Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas for the Office

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re like most people, around this time of the year your most ghoulish, spookiest thoughts come to life and you’re ready to get in the spirit of the holiday with fun and exciting decorations! While most people think about decorating their homes, the office is a secondary location to consider decorating. Nothing is more exciting than coming to work each day to see spooky spider webs, freakish witches and other spook-tacular decorations in place. No matter the size of the office, the number of employees or the allotted budget for Halloween decorations, the following ideas are easy, simple and fun! Use one or more of these ideas to get yourself –and all of those at work- in the Halloween spirit.

Window Clings

If your office has plenty of windows, and most of them do, purchase window clings for Halloween decoration. Not only are the clings affordable and available in many different designs, they’re also easy to apply and easy to remove when you’re ready to move on to the next special occasion. Choose witches and spiders, ghosts and goblins and many others. Simply peel and stick to the window of choice, and your decorating is complete! Viola!

Plastic Pumpkins

No Halloween office decor is complete without a few plastic pumpkins sitting around. I you don’t want to use plastic pumpkins don’t fret, since you can easily find them made of paper, cloth and other materials. Add a few fall foliage pieces to a table and you have one awesome Halloween table for your employees.

Halloween Scarecrow

A Halloween scarecrow is another awesome idea for office decoration. Choose an open space in the office to place Mr. Scarecrow, and be sure that he is decked out in his finest Halloween themed clothing.

Create a Scene

Whether it is a pumpkin patch or something straight out of a Stephen King novel, creating a theme is an excellent way to get the entire team in the spirit of the holiday.

Halloween Banners

Banners are also a wonderful method of office decoration that is affordable for any budget. Some banners offer a simple “Happy Halloween,” while others offer other seasonal messages. Choose your favorite!

Door Covers

Add door covers to restroom doors, offices, etc. Just as there are many different themes for banners and other Halloween decorations, you’ll find an array of door covers to accommodate your needs. You can choose different covers for each door in the office and rally create a spectacular Halloween scene in your office.


Desk/ Cubicle Decorations

Get employees in on the fun and add simple decorations to desks and cubicles. Halloween lamps, candles, lights, ink pens, calendars, and other similar items are available to serve this purpose. These items can be purchased at many different locations and are just as affordable as the other items mentioned on this list. Plus, employees will love being able to add their own personal touch to the office.

Final Thoughts

The ideas above are only some of the many easy Halloween decorating ideas for the office that you can use to make this season the best one yet! Even if you are on a budget these decorating ideas will fit right into the scheme of things. Put them to good use and enjoy the spooky fun.

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