Halloween Decorating for Kids Rooms


Halloween is a time for your kid’s room to have new decorations. They want to see Halloween inside and outside their homes. You can give them another unforgettable Halloween. Here are some Halloween decorating for kids rooms ideas.

Make Mummies

Making mummies can be fun if you use old white clothes. You can bandage up old cereal boxes then paint their faces. You can also cover cans of goodies by bandaging them up and making them look like mummies. You can use empty tin cans to make a pleasant container of your kid’s goodies. Once your kids are done feasting on the candies, you will still have a good mummy decoration in your kid’s room.

Bag of Treats and Lantern

You can recycle old paper bags to put your kid’s treats in them or make lanterns.  Collect as many old paper bags that you have before Halloween and use them for this craft. Prepare markers, scissors, and paint for decorating the paper bags. Draw a face, ghosts, and cuts on the paper bag. Cut out the outline of your design from the bag and put some lights like Christmas lights inside them. It will create a good silhouette for the lights in the room.

Craft a pumpkin

You can put your kids into some action in helping you craft a pumpkin. They can make a jack-o-lantern by crafting the face. You can also use the flesh cut out from the pumpkin by making some stamps. Draw a pattern on the pumpkin flesh and cut it out using a crafting tool. Better do the parts that involve knives and cutting to avoid kid injuries. Your kids would love to have their crafted pumpkins in the room.

Bats on the wall

A decoration that you can easily do for your kid’s room is bats on the wall. You will just need black papers like a construction paper. Draw a bat pattern on a hard paper first. Cut out the pattern and use it to draw bat shapes on the black paper. Use all the space on the black paper. Cut out all the black bats that you have drawn. You can stick them on the wall using a double sided tape. You can also hang those using strings.


Kids would love a horror movie looking room. You can darken their room by using dark drapes on their windows. You can use a black or gray bed sheets to make their room spookier. Glow in the dark Halloween items would look good in the dark room. You can scatter glow in the dark figure toys like spiders, bats, and ghosts.

Halloween Decorating for Kids Rooms is something parents love to do with their kids. A dark room is heat for older kids because younger kids might just get scared. Bats on the wall are easy to be made, and you can decorate it nicely. Craft a pumpkin with your kids.  Bag of treats and lantern and making mummies are good bedside decorations.


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