Halloween Door Decor Ideas

October 31st is a very special day for boys and girls and men and women of all ages, as this is the spookiest day of the year. It is a day of trick-o-treating and costumes, hayrides and hot chocolate, pumpkins and lots of scary fun for those brave enough for the feat. Decorating for Halloween is also something that many people enjoy doing. While there are many different areas of the home that you can decorate for Halloween, the door is one of the easiest, as well as an area that more people will see. Neighbors, the postman and even drivers will certainly find awesome Halloween spirit when they take one glance at your door. How can you set the mood for Halloween at your home? Take a look at these Halloween door décor ideas, then decide which you want to use for your decoration.

Door covers are probably the easiest, most affordable way to decorate your door for Halloween. Covers generally cover the entire door. You can find these covers at dollar stores and discount stores, so no matter your budget there is something for you. Door covers are available in a variety of awesome designs, from pumpkins to spiders to witches and everything in between, so no matter what your fright night consists of, you’ll have the perfect way to spook the crowd.

Halloween wreaths are popular door decorations. Wreaths can be purchased pre-made, or you can get into the spirit and create your own. The possibilities for your Halloween wreath are endless. Be sure to put all of your creativity to work should you decide to make your own wreath. Some people like to keep it simple and use only Halloween colors to create a basic wreath, while others prefer spookier wreaths, such as those with bloody hands creeping out of the back or tiny spiders crawling around.


Spider webs are easy to make and wonderful for the entire family. You can easily make a spider web, complete with a spider companion, using only a few materials such as construction paper, cotton balls and strings. Tape them to the door until Halloween is over. You can find instructions for creating your own spider and web with a simple search on Google.

How about adding a skull to your door? This is yet another easy decoration the entire family can make to add lots of Halloween appeal to the area. To make your own skull door, place plain white paper over the door. Using black construction paper, create two large circles of the same size to use for the eyes, two smaller (same size) circles to use as the nose, and a large half oval for the mouth. You can also cut smaller strips of black construction paper to place across the mouth if you desire. Add your own personal touches, and attach to the white paper using tape or a hot glue gun.

Of course you can easily create any theme that you like on the door in addition to the skull idea listed above. How about a funny face on the door to keep things on the lighter side? Would you prefer a jack-o-lantern or even a ghost? Again, the possibilities are endless so let your imagination soar to determine how you’ll decorate your door. You will need only the proper color paper, tape, hot glue gun and a few other items to make your door a Halloween haven.

Have toilet paper; will decorate. You can also make your door a mummy and you need to do nothing more than add toilet paper! We’ve all TP’ed a house or two, and now is the perfect time to put those excellent skills you learned to good use. That’s all there is to it –toilet paper your door, shaping the toilet paper in the manner of a mummy! Use two paper plates for the eyes, placing dots made from black construction paper in the middle of each for the eyeballs.

Decorating the door for Halloween is an excellent way to show your spirit. Use the above Halloween door decor ideas to help yourself to some pretty phenomenal door decorations. These ideas will look good adorning your door –front or back.

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