Unique Halloween Decorations for Windows

Trick or no treat, check out the list of unique Halloween Decorations for Windows.

The Thing from The Addams Family Fame

For those familiar with the show the weird family who lives in an area called Cemetery Lane, has a friend called Thing, a dismembered hand that does errands for the creepy brood.

Imagine displaying something like it right smack in the middle of the window. To create that mind boggling effect that the hand is just clinging to the glass on its own, make sure to glue some of its fingertips on the glass.


Webbed Window

Those who suffer from arachnophobia which is the fear of spiders will not be glad to see it displayed on a window. Cobwebs galore made of cotton to create that appearance that it has been there for hundreds of years capped off with toy spiders of different sizes could really be spine-chilling.

Casket case

An old wooden casket which is half open could scare the wits out of anyone. Lighting up the interior of the casket could give the depth that is needed to make the façade look more real.

Horror Movie Exhibit

If there are several windows that need to be decorated, showcasing different posters of different scary movies could attract a lot of attention especially movie buffs who like the genre.

Battered Windows

For that abandoned house effect try placing realistic looking wooden boards backlight. No hammering needed, just some double sided tape since the decoration is actually made of thin hard plastic. To make it more mysterious, add a yellow strip in front of the house like the ones used by the police during crime scenes. The display could be voted one of the best Halloween Decorations for Windows among the neighbors.

The Bullet Hole /Cracked Glass Effect

There are stickers that look like bullet holes that penetrated glass giving it a cracked look. It could be purchased in novelty shops or malls. By sticking several of it on the windows, it will appear as if someone has riddled the house with bullets.

Bloody Handprints

Was someone trying to get out of the house through the window but it was too late? That is exactly what the bloody handprints will imply once it is positioned on the window.

What’s Brewing?

Using an old huge pot, place some fake reptiles, rodents and eyeballs together with some hay underneath to make sure the toys could be seen from the top. Place some red cellophane underneath the pot to give that burning effect. A glowing light could add drama to the flame.

Horror Con

Comic Con is famous for gathering well-known super heroes who dominate the comics industry. Why not organize a display of bad guys from different horror flicks. Jason, Chucky, Michael and even the guy in the Scream mask could be all set up together in a window that could make the hair of anyone’s skin rise. They could be sitting at a table eating who knows what or maybe whom.

Floating Ghost

A white blanket may pull it off. With the use of wires just hang the white blanket by the window and add a fan below the pane in order to garner that floating scenario.

A creative mind could do wonders when deciding what the best Halloween Decorations for Windows are.

Sit down, bring out that drawing board and start sketching what that window should look like come Halloween.


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