Fun Halloween Crafting Ideas

Halloween parties are actually the most celebrated parties in North America, beating all of the other special holidays that they celebrate throughout the year. What makes Halloween parties a special one is that all of the family members can actually enjoy it, even the entire neighborhood. This is the time when children go out for trick and treat and families invite nearby households to come over for a spooky Halloween dinner get together.


Because you will be expecting and entertaining some visitors to your home, it is best that you come up with Fun Halloween Crafting Ideas to decorate your home. This is to make a good Halloween impression and to shift the home ambiance into a more spooky yet fun arrangement. Here are some of the Fun Halloween Crafting Ideas that you can use for your home makeover:

Turning your home into an ultimate Halloween house

You can out bat cutouts outside your door as welcoming creatures leading to your home. You can also place pumpkins on the side of your doorstep, maybe carved or not. If you have garden gnomes, you can also place them nearer to your doorway.

In your living room, you can make cutouts of spiders and place them on your walls. You can also select orange and black color combination for your pillowcase, carpets, and other upholstery stuff. If you want, you can also buy a spider web mat from your local stores.

Lanterns and luminarias are also good accents to make. You can place them on top of your cabinets or in the corners to create a dramatic look on the evening. Pumpkin carving will also do and you can place it on the center table of your living room. Choose orange candles to match it with your pumpkin. You can setup fake cobwebs on the corners of your ceiling and place spider web cutouts all over the walls.

Preparing your dinner table for special treat

After you have prepared all your Halloween themed dinner recipes, the next thing that you can do is to adorn them accordingly. Place the candelabra on the center and put tall, white candles on it. To add more Halloween drama, wrap the candles in lace. Make sure that you prepared the lace first by brushing nonflammable and nontoxic tempera paint. Black color will do best for these white candles.

If you have a chandelier on top of your dining table, you can add a more spooky effect by placing fake cobwebs and creeping or hanging spiders. Replace your last supper portrait for a while and substitute maybe a painting or a picture of a spooky vampire dinner. Choose uniform food platters that are ornate and place a paper with the name of the dish. Be creative in making your dish names like “mummies for hotdogs or pizzas wrapped in cheese, cured epidermis for bacon strips, etc.” Lastly, choose an all-black costume and maybe wear a witch hat for a perfect Halloween dinner party.

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