Halloween Home Décor Ideas for Windows

Do not for a minute think that your windows cannot be the center of attention this Halloween. In fact, when you have spooky, ghostly-decorated windows, your home serves as an eye-catching scene for those in the holiday spirit. This includes those trick-o-treaters who’ve come looking for all of your sweet treats. Decorating the windows in your home is easy, and it is a lot of fun. If you’re on a budget, you’re also in luck because there are many inexpensive ways to create a magical scene at your home. Continue reading to learn some of the easiest, least expensive, fun ways to make the windows of your home stand out from the crowd this Halloween. There are ideas here that will suit the needs of each and every Halloween fan out there.


Window silhouettes add mystery and uniqueness to your windows, and everyone near and far will want to get a closer look at this creation. The possibilities for silhouettes are endless, and they’re fairly simple to create. Zombies, scenes from a slaughterhouse, ghosts, witches, and monsters are popular to make. First, place orange silhouette paper over the window of choice. Next, use black poster board to create shapes of your choice. When the lights are on, the spookies come alive, and the orange paper enhances it greatly.

Bay Window Scenes

Do you have bay windows in your home? These windows are absolutely perfect for creating your own miniature Halloween scenes that will get the people going. Choose a theme, and use items that you already have siting around the house, as well as a few cheap decorations or goods from dollar stores to create cemeteries, murder weapons, ghosts and ghouls, monsters, slaughterhouses and more. this is one really fun idea that will bring your spooky side to life.

Halloween Posters

For people who want something easy, the purchase of a Halloween themed poster is easy to hang in any window in your home. Choose the theme that you like the most, hang the poster, and go about your life. How cool is that?

Bloody Candles

A few tall white candles, clear candle holders and red candles are the only items needed to create these bloody candles to place alongside the windows for an extra-scary effect that everyone will be fearful of seeing. To make the candles, simple light the red candles, allowing them to melt over the top of the white candles. Allow the wax to dry before sitting the candles in the window.



With orange and yellow poster board you can easily create everyone’s favorite Halloween staple –jack-o-lanterns. Simple cut the board into the shape of a pumpkin, and place the yellow poster board in place of the mouth and the eyes of the pumpkin.


Is it a real web, or could it be all a part of the Halloween fun? We’ll never tell that these cobwebs are strictly for decor purposes only! You can easily purchase cobweb clings at any Halloween specialty store, or if you prefer something that is a little more realistic, you can enjoy real-life cobwebs that easily attach to any window in your home. Add a spider for the final touches to your scene!

Window Clings

If you are looking for a window decoration that is truly simple and easy, window clings are available. Simply peel them from the paper and apply to the window. That’s it! Window clings are affordable and easy to take down, too. You will find so many different cool and fun Halloween designed clings, so get enough for all of the windows in your home!

Final Thoughts

If you need templates or designs for any of the above Halloween window decoration ideas, a quick search of the web will probably reveal all that you need at no cost. If you are unable to find a free template, however, you can easily purchase them at craft stores or online. The above ideas are just the start of the many that you can create at your home to create an awesome scene in your window. You can use these as well as many others to create your Halloween scene that draws in a crowd. Put these ideas to work, and your others, and you will have a fun-filled, enjoyable Halloween holiday, no matter what your age.

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