Decorate Halloween Doors and Windows


Door Decor and Window Trimmings

It’s almost Halloween!  Let’s make our homes a cheerful, fun and welcoming place for little trick or treaters!

The first place the kids are going to see are your windows and doors, and there are lots of creative ways to decorate your home to dazzle the neighborhood.

Many people who decorate their homes and yards seem to be going macro this year – as in really BIG decorations.  One idea I saw on Pinterest was blowing up a pair of big beach balls, painting them white, and then painting on black or red pupils.  When they are dry, you then place the big eyeballs high in the branches of a tree in your yard – instant big googly eyes!  This bit of creativity turns your shady tree into a giant creature that won’t “leaf” you alone!

Along the same lines, you can buy plastic sheets printed with huge cats’ eyes, or big green monster eyes that you stick on the inside of your windows, and when the lights from indoors shine through the plastic, it looks like you have a HUGE creature inside your house just busting to come out and play!  A couple of years ago I bought one of these with huge cat eyes and believe me, when that was lit up from the inside, those big green eyes glowed and the effect was just amazing.

For more spooky “eyes” from nowhere, another Pinterest idea outlined cutting eye holes in the cardboard roll from toilet paper, and then putting a glow stick inside, and positioning these mysterious eyeballs in your outdoor greenery; for instance, I would use these in my hedges.  After dark your home seems to be surrounded by glowing eyes!  Another amazing effect with just the investment of a little time and creativity.

For my doors, for years I’ve used carved jack-o-lanterns to illuminate the walkway leading up to the front door and every year I see more elaborate and imaginative ways to carve a pumpkin!  A few minutes spent on Google or on Pinterest will give you hundreds of creative ways to use a gourd.

I like using natural items for fall decor also, so I’ve also filled one of my children’s old red wooden wagons with small pumpkins of different colors, multi-colored dried corn, and different kinds of autumn squash (and best of all, after the time for decor is over, most of these items are still good to eat!) to create a colorful entranceway to my home.  This time of year these items are available in grocery stores and farmer’s markets all over the country and are not at all expensive.  And they’re beautiful!

I also like to create an autumn wreath every year to deck my front door with.  I’ve used dried flowers, colorful fall leaves, Halloween candy, tiny purple and orange lights, and baby pumpkins to create an interesting and seasonal door decor.

Just let your imagination flow the next time you visit your local farmer’s market or grocery store and there are many beautiful, inexpensive seasonal ways to decorate your  home for fall and Halloween, inside and out!

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