues progressing to become even more awesome!

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Free Halloween Pumpkin Carving Game

Celebrate Halloween by playing some fun Halloween games. Get in the mood with pumpkin carving —

Halloween Trick or Treating Safety

Halloween is a holiday very much looked forward to by kids every year.  This is the time when they get to dress themselves up in costumes of their choice and go out into the night to go trick or treating.  Despite the night promising a lot of fun for the children, parents should still put in mind to practice safety procedures so that no harm comes to them.  The following are safety tips to put in mind not only for the kids but also for their parents as well.

(1)    If you think your children are not old enough to go trick or treating by themselves, make sure you get someone older to accompany them or accompany them yourself.
(2)    If, however, your kids are old enough to go trick or treating already without adult supervision, tell them to stay in groups.
(3)    Make sure to designate a route for children to follow.  Draw it in the form of a map so they would enjoy following it.
(4)    Kids should visit areas where there are a lot of people around during Halloween.  They should avoid taking deserted shortcuts like parks and alleyways to avoid the risk of crossing paths with people who have bad intentions.
(5)    They should only visit houses that are friendly towards trick or treating people.  These houses usually have the lights on at night and have Halloween decorations set up.
(6)    They should, at all times, avoid venturing inside the homes they visit.  Candies should be given to them on the front porch only.
(7)    Make sure they are dressed in bright costumes so that it would not be hard seeing them in the dark.  If the kids prefer their costumes dark, attach some reflective strips or have them carry flashlights and glow sticks.
(8)    It is advisable to have the kids’ costumes shorter to help them avoid tripping over them.
(9)    Masks can make it hard for kids to see in the dark.  Have them wear makeup instead.
(10)    Candies should be checked by parents before allowing the children to eat it.  It would be better for the candies to be in their original wrappers.  Throw out any candies that seem to have been tampered with.
(11)    Kids should never accept a ride or go anywhere with strangers.
(12)    Encourage children to follow traffic rules and other rules related to walking around.  This helps them avoid accidents while walking on the road.
Kids can be a little stubborn when following rules but it is always better to be safe than sorry.  Remind them that following safety procedures guarantees a more enjoyable night for them.