How to Host a Spook-tacular Halloween Dinner Party

Are you ready to host the most horrible dinner party of your life? Of course we mean horrible in the most literal way: “causing or likely to cause horror”. It is a Halloween party, after all!


It’s nearly October which means it’s time to get set up for Halloween. You’ve already filled your haunted home with creepy decor using the instructions from 12 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations post. Your costume is sewn, the pieces assembled, and once your face paint is on, your costume is as good as the real thing. All you have left to do now is show it off!

If you’re tired of boring company Christmas parties and would rather take a vacation than spend another Thanksgiving with your in-laws, Halloween is a wonderful opportunity for your big holiday party. Want to throw a Halloween party that is spooky down to the last detail? Here are the Halloween party essentials that you’ve got to have this year:

Mummified Invitations: All great parties start with a fantastic invitation, and when Halloween time is here, fantastic takes a creepy turn. For a simple but fun way to lure your guests into a night full of terror, pick up some off-white tissue paper, card stock, some instant coffee and and a pair of googly eyes. Fold your card in half, and stick the eyes in the center of the page. Tear up the tissue paper into two inch strips and paint the edges lightly with your instant coffee for an old-bandage affect. Glue them down horizontally across the card stock, leaving a strip just wide enough that the eyes will be peeking out at your invitees. This is one invitation that shows your guests that they should really come to your party… or else.

Black Halloween Punch with Severed Hand: The punch bowl is the gathering place of any good party, and yours should be no exception. Fill a punch bowl with a spooky black concoction made with 1 packet grape Kool-Aid, 1 packet of orange Kool-Aid, 2 cups of sugar, 3 quarts water, and 1 liter of ginger ale. Meanwhile, fill a rubber glove with water, tie off the top, and toss it in the freezer. By the time your guests arrive, it should have frozen enough that you can cut off the glove to reveal a freaky ice hand that you can drop in your punch for your friends to scoop around as they fill their cups.

Eyeball Martinis: For a more sophisticated set, the eyeball martini is the perfect Halloween party trick. You can follow a classic dirty martini recipe, mixing up 2.5 oz of vodka, .5 oz of dry vermouth, and .5 oz of olive juice; you then pour into a stylish martini glass. The garnish is where things will really get weird! Cut a radish in half and scoop out a spot just big enough for a halved green olive with its bright orange pimento center. Spear the “eyeball” with a cocktail sword and throw in some dry ice if you can find it. Get prepared for a martini like you’ve never seen before!

Skinless” Meat Platter: These parties snacks will be by far the strangest way you’ve ever eaten cold cuts. Wash off a plastic skull and cover it with thin strips of sliced meat, leaving just the teeth exposed. Then, toss in some cocktail onions filled with black olives for wide-open eyes and surround with crackers for one of the most unforgettable meat platters you’ll ever see.

Buffalo Bat Wings: You may have trouble finding bats at your local grocery store, so this idea actually just uses something a little less scary… chicken wings! Cover your wings in a dark marinade like teriyaki and toss them on a platter. Put up a little sign reading “bat wings” or decorate the plate with some felt bats to make the display a bit more unusual.

Shrunken Apple Heads: A carved apple makes a surprisingly convincing shrunken head! Peel the skin off an apple a week before your party, and carve out a face. As the apply dries up and shrinks down, you’ll have the perfect shrunken head table decoration to creep out your guests as they fill their dinner plates. Better yet, when the night is over, compost your apple for a low-waste decoration that is fun to make.


Cheese Pumpkin: Cheese logs are a thing of the past, and on Halloween, it’s time to reshape your cheese log into a cheese pumpkin. This snack will require some sculpting skills, but you should be able to pick up a pumpkin mold at any craft store around this time of year. Be sure to use cream cheese for the consistency and cheddar for the color to create an appetizing cheese snack.

Death by Dessert: Remember dirt and worms? For those struggling to remember, it’s chocolate pudding, crumbled Oreos, green sprinkles and creepy crawly gummy worms to make it really look like your backyard. It could hardly be easier or more delicious! October 31st is the perfect time to revive this childhood snack. You can either place your guest’s dessert in individual cups or fill a cake pan to create your own dessert graveyard. Make some tiny tombstones on toothpicks or use some old doll parts for an even more realistic graveyard for your guest to dessert from.

Trick or Treat Takeaway: The ideal way to wrap up a Halloween party is with some good old fashioned Halloween candy. Who doesn’t love the chance to dig through a bowl full of sugary treats on their way out? Better yet, tie them up in tiny takeaway bags for the trick-or-treating experience that all adults miss. Who knows? Your friends might head back before you know it, knocking on your door and asking for more.

What are your Halloween party essentials? Got any deliciously eerie recipes we forgot to mention? Tell us about it in the comments!


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