Unique Halloween Door Decorating Ideas for Your Home


The front door and the doorway are just about the only places in the house that your guests will never miss. That is why whenever Halloween is in the air signifying it’s time to do Halloween decorations, front doors are the usual focal point of this creative activity. But as time goes by, you may suffer from creative exhaustion when thinking of unique ways to spruce up your front door in time for this rather festive holiday. It seems that glowing pumpkins and scarecrows won’t cut it anymore this time around.

So, to help you in this regard, here are four creative and unique Halloween door decorating ideas for your home:

Mummy Door
This is a fun and easy way to decorate your front door this coming Halloween especially for kids. All you need are several rolls of white crepe paper, two white paper plates, a black marker and a double-sided tape. First, carefully wrap the door with the crepe paper making sure to secure the crepe paper to the door using the tape after every several rounds. Also make sure to do the wrapping at different angles to achieve the mummy effect. After the rest of the door is wholly covered up, draw two large eyes on the paper plates using the black marker and tape them at the upper portion of the door.

Dungeon Door Wrapped in Spider Web
This is what you need: a mid-size to life-size plastic skeleton decoration, two plastic handcuffs in chains, artificial spider webbing enough to cover your front door and several black plastic spiders. Here’s how to do it: First, hang the skeleton to the center of the door using the plastic handcuffs in chains. Then attach the spider webbing to the entire door using the instructions indicated in the packaging and making sure to cover the skeleton all throughout.  Add the finishing touches by randomly putting the plastic spiders all around the spider web decoration.

“Gates of Hell” Door
Here you need a dummy, or a mannequin or a scarecrow dressed up as The Grim Reaper, a guestbook stand, a large black book with a ballpoint pen for name listing, several rolls of black crepe paper, plastic bat decorations and double sided-tape. First, cover the entire door with the black crepe paper following the instructions given for the mummy Halloween door decorating idea. Then randomly secure the plastic bats all over the door using the double-sided tape. Now, put the Grim Reaper figure near the door entrance together with the black book and ballpoint pen on the guestbook stand for the your guests to write on their names whenever they come over. For added effect, you can put a doorknob sign that declares “Welcome to the gates of Hell”.

Head Peering Out with Glowing Eyes
If you’re still on the lookout for scary and unique door decorating ideas, you can try putting a realistic ghost head decoration or mask with glowing eyes peeking from the side of the door. You can secure the mask by staples or tacks near the doorknobs. For the eyes, you can buy battery-powered led lights and push individual light in each of the mask’s eye.

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