Cheap Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is fast-approaching, but you still do not know what your costume will be for the Halloween Ball or simply for your trick or treating night with your friends.  You do not have enough money to purchase or rent yourself a costume.  The best option you have right now is to make use of homemade Halloween costume ideas that do not require you to spend as much as buying brand new costumes.  Here are a few ideas that you might want to try.

Costumes from the Secondhand Store or Closet

The Traditional Ghost

Instead of using only the traditional white sheets, try drawing lashes or eye shadow around the eyes to make it more interesting.  You might also want to add a beard or moustache for a more masculine look.


Extra large, baggy clothes are perfect if you want to dress up as a clown.  You can even draw extra designs on it using markers or fabric paint.   Find a cheap wig, a fancy hat, and put on some exaggerated makeup.


Use an oversized flannel shirt and faded blue jeans for this one.  The jeans should have patches to make them look worn.  Stuff the shirt and jeans with paper or straw.  Add some makeup.

Using Leotards, Tights, or Sweats

Use brown, pink, or white leotards.  Use a large pompom of the same color as the tail.

Lady Bug

A pair of black sweat shirt, black sweats, and black shoes will do.  Cut out a large oval from a cardboard or poster board.  Paint the oval red and paint over some black dots.  Attach elastic pieces for the arms to go through.  Craft pipe cleaners attached to a headband can be used as antennas.  Just attach small black pom poms at the ends.


Using old sleepers, cut out the feet part.  Sew various patches in different places.   For the head, use an old stocking cap and sew different strips of fabric cut from old clothes.  Use makeup to make the cheeks red and put in a few freckles.

Using Boxes

Rubic’s Cube

Have a large cardboard box ready.  Use five different colors of construction paper or contact paper for the five sides.  Wear a black, long-sleeved shirt and black pants.


Using a large cardboard box, paint it white and cut out several black circles from construction paper and glue them on the box.  This is better worn with a friend to make it look like you are a pair of dice.

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