Top Halloween Costumes of 2013


What are the hottest and most popular Halloween costumes of this season? You may be surprised at what the hottest sellers are. Though some of these you can certainly create yourself with items in your closet. These costumes are whats trending right now on Google, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Miley Cyrus

She’s been all over the news, TV, Internet, magazines and social media these last few months, so its no surprise that plenty of people are requesting Miley Cyrus costumes this year. There are costumes available, however, you can just go the homemade route and get some slutty clothes out of your closet, wear a short wig, stick your tongue out a lot and do some twerking and you’re set.

Duck Dynasty

One of the most popular cable TV shows, for some odd reason, is Duck Dynasty. Presumably about a bunch of hillbillies who shoot ducks and are rich. Some people want to look like them this Halloween. Luckily, its easy, just put on a fake beard, a camo hat and vest with some jeans and you’re good. Also essential for this outfit is a duck call.


Thanks to a popular Youtube series called “What does the fox say?”, many people want to dress up as a fox this year. No, not a good looking woman fox, but the animal, the fox. Many costume stores are sold out of fox costumes already thanks to the popular Youtube videos.

Walter White (aka Breaking Bad Costumes)

Another strange one that is inspired by a hit cable TV series, people are requesting Walter White costumes like crazy. Yes, people want to dress up just like the famous meth dealer. You just need a fake goatee, glasses and a hazmat suit, preferrably the yellow kind and you’re good to go.


From the massively popular Despicable Me movies, comes the minions. Little creatures from this movie are the top requested costume of the year. Costume stores are stocked with official costumes, but you can just buy some long sleeve yellow shirts, blue overalls, black gloves, goggles and yellow headwear and you have the entire costume ready to go. For extra effect, add the logo to the front of the overalls and you’re ready to go trick or treating.

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