Fun Indoor Halloween Decoration Ideas


Decorating for the Halloween is fun for your family. You can help each other during the decorating process. This is the time where you can use your wildest imagination to create unusual decorations for a holiday. Here are some fun indoor Halloween decoration ideas.

Ghost in the house

Halloween decorations are fun when they seem to come alive. Dress up an old mannequin’s body with draped cheesecloth. Use a jack-o-lantern as a head. Position it just in front of the door to give your guests a startling Halloween greeting. You can also use your old soda bottles into use. The tattered cheesecloth will become the floating clothing while the empty soda bottles become the ghosts’ body. You can hang it in the living room or near windows

Bloody Handprint

Spook your neighbors and guests with a bloody handprint on your windows. It is an easy decoration that kids would have fun making. You can use your handprint or draw a pattern. Use a red washable paint to go onto your windows. Lightly dip your palms in the paint and transfer the print on the windows. Have fun with your kids as you put bloody hand prints all over your house. You can also leave some bloody handprints on the porch, and the door lock handles.

Scary Silhouettes

Scare more trick-or-treaters with scary silhouettes on your windows. You don’t need to spend money to buy things from the stores. Look out for old cardboard and hard paper is lying around the house. Cut out spooky figures from the cardboard. You can draw and cut out figures like cats, jack-o-lanterns, and witches. Paint them black, and they would be ready to be hanged on your windows. Use a scotch tape to attach your scary silhouettes on the window.

Flying Black Bats

You will just need construction paper in a black color to get started with flying black bats. Outline a bat using a white marker on one side of the construction paper. Cut it out with scissors, and you will have a bat shaped black paper. Stick them everywhere with double sided tapes. It looks good on the windows, walls, and ceilings. Make sure to make a lot of black bats in different sizes to make a chandelier out of it. Punch holes on top of the bats. Use a string of different lengths to tie several bats then hang them up.

Wreath for Halloween

Use a grapevine wreath as a base of this decoration. Attach scary creatures on them like bats, mummies and spiders. You can put as many scary things on it as you want. Finish it off by tying a large black ribbon on your wreath. Once your wreath is ready, you can hang it on the door, on top of the hearth or any spot that you want to look scary.

You can choose from the above fun indoor Halloween decoration ideas on what to put up on your home. You can use any of the ideas to make your Halloween fun and spooky.

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