Seven Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas


Halloween cupcakes are made to be adorable and spooky. You can think of anything in decorating your cupcakes. Start with simple ones and once you get the hang of it, make complicated ones. Prepare your baking materials. Here are seven Halloween cupcake decorating ideas that you can use.

Witch Hat

Chocolate Cupcakes can look spooky by adding some ice cream cones. Use your leftover ice cream cones from summer. They can be used as the witch hat when you place them on your chocolate cupcakes with the pointed tip on top. Just add some details on the base of the ice cream cone on top of your cupcake.

Pipe Some Brains

Frankenstein’s brains are good decorations on your cupcake. Just use artificial food coloring to create a pink icing. You can use any flavored cupcake as it will be covered by the pink brain icings. Just make some curly brain icings on top of the cupcake.

Spider Webs

The key to making a spider web on your cupcake is piping small lines for the web. Use a number 3 tip and draw the base lines with a white icing. Draw two lines first that would resemble a cross then add two more lines in between. Then on the outer lines, pipe a half circle from end to end. Keep making half circles towards the center until you see the web forming.


Use black chocolate cupcake. Use the number 47 tip to pipelines all around the cupcake. Put some eyeballs on top. Be careful not to put icings on the eyeballs. It is very easy to make since you will just keep on piping straight lines in any direction that you like.

Bloody Eyeballs

Get a white cupcake to start. Pipe first a center by piping a dot of colored icing. It could be purple or red then pat down the center to flatten it a bit. Pipe some black icing at the center for the pupils. Pipe red veins all around starting from the center of the eye.

Devil’s Cupcakes

Making devil’s cupcakes are making cute cupcakes look like little devils. They can look dangerous by their appearance but are sweet on the inside. Use a red velvet cupcake or any red colored cupcake. Use red icing on top. You can make a curly pointed tip icing. Place two chocolate chips on each side to be the horns.


Make adorable ghost cupcakes with a white icing on top. You can draw a ghost silhouette using a white icing on top of a black chocolate cupcake. You can use black or red colored icings to draw their eyes.

You can try out all the Halloween cupcake decorating ideas or just try some of them. Ghosts on the cupcakes are the easiest that you can make. Devil’s Cupcakes would just need red icing and two chocolate chips. Bloody eyeballs, mummies, and spider web use simple lines. The witch hat and brains would just need some curly designs on them.

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