Halloween Decorations for Doorways


Door Decor for the Fall Festivities

Every year I come up with some idea to make my front door stand out from the crowd.  At Christmas I have a stuffed Santa sitting in the rocking chair on my front porch with the door decorated like a big package ready to open.  Thanksgiving finds a blow-up turkey the size of a parade float greeting guests at the door.  Easter has the Bunny and St. Patty’s has the leprechan, Fourth of July has the flag bunting and Valentine’s Day has candy hearts.  Predictable, right?  But Halloween?  There’s just more creative ideas for Halloween than I could use in a decade!

And this year?  This year I’m going with an all-out spider theme for my Halloween door!

Here’s what I have in mind:  My doorway consists of the main door to the house, with a front patio to the left and a hedge of boxwoods on the right.  Overhead the roof juts out over the front door.  My pet gargoyle Momus guards the doorstep just to the right of the front door.  I thought I would use either the spray-on or the spread-around fake spider webbing on the boxwoods.  A few after-Halloween sales ago I bought a black stretchy-cord spider’s web that has purple lights on it.  I thought that would go perfectly between the columns that hold up the roof over the patio.  And on top of the roof that stands right over the front door?  Last year right after Halloween I found a huge 6-foot spider at a local garden store to put just over the top of the roof that hangs over the door, so she can be poised there looking like she’s just about ready to jump on someone’s head from above, and I’ll have an old spotlight saved from Christmas past to focus on her looming form, maybe with a red filter to match her eyes!  Ah, now *that’s* Halloween!  Even Momus will have some spider’s lace spread over his stony head!  It will be perfect.

Halloweens past I’ve used pumpkins to create my holiday theme, complete with scarecrows and bales of hay and bunches of dried corn standing on the corner of the patio.  I’ve had family friendly witches and ghosts and goblins galore, none of them scary.  This year I’m opting for scary, and spiders win my vote as the scariest things on the planet.  Zombies don’t faze me, mummies are mild, vampires are lame, but nothing can beat a six-foot spider for blood curdling.  Put that bad girl on the roof of my house and that will do it for me, and hopefully for the Neighborhood Home Decor Committee.

As for me, I’m dressing as The Black Widow.  A black dress, some black lace tights, black heels, a black velveteen mask, and a long purple wig I have from heaven knows when will complete my look.  That’ll keep the kids out of my yard this year.

I’ll have fun putting it all together, and hopefully the kids will enjoy the look as they come by trick or treating!

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