Top 9 Halloween Background Music Ideas

The girl screams as loud as she could but no one could hear her in the dark night. The white figure chasing her has revenge on her mind as she floats around trying to scare the wits out of her next victim. But the scene does not give you goose bumps. Then you realize something is missing – that powerful climactic music.

Imagine watching a horror movie without the nerve-wracking suspenseful music. The thrill and definitely the shrills would not be that scary.

According to a famous musical scorer, in order to create that spine tingling scene in a movie, the tune should come in when people less expect it.

Like horror flicks, in order to create that creepy fun atmosphere during Halloween, a list of songs should be incorporated in the concept.


Here are some unforgettable Halloween Background Music Ideas which could help liven up any party on what was originally known as All Hallows’ Evening.

Thriller by Michael Jackson

The mere monologue and laugh of horror movie actor Vincent Price at the end of this mega hit song of the King of Pop definitely takes the cake. “It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark” which is the first line of the song clearly shows that Jackson takes Halloween seriously.

Fright Night by the J. Geils Band

The original movie has one of the hippest theme songs that could be used for October 31. It is all about who would be the next victim, keeping the doors locked and all the windows shut plus driving a stake at the vampire’s heart.

Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Junior

“I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” is what the chorus of the famous song screams from the movie with the same title. An invisible man, witnessing strange things in the neighborhood and a wild imagination should make everyone shout “Who ya gonna call?”, which of course is another famous line in the song.

Superstition by Stevie Wonder

The former number one song talks about falling ladders, writings on the wall and breaking glasses that brings seven years of bad luck. If the danceable tune does not bring wonders to the spirit of Halloween, nothing else will.

Running From This Nightmare by Tuesday Knight

A song taken from one of the most successful horror movie franchises ever, Nightmare on Elm Street 4 deals with running away from antagonist Freddy Kreuger inside a girl’s dream. Feeling like having a heart attack and fearing death is just around the corner are some of the experiences that could be heard in the song. It even contains the slashing sound effect of the sharp claw like hand of Mr. Krueger, ouch! Anyone who hears the song will definitely cringe in fear. Sleeping soundly will never been the same again.

Track Down This Murderer from the Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack

The goal to find the elusive phantom has taken a toll on the people who are involved in the production of a play most especially its lead character Christine. “Track down this murderer he must be found! Track down this murderer he must be found! Hunt out this animal, who runs to ground!” Just playing the chorus again and again could bring chills up anyone’s spine.

The Opening Theme of Phantom Opera

The loud organ music at the beginning of the eerie melody could surprise even the strongest of heart. Hearing it could bring dark thoughts to a person’s mind.

The theme from Jaws

Celebrating Halloween at the beach? Pump up the volume with the suspenseful sound of Steven Spielberg’s notorious shark film. Just when they think it is safe to go back in the sea, the crowd will have second thoughts dipping even their toes on the water once they hear the heart pounding tune. It could be considered as one of the best Halloween Background Music Ideas.

Eaten Alive by Diana Ross

Even the soul diva has her contribution to the Halloween fever. With vocals backed by her good friend Michael Jackson, the song that went into the top ten charts of different countries has lyrics that could make someone lose his appetite. “I don’t wanna get eaten alive, ‘cause you’re so dangerous!” and “Capture me my blood is red, another victim of your ritual” are just some of the words that our belted out by the former Supreme member. The song would be best used for zombie themed Halloween events.

Halloween Background Music Ideas could differ in beat, tempo and rhythm depending on the theme of the affair. Just make sure every song they hear is to die for.

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