Cheap Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween is a great time of the year for lots of spooky decorations. There’s an assortment of skulls and witches, pumpkins and ghosts and goblins available or Halloween decoration and you can easily choose any of these items to add appeal to your home or office. Best of all, cheap Halloween decorating ideas make this task one that is affordable even for those already on a tight budget.


Your front or back lawn is easy to turn into a Halloween themed cemetery, complete with gravestones, skulls, stakes and even ghosts. If you don’t want to purchase the gravestones, make them by cutting out cardboard and shaping it properly. Add grey or silver color, and names or words like ‘R.I.P.’ for extra spooky effects.


Another wonderful idea for your backyard decorating: ghosts. You can add them with or without the cemetery. Ghosts are easy to make. You need only a few old white sheets, strings and balls for the heads. It’s an eerie experience!

Artificial Pumpkins

Pumpkins are simply a must-have for the Halloween season. Your décor isn’t complete without a few of them adorning your lawn. Rather than spend cash (and make a mess) with a real jack-o-lantern, create them or purchase artificial pumpkins that still give you the ability to carve them, place lights inside and more.



Giant Spiders

Spiders are also a fun part of Halloween, and a decoration that is fairly simple and definitely cheap to create. A few plastic trash bags with items to use as stuffing (think newspapers or old magazines) and some string and you have all that is needed to create giant spiders that will scare all of the kids who enter your yard.

Yummy Decorations

If you’re looking for party decorations, create fangs. Simple cut a red apple into slices. Add peanut butter to each slice, and then stick two together. Add mini marshmallows along the peanut butter portion of the apple and you’re done. These yummy decorations are fun to look at and so tasty to eat!

Candy Corn Garland

A candy corn garland looks good wherever you hang it. The garland is a lot of fun to create and it is cheap, too. Simple go online to find candy corn print outs. Print them in color and cut them out individually. Using a hot glue gun, paste the printouts along a thin (Halloween colored) banner and you’re done. If you prefer to have a bit more of a hands-on experience with the creation of the candy corn garland, use your own orange and yellow paint or markers to create the candies.

Boo Ghosts

A few bottles and you’ll easily create Boo Ghosts. First, paint the bottle white after removing the lid and the label. Next, use a black magic marker to create faces on the white painted bottles. The final step is to add orange and white or pumpkin decorated straws to the inside. Sit these bottle ghosts throughout the home or on one table.

Get the best Deal for Halloween Decorations

The key to getting the Halloween decorations your heart desires is to shop around for the best prices. Thanks to the web this is simple and quick to do. Simple comparisons may even help you expand your horizons and find décor that you would’ve never before known about. When you compare you’ll find the best deals and the best decorations for an even more festive Halloween. Think Halloween specialty stores, online discount retailers, etc. for your decoration purchases.

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