Outdoor Halloween Party Ideas


It’s Halloween, Let’s Take the Party Outside!

Halloween is the perfect time for an outdoor party!  The weather has cooled off, the leaves on the trees are turning, the moon is out, and an outdoor yard party for Halloween is such a fun idea.  This would be a good time to have your kids invite their friends, invite some parents and adult friends, and have an end of October cookout and trick or treat party.

You could have outdoor decor such as carved jack-o-lanterns throughout the yard and on the patio and at the doors.  If you have a fire pit this would be a perfect area to set aside in the yard for storytelling and roasting marshmallows.  You could also have such outside games for Halloween as bobbing for apples, a pie eating contest, or maybe even a pinata!  Put the speakers from your sound system outside or use a portable CD player to have Halloween classics like “The Monster Mash” play for background music!  Try your local music store for Halloween CDs and sound effects.  Get one of the dads to be the DJ for the night, while another one is in charge of the grill.

This year Halloween is on a Thursday, a school night for the trick or treat crowd, so an outdoor party would have an automatic time limit.  You could start the festivities for the kids around 6 p.m., including dinner around the grill with hot dogs, hamburgers, and s’mores cooked over the coals for dessert.  Local stores are selling decorated Halloween cakes and cookies to add to the menu.  You could serve soda or a spooky punch, made with ginger ale and lime sherbet.  Or you could make your meal a pot luck and have everyone who attends bring part of the feast.  Use pumpkins and other fall gourds for table decor.

By the time dinner is done and everyone has helped to clean up, it should be dark enough to take the kids treat or treating as a group.  Have two or three adults around to help herd the kids from house to house in your neighborhood.  It’s always more fun to do things together and a crowd of 10 or 15 children with 2 or 3 adults to chaperone would work well.  Make sure everyone is wearing a safe costume with reflective tape to show up after dark and have the adults to keep track of all the kids, then go out and have fun walking the streets of the neighborhood in costume together!

After the trick or treating is over, have everyone come back to the house to tell a few spooky stories around the fire pit, pile up the kids’ candy and having a trading spree, and then have one more piece of pumpkin cake and a soda before everyone heads back home.  Everyone will remember this special Halloween party and it may even become a family tradition in your home, or in your neighborhood.

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