Decorating Doors For Halloween Tips


Making some Halloween decorations is better than buying expensive ones from the store. You can decorate your door with various do it yourself crafts.   Here are some decorating doors for Halloween tips.

Lighted Witch Hats

You can make your door inviting to young kids by making lighted witch hats. Cut out witch hat outlines from black papers. Assemble them to make witch hats. Put some lights on the hats then hang those using strings on your porch. You can also hang them on trees or potted plants in your backyard. Lighting them up at night would make your door stand out from the rest of the houses.


You can stack jack-o-lanterns at your doorway. You can carve many jack-o-lanterns at your heart’s content. You can even carve different faces on the pumpkins. You can dress them up or just let them be. Put a candle inside the jack-o-lanterns, and you will have that eerie glow. Put them on your staircase or front porch. Your window grills can look alive with jack-o-lanterns.   You can leave them at the bottom of the trees to spook kids on their trick-or-treating.

Lighted Ghost Jugs

You can light up your walkway using your old milk jugs. Collect all of your old milk jugs and clean them up. Dry the jugs and make a small hole at the bottom. Draw and cut out ghost faces on a black construction paper. Glue the ghost faces on each jug. Use an artificial candle or Christmas lights for your lighting. Arrange them in a straight line on your walkway towards your door. Insert the lights inside each jug. You will then have lighted ghost jugs at night on your walkway.

Flying Ghosts

You can make flying ghosts hang on your door. You would just need strings, Styrofoam balls, marker, and cheesecloth. The Styrofoam balls would be the head so use the marker to draw a scary face on it. You can draw as many Styrofoam balls that have different sizes. Shred the end of the cheesecloth to give it a tattered look. Shroud it on the Styrofoam balls to create its floating body. Use the string to hang it on your doors, trees and porch.

No-carve Pumpkins

Are you aware that you can glam up your pumpkins? You can glue some glitters on the pumpkins and use them as centerpieces. You can pick different sizes and glue them together and use glitters of different colors for the design. You can use black paint to make the pumpkins have a Halloween statement. Not carving and cutting pumpkins would make them last longer until Thanksgiving. You can have a designed pumpkin that wouldn’t rot easily and would last for weeks.

Decorating doors for Halloween will awaken the artist in you. You can have a no carve pumpkin which is another way of using pumpkins aside from jack-o-lanterns. Lighted ghost jugs, flying ghosts, and lighted witch hats can make your door a good destination for kids this Halloween.

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