Hottest Halloween Costumes 2014

As the month of October draws near, many people are scrambling to find the perfect Halloween costume. While there are some who are willing to shell out some hard earned money to buy a costume that is ready to wear, there are those who would rather go the Do It Yourself route and create their own fabulous costumes.

Making your own Halloween costume may seem like a daunting task, especially for those who aren’t fond of doing arts and crafts. The common misconception is that it takes a lot of skill to create a one-of-a-kind costume to wear for Halloween, but the truth is, all it takes is a good idea and a little resourcefulness to create a costume that everyone would appreciate.

The best way to find inspiration for some of the hottest Halloween costumes 2014 is to look back at the past year’s movie and TV hits and create a costume based on the iconic characters that people would easily recognize. Here are some examples:


This animated movie was a hit, not just for children but for adults as well. Sisters or best gal pals would get a kick out of dressing up as Elsa and Anna for the All Hallows’ Eve festivities while singing “Let It Go” or “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”. There are many ways to go about creating costumes based on these newly crowned Disney Princesses. People who are good at sewing can just buy some fabric (icy-blue and silvery-white for Elsa and black, pink, and a darker shade of blue for Anna) and sew up a (snow) storm. Those who don’t know how to or don’t have time to sew, repurposing old prom dresses, bridesmaid (or flower girl for children) dresses, or other long gowns that have been banished to the never-to-be-worn-again spot in the closet can also work. All that is needed to convert these dresses is a little bit of dye and a lot of imagination (and glitter, too).


Speaking of Disney, their villains are just as popular as the protagonists when it comes to costumes, and one of the hottest Halloween costumes 2014 would be that of the fairy that cursed Sleeping Beauty to fall into a deep slumber for a hundred years – Maleficent. The clothes are actually quite easy to put together. An all-black ensemble with matching black cape (don’t forget the cape’s collar!) would do. The tricky part is creating the iconic headpiece that appears in both the 1959 animated movie Sleeping Beauty and this year’s live action blockbuster Maleficent. Luckily, the movie has become so popular that costume stores all over the country sell their own version of the headpiece. Die hard DIY fanatics, however, have their work cut out for them. Some make a wire frame stuffed with newspaper and wrapped in black ribbons or fabric. Others make the headpiece entirely of fabric similar to the one in the animated movie.

Orange is the New Black

The silver screen isn’t the only place to get inspiration for the a hot costume for this year. TV land is also filled with iconic characters that people love to dress up in. One of the newer favorites is the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Dressing up as one of the characters in the show is actually quite easy if you know where to look for the clothes. Costume stores often stock their shelves prison outfits, so this is a good place to look. To dress up as Piper, wear a white shirt underneath orange prison clothes (orange t-shirts and pants will do if there are no jumpsuits available) and some loafers. For Alex, on the other hand, switch up the prison orange for prison tan, and don’t forget the black plastic-rimmed glasses. The simplest costume to put together is that of Red. All that is needed is a chef’s uniform, a spiky red wig, and glasses to be hung around one’s neck. Guys can jump into the OITNB bandwagon by donning a blue police officer’s uniform, a fake mustache, and flat-top hair to dress up as George Mendez, aka Pornstache.

Breaking Bad

This breakthrough series may have already ended, but this Halloween isn’t going to be without a Walter White/Heisenberg or Jessie Pinkman dress-alike. In fact, 2014 is the perfect year to wear Breaking Bad costumes because no one expects people to come out as these iconic TV characters anymore. Guys can have a good laugh dressing up as the overqualified chemistry teacher-turned-meth dealer Walter White by wearing a green apron over nothing but a pair of boxers. Adding a fake mustache will complete this look. Heisenberg, on the other hand, is a little bit more complicated. Guys don’t need to shave their heads bald (unless they want to) because bald caps can be bought at any costume store. Add a porkpie hat, dark glasses, a fake (or real) goatee and mustache, a dress shirt, khakis, and a black windbreaker. Becoming Jessie Pinkman is quite easy. All that is needed are some baggy pants, an oversized hoodie, and the iconic beanie.

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