DIY Do It Yourself Halloween Decorations


Halloween Decor DIY!!!

It’s October and it’s time to get our homes ready for little ghosts and goblins to come knocking on All Hallow’s Eve!  Whether you’re throwing a costume party or greeting guests at the door with bowls of candy, everyone loves a decorated, friendly house!

The colors of Autumn are incredibly beautiful, and you can use fall produce  to decorate your home this season.

The first thing to do is to get together your pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns or to leave your gourds as they are for a more natural look.  There are different colors of pumpkins on the market, which lend themselves to different sorts of decor.  For example, you can stick with a more traditional look, pick a large orange pumpkin, or have a group of them, emptied out and carved with faces, complete flickering candles inside.  Try having groups of three or five pumpkins together at your front door to greet your guests!

There are other colors of pumpkins and gourds to try, like a pale green pumpkin, yellow pumpkins, even variegated colors of pumpkins and many different kinds and shapes of gourds.  These beauties are for sale in all the farmer’s markets and grocery stores this time of year and lend themselves well to decorating creativity.  You can decorate your home with all the gorgeous colors of fall for only a few dollars, just by cruising through the produce aisle and seeing what your region has to offer.

Along with the natural look, you can also try having dried corn stalks, tied into a bundle and standing behind your pumpkins.  This look is simple and only takes a few minutes to put together, but still looks inviting and very pretty for fall.

If you want to decorate your family table, perhaps try heaping some unusual gourds in a ceramic, wooden or glass bowl and using small tea candles around the bowl to accentuate the beautiful colors, or even the tea candles that run on batteries stuck in between the gourds themselves to light them up.  Add a hearty stew, some bread and a salad for an Autumn dinner, now there’s a table anyone would want to join!

Another popular way to decorate your home is creating a Halloween wreath.  Wreaths are an easy, fun way to decorate, they don’t take a lot of time to put together, and again, using natural items available in your area keep the price low.  You can create a wreath for your front door using small pumpkins, Halloween candy, fall leaves, berries, dried flowers … in fact, anything that you can wire or glue to a wreath works perfectly.  Let your imagination go and come up with something you and your guests will love.

The most important thing to remember is to keep a spirit of fun in Halloween and allow your guests to enjoy the holiday along with you!  In fact, greet your guests, both the kids in costume and your adult friends, in full costume yourself!  It’s Halloween, it’s okay to let yourself be a little kid too!

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