Homemade Halloween Cookie Decorating

When the ghosts and goblins come knocking on your door on Halloween, you better have nice treats to send them away with. Candies and chocolates, although much appreciated and expected by trick-or-treaters, are a little cliché. Plus, kids are not the only ones who get in the spirit of trick-or-treat. Even adults feel it too, so do not be surprised if some of your neighbours come at you doorstep bringing drinks and asking if you are ready for an instant Halloween party. It is best to be prepared with something even the grown-ups will dig: cookies.

Homemade cookies are the perfect alternative to candies and chocolates. Aside from being nice trick-or-treat items, Halloween-themed cookies are also present in almost every Halloween party, be it as part of the buffet table or sweet giveaways.

Take your pick from these homemade Halloween cookie decorating ideas that will surely send anyone to run… for the cookie platters.

•    Spiders. Most kids and kids-at heart cringe at the sight of those creepy crawlers, so why not serve them those? All you have to do is top the cookies with brown sprinkles after covering them in chocolate frosting. Make the spider legs out of black licorice string. For a creepier effect, place plastic spiders on the cookie tray.
•    Scary Jacks. Jack-o-lanterns are better eaten than left outside as lanterns. You can use vanilla frosting with orange food color to cover your chocolate cookies. Draw the famous jack’s face with a tube of icing.
•    Black Cats. For this, you will need two cookies, plain sugar ones will be best. Cut one of the cookies in half, then ice them in black. Place the two cookies halves on the whole one, on the spots where the cat’s ears should be. For the eyes and whiskers, use white icing, or better yet, use yellow candies for the eyes and white licorice strips for the whiskers.
•    Skeletons. Skeleton cookies are easy enough to make, although you would need to shape your plain cookies first into something that resembles the gingerbread man. When you have the patterned cookies, you can choose to cover them in black frosting or not. To make the skeleton image, use an icing tube and draw the skeleton with white icing. Use black candies for the eyes.

If you are running out of time, there are also cookie stencils that you can use. Some stores sell them in themed sets, such as Halloween set or Christmas set. Then, you can simply top the shaped cookies with sprinkles or dip them in chocolate to add some flavour.

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