Halloween Decoration for Kids Party

Halloween is generally filled with lots of parties for the kids. These arties bring the little ones together for costume fun, trick-o-treating, face painting, balloons, hayrides and lots of other fun and exciting activities for kids of all ages. If you are hosting a kids Halloween party this year, make sure that you have the very best Halloween decorations for the party. Take a look at these awesome Halloween decoration for kids’ party ideas below, and then put them to good use this October.

First, choose a theme. There are tons of variations of themes for you to choose from, and with that theme you can easily pick and choose the right décor. Remember, this is a party for children, so all of the decorations selected shouldn’t be too spooky. But, do base the theme that you select according to the ages of the children who will be attending. If your party includes really small children you might want to set up two different areas separating them from the older kids and the spookier decor.


Some ideas include:

  • Stretchable Spider Webs: Kids will love stretchable spider webs decorating the party room. Don’t forget the spider! You can stretch this web out a little or a lot, and most kids won’t know that it isn’t the real thing! Hang it from the wall and hang it from the ceiling- it is all a part of the Halloween fun.
  • Drop Cloths: Drop cloths with rips, holes and tears add eeriness to the room. They’re available in many colors, so add this prop in front of a Skelton or a witch for an awesome effect.
  • Garland: Halloween garland is available in many different colors and designs, so no matter what the theme of your party there is something that you will love. You can add the garland to most any entryway, and it will add liveliness to your party.
  • Backdrop Banners: Backdrop banners are designed to cover an entire portion of a wall, so your kids’ party area can be totally ghoulish! There are several different backdrops to choose from. Pick your banner based upon the chosen party theme and count on all of the kids being in the mood for spooky fun!
  • Fog Machines: While technically not a decoration, fog machines are a great addition to any kids’ party because they offer the effects of a dark, gloomy and scary night.
  • Freestanding Skeletons: Freestanding skeletons sometimes look realistic, and they certainly add scare to the kids’ party. You can place these skeletons practically anywhere, but for an extra fright, place them behind doors so they’re greeting kids as they come into the party.
  • Balloons: Pumpkin balloons are popular for Halloween. These shaped balloons are available in many different sizes. The more balloons that you add, the merrier, so be sure to include a few at your gathering. You might also consider adding orange and black balloons, or those with other Halloween-themed decorations on them, with or without the pumpkin balloons. Kids love them all!
  • Ghosts: Ghosts are a regular part of any scary Halloween celebration. You can easily purchase ghosts at any Halloween specialty store, or you can create them yourself using only a few products that you probably already have sitting around the house. Hand them outside and inside!

Remember, you can decorate for the Halloween kids’ party in many other ways as well. Add a hand that moves to the inside of the punch bowl (just make sure the bowl is large enough so there isn’t a huge mess 😉 creates monsters using candy and other Halloween specialties. Perhaps a sound system with eerie music coming from the speakers will put just the right amount of fright into your party night. The possibilities are truly endless, so think outside of the box when decorating for an extraordinary party that everyone loves. The ideas above only begin to entail the many ways that you can decorate for the upcoming Halloween holiday. Let the fun begin!

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