Five Tips Decorating Halloween Cookies


Halloween cookies should be on your list of top things to do for the holidays. Needless to say, you don’t make ordinary cookies. You can try out different ways to decorate your cookies. Kids and guests should love your cookies, here are five tips decorating Halloween cookies.

Think of Spooky Designs

Make designs that are spooky to everyone. Spider webs, eyeballs, bats, and pumpkins are top choices to decorate your Halloween cookies. The spookier the designs, the more that people will try your Halloween cookies. People tend to get curious on how the cookies taste if they have unusual and scary designs. You can do your research first on how to make the cookies. You need to know how to properly put color on them and practice making them too.

Keep it fun

Decorating Halloween cookies should be fun. Don’t scare yourself in the process. You can keep it fun as you bake in the kitchen. You can notice that it will help relieving some of your stress. You can also involve your kids in making the cookies. Kids always want to pretend to be like adults. They would love working with you on the cookies. Since they are still kids, expect your kitchen to become a little messy, though.

Make It Taste Good

Halloween cookies are meant to be eaten. Decorating your cookies should also have the taste in mind. You can make icings as decorations with different shapes and designs. Eating sweet cookies out of scary decorations would be your kid’s delight. You can make your cookies taste good by trying your finish products after baking them. You can judge yourself if they are indeed tasty.

Kids are easily bored and prefer variations. Guests would like to see a variety of your cookie decorations too. Make the cookie jar look good with a variety of scary looking cookies. You can also cook different cookies per day. If you happen to have different guests every day, you don’t want to keep serving the same thing. Let them see new decorations on your Halloween cookies. You can also vary the flavor on your cookies.

Scare When Serving

Serving your Halloween cookies should not be plainly laid on the table. Make a scary set up on the table by prepping with Halloween decorations. Your cookie jars can be covered with Halloween decorations too. Upon serving your cookies, the people should have a little scare. That is what you are aiming for in making scary decorations on your cookies. Your guests would appreciate that you went an extra mile decorating the table where you have served your cookies for everyone to try.

Think of spooky designs when decorating Halloween cookies. Keep it fun by involving your kids and family making your cookies. Make it taste good because the scarier your cookies look; it should taste better. Make variations on your Halloween cookies and don’t repeat the same decoration in a row. Scare when serving your Halloween cookies on the table.

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