Fun Halloween Recipe Ideas

The best part of all parties is when you finally indulge with food. Because it is a Halloween party, it is important that you make an effort to make your foodstuff complementary with the theme. All you need here is a pinch of your creativity to make your delicious recipes turn into spooky ones. Here are some Fun Halloween Recipe Ideas that you can try at home since they are just easy to prepare:

Snacks for your Halloween parties

  • Apple Bites

The problem with apples is that they turn brown after they have been exposed to air. You may dip the quartered apple slices into orange juice to prevent browning. Cut a wedge on quartered apples and insert slivered almonds to create mouth projection.


  • Halloween Caramel Apples

In a bowl with melted caramel sauce, roll the apples to make the caramel coating even. Place the caramel apples on the baking sheet with their sticks pointing upwards. Refrigerate all the caramel apples to harden the coating. After fifteen minutes, hold up your caramel and decorate it with candies to make a monster face. Get them back to the fridge until the caramel coating and candy toppings are all set.

  • Pretzel Spiders

Make a round cracker sandwich by putting peanut butter as your filling and insert the pretzel sticks (four on each side). This serves as the body of the spider. Spread another peanut butter layer on top and stick two raisins for the spider eyes. Make several pretzel spiders and serve in a wide platter.

Fun Halloween Recipe Ideas for dinner:

  • Hotdog Mummies

Make thinner strips of breadsticks and wrap them around the hotdogs to make a mummified effect. Do the wrapping part one strip at a time. Leave the end of the hotdog unwrapped. This serves as the mummy’s head. Bake the hotdog mummies for 15 minutes and after baking, arrange them in a platter. On the unwrapped end, make mustard eyes. Cool it for a while and serve to your guests.

  • Pizza Mummies

For pizza mummies, spread pizza sauce to English muffin. Place slices of olives to make the eyes and bits of green pepper for its pupils. Spread strips of cheese beneath the eyes to make a mummified effect. Prepare all in the baking sheet and place it in the oven for about ten minutes or until the English muffin is toasted.

  • Cauldron Curry

For the curry paste of your cauldron curry, crush the coriander seeds, cumin, and peppercorns and add salt. Add minced garlic, grated lime zest, chopped scallions, chopped lemon grass, chopped ginger and fresh lime juice. Grind everything until you achieve your paste. To make the stew, add 5 tablespoons of curry paste to spinach and coconut milk and blend until the mixture becomes smooth.

In a heavy stockpot, pour in the remaining coconut milk. In low flame, add the curry and spinach mix and allow boiling for five minutes. Add zucchini and chicken; season with salt and pepper. When cooked, remove from flame and add basil and Serrano chiles for your garnish.

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